Kansas basketball becomes the greatest comeback kings in history from Self's Brilliance

The last 14 years has been marked with allegations,turbulence, victories and allegations, successes.

Bill Self, personal coach of Kansas has done the unthinkable with his team by never letting go of his father’s lessons. The last he won an all-of-college-basketball title was in 2008.

 He was instrumental in previous years in pulling Bill Sr. out of defeat in the last New Orleans championship game of 2012 till the NCAA tournament which was the very first and was erased by 2020 COVID 19 pandemic.

Before the demise of Bill Sr. aged 82 he taught his son how two important tenets form the soul of any coach that will do great things; these are relationships constitution. The relationship nurture and teach individual players into a greater whole team oriented player while constitution shapes leaders carry themselves crisis. 

Senior bill wasn't easy on his boy for even mildest of mistakes for example not mowing the lawn straight enough or giving a suboptimal effort during practice drill.

 But Senior showed up when big events happen always there to comfort his boy, re-access and fix whatever issue it is helping build a very strong foundation that can stand the test of time. 

Friends of Bill Self say he inherited far more than name from his dad a no-nonsense kansas basketball coach.

In the final four in New Orleans Self, aged 59, didn't relent. His winning mentality was for his family, friends,for his father’s blessed memory, departed coaches, past trophy-less star players, and for the program handed down by his father. 

Beyond his personal grief and championship drought he had heavy load on his head that borders an NCAA investigation that hangs in the neck of the Kansas basketball team. 

The rain started gathering in the cloud nearly three years ago after they were slapped with allegations of various levels of violation including: five Level I violations and severe allegations of “lack of institutional control.” He and his team however refuted it saying what they had was “a lack of supporting evidence.”

From experiences gathered between 2008 to 2012 Barry Hinson while working with Self at Kansas basketball program said coaching is like an onion having new layers that can be peeled each year revealing a more and truer Self. 

Self was careful to blame the transfer portal, the nosy investigators, the other coaches doubtful of potential recruits or the pandemic for his trophy drought but rather kept on coaching, according to him if he worked harder he'd get everything straight and get on winning ways.

After the Jayhawks  defeated Villanova to get to the national championship game, Self reminded himself of how he questioned if he was ever going to get back to the pinnacle of his sport.

 He gave himself answers by providing a roaster that stretched his players. He sold the idea of getting back to birthright—national champions again to his players. 

2021–22 Kansas Jayhawks brings to reality the perfect NCAA champion after the years marred by scandals.

Perhaps Kansas basketball can come back to its glory days. He believes Kansas isn't an outlet as its not the only team to go through period of trials and protracted failures

The current Jayhawks cannot not be entirely tethered to sins of the past in the program that are in dispute and o resolution yet. 

Kansas basketball fought throughout this season, overcame injuries and won games. They even became champions of their sport and conference. 

Irrespective of what might become of the case Kansas has got something the past teams didn't have since 2008.

Despite Kansas perfect imperfections, they can make an ideal champion of recent history for the most flawed stretch.

Self just like past seasons, and most of this season didn't expect the desired result for Kansas to come cheap. 

At 15 minutes they were trailing North Carolina by 15 and teammates were worried why forward David McCormack was smiling and he replied them with “Keep your head up, We’ll be all right.” 

The Kansas basketball Jayhawks later roared back into Monday night’s national title at the Superdome. It became very nervous, close and very tense and not a single finger was spared.

The final minutes of the game clock unfolded what seemed like an hour of  suspense filled US drama. 

Kansas basketball a late 70–69 lead from McCormack by grabbing an errant shot despite seeing two open teammates who were set up on the perimeter. His adrenaline surge, didn't make him forget how Self reminded him often to snatch the rebound using two hands and keep the ball high enough then go right back up and that was exactly what he did. 

The likes of North Carolina’s Caleb Love, the guard who had NCAA tournament heroics of March and April, and try to do some magics but wasn't enough.

Kansas held firmly possession and lead. The Kansas Jayhawks got the ball back inside to hero McCormack, who got a defender deeper into the paint, flicking in the  jump hook of his lifetime that has proven to be most important.

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UNC tried to recover from a three points deficit but was unlucky. Brady Manek also tried to do something spectacular but lost possession to Kansas Basketball. 

By 4.3 seconds to end time North Carolina had another chance with the ball reaching Love and he misfired on another triple, after Christian Braun switched and stuck his hand to his face. The Jayhawks soared  into a long celebration which they waited for years. The game ended 72–69, with victory for Kansas basketball and five KU players witj double figures.

 What Self did with the team is judged to be the greatest comeback history of NCAA tournament title game and let's not forget in a hurry the title drought that lasted up to a decade. .

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