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We at represent a team of purpose driven individuals on a mission. We own the legal rights to this website and its contents. is a professional life style blog anchored by a team of dedicated individuals who work extremely hard to offer you better and easy ways to do daily activities.

Our mission is to educate, inform, entertain and proffer solutions to many societal problems. We have a group of enthusiastic writers who defy sleep and other good things of life to research and provide purpose driven articles that cater for your needs.

Our topics span across Relationships, Lifestyle, How to do things, Health, Business and Education.
Our articles are value based and offer you step by step guides on how to get things done and get to your desired destination.

Our vision is to become the go to source for various lifestyle problems, we want to be judged as one of the best websites available in our niche. We want to be recognized as a solution provider and not just occupying space. We are hoping history will be favorable to us.

Our vision also includes providing tips that will better your relationship and make you enjoy more love, peace and a better society.
Provide you with steps to achieve your career by writing articles that can serve your educational needs.
Provide you with expert health tips that can improve your quality of life and help guide you through choice of management for various ailments. We have experts in the field of Medicine to serve this purpose.
Provide you with expert business ideas that can grow you financially.

Our story started far back in 2007 when we launched and started dishing out educative tips. We were operating under an old handle till we decided to change our domain name to serve you better. Our current name gidisblog is easier and better and can be remembered for future references and visits. 
We are gradually gaining search presence as we are in the process of rebuilding something that you'd come to love and refer others to come on board as well.

As the years go by we have evolved from being ran by just an individual to having a team of proactive persons versed in different fields and walks of life. This is to serve expert ideas in different aspects of our daily existence.

We have had memorable moments and this are the kind of moments that encourage us to keep doing our best. To go the extra mile in researching and putting up great articles and stories for you. We don't pay too much attention to cost of achieving this because we know we are reaching lives and making impacts.
Those moments people reached out to our phone lines and emails appreciating our painstaking efforts in putting up this blog together are worth every penny and energy expended to make the dream of this website/ blog possible.

We are here to serve the public, those who would find our tips and articles useful are most welcome to our site. We have terms and conditions which govern the use of our services and this will apply on all users. Also our policy statement is binding on all users. You can go through this pages to see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

We offer well constructed and researched articles on different areas of interest in the lifestyle niche. As a lifestyle blog we are concerned with how you do your daily activities with ease. From relationship guide to career guide, health guide and business tips. 

We have a team of super dedicated individuals who work round the clock to offer value through our website. Below are some of our team members.
1 Dr Ejekwe Gideon (Editor in chief)
2. Best Onyekachi (Designer)
3. Samuel Richard (Contributor)
4. Ikechukwu Ejeks (Contributor)
5. Dr Ubok Udok (Contributor)
6. Barr. Nwobi Chidera (Contributor) 

Our value is to provide contents that can serve the needs of the public.

Various ways of reaching out to us are available. You can visit our physical office in Nigeria, email us or put a phone call across.
 E-mail us at
Phone: 07038423491
Address: N0. 50 East West Road Port Harcourt.
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