AGS Home Security Alarm System: All You Should Know

 With the rising insecurity comes the need for a reliable home security system that works just fine for your needs. Ags home security alarm system is one that meets the needs in many aspects. In this review, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of the product.   

What is AGS Home Security Alarm System

This is a type of wireless auto-dial home burglar system that works through our regular GSM SMS and sensor kit control remote that detects and triggers the alarm.

It is a special brand from AGSHOME, built on wireless technology. It comes as white and its powered by a rechargeable 1200volts battery.

The brand maker has 30-year experience in home security and it's one of the leaders in this niche.

It is easy to install and use and they offer good technical support. It comes with electrical plugs fitted for US residents, for people outside may require adapters.

It has good motion and night detection and is a good value for money.

How Ags Home Security Alarm System 99+8 Zone works

The system comes with a main programmable unit (an Alarm control panel, Alarm Keypad, Door/Window contacts), wireless sensors (Motion and Glass break detectors as well as system interruption sensors), a Remote controller Power adapter, Panic button, siren alarm, and user manual. It doesn’t come with a GSM sim card so you need to get one from your provider

Ags Home Security Alarm System 99+8 Zone

As soon as the sensor gets triggered, the alarm panel sends a message alert or calls to the phone number provided for the alert.

You can provide up to 6 phone numbers for call alerts and 2 phone numbers for SMS. It works on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks worldwide.

Also, the alarm system can be triggered by pressing the emergency button on the remote control for children and seniors and this allows for 10secs voice recordings for help.


Every burglar alarm has its pros and cons which should be considered carefully before making purchasing decisions. Now let’s consider some of the distinguishing features of Ags.


No monthly subscription or fees:

It is a one-off purchase and doesn’t require a monthly subscription. The only cost you incur may be the cost of calling and receiving SMS from a GSM service provider.

Supported network:

It works perfectly with your GSM network, there is a slot that supports a T-mobile sim card and regular GSM Sim.

Emergency Alarm System is Loud:

The alarm system is loud enough to trigger help at the right time and this is very useful in children and senior citizens. They can be taught to use the remote control to call for help.

Supports Defense Zones:

It is a DIY home security technology that uses wireless and wired zones. Up to 99 wireless zones are supported and 5 wired zones are enabled with the ability to arm and disarm. It is a plug-and-play device that also enables 2 wired sirens for different houses.

Manual Recording:

A 10 Secs manual voice recording is available with which you can leave messages.

Ability to schedule alarm

3 sets of scheduled arm and disarm function alarms are available at 8:30 (Go to work- ARM), 19:00 (Get Off work-DISARM), 22:30 (Go to sleep- ARM)


The plugs are made strictly for the US market and those in other parts of the world may need extra adapters.

Doesn’t come with a sim, you will likely depend on a local network provider for functionality and network.

The loud alarm system may be undesirable in conditions where a noiseless alert system is preferred.

Allows only 10secs voice recordings for calling for help which can be too short.

Price: $105.99

Where to buy: It is available on Amazon

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Ags Home Security Alarm System is a built-in wireless home burglar system that can be used as a wireless alarm or as part of a home intelligent system. It features 6 groups of message calls, an automatic alarm system, a rechargeable battery, and a well-timed arm and disarms function. If used well can offer you the best burglar-proof for your home and help detect and report intruders.


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