No Man’s Sky Game Review, Major fixes and Latest Updates

You wake up and it's 2022 and you’re glued on your game console playing the best Adventure game ever and it's not “No Mans Sky” I wonder which game you’re playing then. It is undoubtedly the best, lots of video game lovers are rating it number 1 and the reason isn’t far-fetched.

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This Video game is quite impressive with beautiful graphics that load fast, very decent soundtracks, and an intriguing storyline.

No Man's Sky Review


This beautiful sci-fi adventure video game into spaceship was the beautiful craft of Hello Games and we should be thankful to them for this creativity. It is judged to be among the best comeback in modern video games.


This game is the brainchild of Hello Games and was first released on 8th August 2016. The earlier version of this game wasn’t so great and didn’t leave up to the hype but recent updates crafted by hello games this 2022 has left the game as one of the best adventure game you can lay your hands on this year.

Year of Launch and History.

It was first released in 2016 for Microsoft Windows and PS4. It was available for Xbox 1  in 2018 July and in November 2020 It was made available for PS5, Xbox series S, and X consoles. Hello Games is hopeful to make it available on Nintendo Switch Port in the middle of 2022

About the Game:

No Man’s Sky is a survival built on four pillars including combat, survival, exploration, and trading. Players can perform across the word open universe provided on the game ecosystem consisting of quintillion planets numbered 18. Each planet has fauna, flora, and other alien species that can go combative with the player or trigger trades within the planets.

To advance players mine resources to gain power and improve owned equipment, trade resources gotten by acquiring Fauna and flora and constructing planet basis or by increasing space fleets or seeking out the mystery on the Atlas as is in the game plot.

The game tried to capture science fiction and exploration of the 70s and 80s. Development of the game spanned over 3 years and Sony Interactive Entertainment did the promotion and publishing.

How is the Game Played [Plot]

An action-packed adventure game where players have to fight to survive either from a first or third-person perspective using exploration, combat, survival, or trading activities. A player here is considered a traveler of uncharted course acting like a specimen of alien humanoid explorers on planetary bodies.

You get started on a crashed site of spacecraft on a particular planet near the edge of a galaxy well equipped with a survival exosuit, jetpack, and a multitool that attacks or defends from combative structures and forces,  scans, mines, and collects resources.

The player can refuel the craft, repair and collect the craft, and travel between space stations and planets.

In this game, all parts of the galaxy are ably represented and include stars, fauna, flora, planets, and alien encounters.

The summary of the plot of this adventure game is that the player wakes up on an unexplored planet with Amnesia and must find their crashed starship. Using the computer on the starship to repair and collect resources for refueling and travel to another planet using the starship and the rest of the action continues.

Major Updates

From the time of release 28 major updates have taken place in the game ecosystem making it more interesting and attractive to players. This update has helped it live up to the hype.  Some of these major updates are the foundation, Atlas Rises, Pathfinder, NEXT, Visions, The Abyss, the 2.0 Beyond  No mans sky update, synthesis, Exo mech, Living Ship, Desolation, Origins, 3.0 update, Next Generation, Prisms, Expeditions, companions and frontiers. And the Idea remains the same which is that of an epic voyage to the galaxy of a shred universe to explore, fight, trade, and survive all alone or in the company of friends. You either find your own destiny alone or share the journey with others.

Amongst these updates is the Sentinel update of 2022 which made the game more difficult by overhauling the enemies and combat system. Currently, this is available for PCs, PS4 consoles, PS5, Xbox 1, Xbox X series, Xbox Game Pass, and VR. This update is simply called NO man’s Sky Sentinel Update  Trailer.

This update made Sentinels more difficult and more fun when you defeat them. Also added are more drones like Summoners, heavies, and repair units.

Currently, in the game, each sentinel you find will have its own mobile energy and lots of weapons. Also, more folklores were added as to the origin of sentinels in new missions in the game ecosystem. Also included are new combat skills and enhancements.

By downloading the Sentinel Update you will have access to newer weapons and upgraded Stun grenade and Neutron Cannon. An AI can also be added to your Minotaur Exomech and its function is to protect during combat.

How to get the best out of NMS

Devices on which the Game is available Currently it is available on Personal Computers, Play Station 4 consoles, Play Station 5, X Box 1, X Box X series, Xbox Game Pass, and VR. Hello Games, is already working to make the game available on Nintendo Switch Port.

