Jeff Tiedrich Biography and Networth: Age, family, love life, Education, career, politics and net worth

Let’s get to know who is Jeff Tiedrich? In a few minutes. This article is a biography of him that encompasses all you need to know about him.

Jeff is a popular American musician, political blogger, graphics designer, a loud-mouthed celebrity death Haikuist and Curmudgeon.

Jeff Tiedrich biography and net worth
He is well known for his controversial tweets that irritate lots of people. If you are very active on tweeter, there is a high chance you know him already. Do a google search on his name and the first thing that pops up is his tweeter profile and you’d find his memes and tweets flying around the internet community.

For a man who is aged just 65 how did he become so famous? His fame came in a simple but surprising way. He became one of Donald Trump’s biggest enemies after he tweeted Anti Ex-president Trump tweets and from there he rose to the limelight.



Born on the 16th day of March 1957, as at the time of writing this post he is aged 65 years.  He was born in Rockaway New Jersey in the United States of America.

Height: In inches, he is 5’10” tall (1.81 M and 180CM).

Weight: He weighs about 83KG

Hair color: Grey

Eye color: He has blue-colored eyes.

Zodiac sign: His zodiac sign is Pisces

Religion: He practices the Jewish religion.


Father now late, was Warren Llyod Tiedrich while is Mrs. Joan Diamond Tiedrich. Father died in 2015 aged 86 years, until his demise he was an executive who worked in the apparel industry (he worked for arrow shirts in New York and Mcgregor sorts wear in Dover) and retired many years before he succumbed to death in 2015. His mum Joan was a homemaker who supported her husband to raise Jeff and his sibling.

Siblings: He had no brother. His only sibling and sister are Ellen Wayne Tiedrich.



He is an American belonging to the White ethnic group.

 Relationship/love life

He is married to  Claudia Long Tiedrich a creative director, copywriter, and strategist. The marriage is blessed with a beautiful daughter called Katherine Chandler (nee Tiedrich), who is married to Norrin Hester.

Age is no barrier to true love as Jeff is 8 years younger than Claudia yet they still found love together and share the same roof in Hastings on Hudson’s.

Their child Katherine arrived in November of 1991; she is equally brilliant, got trained as an aerospace engineer, founded Awkward Zombie, a video game comic, and got married to her heart robe in 2016.



Jeff and his sister Ellen began primary education at Moriss High School in Rockaway, New Jersey in the United States of America. He graduated in 1975 from high school.

His father formed the pillar of his career as he rose to become the most disciplined student in his school then. He holds a fine arts degree from the Parson School of design and that’s where his career all started.

 Career – music, blog, graphic designs, politics

As a Musician

Music for him started as early as 1973, he had always wanted to be a famous and renowned musician and he didn’t relent in achieving this feat.

He started by playing for the Alligator music band as a lead guitarist and vocalist. He was the leader of a 6 man music band under alligator music.

Jeff and his group were the delights of many then as they moved from clubs to many public places entertaining the teeming fans. They were the crooner behind the popular one more Saturday musical performances in America then.

His love for the arts and music is undying no wonder you will find him on social media and youtube channels posting his previous music performances.


As a graphic Designer

Jeff isn’t just obsessed with music, he is also a gifted graphic designer and has worked for lots of clients as a freelancer. His creativity and love for designs have taken him to places he never dreamed of going.

Political blogger and Activist

You’d never get enough of Jeff, one would think music and graphics were the only two things he knew how to do very well. If you think those two are the reasons bloggers like myself deem it necessary to write about the biography of J. Tiedrich then you’re wrong.

Having started his blogging career around the year 2000 and focusing his writings on political issues, Jeff became well known.

His escapades in politics were what made him known in many homes and countries of the world. Jeff was a pain in the buttocks for former American president Donald Trump. Jeff openly made irritating tweets against the ex-US president and caught the attention of the world.

He even started a blog called where he xrayed the negativity of the Trump administration then. He is also a member of the Patreon community and credited with calling Donald many unprintable names, just do a google search on who called Trump an incompetent imbecile and you will be surprised at who is behind it. And some of these lead to Twitter deactivating his account for the use of bad and abusive language in 2018. He reopened another account the same year commanding over 800K followers and is also very active on Instagram where he discusses politics and photography.

He must have the heart of a tiger and the strength of a lion to openly oppose a sitting president then and should be regarded as one of the heroics in modern American history. Only a few people have the kind of heart we see in Jeff, being able to say the truth just the way it is without minding the effect. Remember you may have freedom of speech but may not be guaranteed freedom after speech.

How Jeff Tiedrich became famous

Amongst other things he did in the past to become known, his fame skyrocketed when he started opposing Donald Trump openly on Twitter. J. Tiedrich through his messages was able to represent the voice of the common man who was too afraid to talk about bad governance and governments.

Jeff Tiedrich Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $400-500k USD. His income sources are however not made public to the social media community at the time of writing this article in 2022.

Over the years,  he has built something remarkable for himself to the amazement of people. They say with the way Jeff Tiedrich net worth it plummeting over the years, that in the nearest future he would be worth a fortune. 

Where he lives currently

He and his sweetheart currently live in Hastings on Hudson, New York City USA.


Jeff Tiedrich is an American Political activist who makes a living from graphic designs, music, blogging, and political activism. He became very popular after vehemently opposing the then-president Trump on Twitter. We have successfully talked about his biography, family, education, career, net worth, and all there is to know about him. We will like to hear your feedback about this article. 

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