Roger Golubski Biography, Net Worth, Wikipedia And Why he was Arrested by FBI

 A fresh brew of trouble emanates for Roger Golubski, an Ex- Kansas City Police  Detective arrested by the FBI and is currently under investigation for sexually assaulting two black women between 1998 and 2002. He is standing 6 counts of rape charges by the federal civil rights and also for alleges of exchanging drugs for information.

Roger Golubski wife, biography and net worth

He previously served under the “center of community Complaints of Corruption” department before retiring in 2010 after 35 years in active service.

He is currently in detention despite pleading not guilty and will appear in court on Monday. Since the news of his arrest came to the media he has been trending.

Roger Golubski is a name that you're going to want to remember. In 2022, he'll be one of the most talked-about people in the world. But who is he? Here's everything we know about him so far.

Who is Roger Golubski?

He is a retired homicide detective who worked at the Kansas City Police Department. He is currently standing trial for an event believed to have happened decades ago where he is alleged of kidnapping and assaulted two black women. This is however coming 6 years after retirement. The FBI and the law will try to unravel whether he is guilty or innocent in their investigation.

Wikipedia Biography

Roger Golubski Age and Date of Birth

He is aged 69 when this article was written in 2022. Roger was born in 1952.

Roger Golubski family

His Father is Edmund  Golubski who passed on in 1938 while his Mother is Josephine Golubski, who died in 2018 aged 89, and Randall Golubski is his only sibling.


Roger Golubski's wife and children.

The details of his wife and children aren't available to the public.


Roger Golubski Net Worth

His actual net worth isn’t known but he is estimated to be worth $50 million USD.

Roger Golubski Sexual Assault Investigation

EX cop Roger Golubski is under investigation for sexual assault. The allegations against him are serious and he could face many years in jail if they are proven true. This is a developing story and more details will become clearer soon.

Rossie McIntyre is one of the women who are speaking up about the wrongdoings orchestrated by Roger against black women while in active duty at KCK. This followed events that saw her son Lamonte McIntyre being wrongfully jailed for 18 years for a felony of which he was later proven to be innocent.

With his arrest, other black people who were also victims of Roger Golubski are beginning to speak up and people are seeing jubilating on social media that finally justice is finally coming to the limelight.


18 years ago Lamonte McIntyre was in prison serving a term for a murder that he didn’t commit and this was linked to a setup by our embattled ex-KCK cop hopefully soon justice will bear its full weight on his accusers.


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