System requirements

The system requirements for this Hello Games adventure video games are a minimum of 64-bit processor and at least Windows 7-18 operating system (64 bits). The processor should be at least a corei3 of a minimum of 8GB RAM, a graphics card of Nvidia GTx 480, AMD Radeon 7870 with at least 10GB free space.


How to Download NMS for Free


Do note that getting free versions of the software is like robbing Hello games of her intellectual property which is unethical and very bad. Also those free downloads may contain viruses that can harm your system. Rather than searching for free downloads, go to their official page and buy a registered copy, updates can be downloaded free of charge at no extra cost from the Hello Games page.




Since the launch the developers have won the following awards:


1.       Golden joystick Awards 2020 for Best Game Expansion.


2.       SXSW Awards 2020 for XR Game of the Year


3.       SXSW Awards 2019 for Most Evolved Game


4.       The Most Anticipated Game Award


5.       Game Critics Awards for Best Original Game, Best Independent Game, Special Commendation for Innovation.


6.       IGN Game of Show E3 2014


7.       IGN Best Playstation 4 Game E3 2014


8.       Poygon for Editor’s Choice Award


9.       The Mirror for  Most Ambitious Game


10.   Push Square for Game of the Show



In conclusion, No Man’s Sky is an interesting epic voyage video game where you get lost on an unknown planet and you have to find your way and survive only by combating the aliens. I am certainly adding this game to your collection of video games is certainly not a bad idea.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's next for NMS 2022?

Hello Games has released a new update and they call Sentinel update. They are also making plans to make it available on Nintendo Switch Port. The Sentinel  Update features more intriguing and dynamic combat that will give you a wow experience while on the game. By battling the hostile robotic sentinels in this update you'd come to love Hello Games' creativity.


How long would it take to land on every planet?

It can take up to 585 billion years to explore the 255 galaxies of planets  (18 quintillion worlds) available in the game ecosystem.


Are there any games like NMS?

Elite Dangerous is very similar to the NMS You are also able to explore planners but can,t explore them or walk across them in the same manner.

 Is It complete?  How long will it take to complete NMS? How long can you play the game?

 To complete the main objectives will take an estimated time of 30 hours while to complete all other aspects of the game 100% will take 150 hours.

 Can you pause?

Yes, by pressing ESC to access the menu and journal and successfully pause the game.

 How do I find my minor settlement?

You can find Abandoned Minor Settlements on planets abandoned in inhabited systems or planets in abandoned systems.

 Can you reach the sun?

Yes, you can reach the sun, by flying across the surfaces of different planets with ease every star you see looking in the sky is the sun.

 Is the Milky Way galaxy in Sentinel Update?

It is far bigger than all the planets in our milky way galaxy, in fact, NMS is bigger than the biggest discovered elliptical galaxy.

 Can you find Earth?

Yes, the earth is one of the planets and has been seen as early as 2018 updated versions.

Is there going to be a no man's Sky 2?

The team will be rolling out the Nintendo Switch version soonest.

 How do you beat the game?

Tricks to successfully travel the planets of NMS

1. Get discoveries uploaded

2. scan as much as you can

3. Make Fauna your friend

4. Learn different languages

5. Save some fuel on your ship launches

6. Manage ship inventory and Exosuit

7. Don't sweat over the small stuff.

  Can you fly spaceships?

Yes, using square/X, once you're inside hold R2/RT and launch your spaceship as far as you can.

 How many GB is  sentinel update?


Is the game endless?

Yes, users can explore an endless virtual reality universe that is procedurally generated.

How long did it take to develop the game?

It took three years for Hello Games to develop the game.

How big is the game's map?

The 18 Quintillion planets make up about 31,7000,000,000,000,000,000,000 km2

How do you fast move?

By tapping the melee button followed by hitting the jet pack button while still moving forward.

How do you save and quit on the game ?

The game saves automatically every time you exit your starship be it on a planetary surface or a space station.

How do you go first person in this game?

By pressing down on D-pad then get to the gear icon or utilities option and scroll to change the camera view on the right.

Can you manually save in the game ecosystem?

Yes, you can save manually using Beacons.

Does every planet have a settlement NMS?

No, New settlements are seen by random chance, a signal booster can be used to locate new settlements on a hospitable planet.

How many settlements are there? How many settlements can I have in NMS?

You have only one settlement at a particular time in the game.

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