Anne Heche Dead: What happened to Anne Heche? Who is she?

Anne Heche is in extreme condition as she was involved in a car crash. Reports say she is in a coma, after suffering pulmonary injuries and various degrees of burns in the series of events that follows after her mini cooper bus crashed into a house which led to an inferno. Here is what you should know about what happened to Anne Hecks.

Who is Anne Heche?

Anne Celeste Heche is an American actress who was born on May 25, 1969, in Aurora, Ohio. 

 She is the youngest of five children, she grew up in a strict religious household. When she was sixteen, Heche's parents divorced and she subsequently moved with her mother and siblings to New York City. 

What happened to Anne Heck

Heche has a huge net worth, she began acting in Off-Broadway productions before making her film debut in the 1987 comedy Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead.

She went on to appear in a number of films throughout the 1990s, including The Juror (1996) and Volunteer (1997). In 1998, Heche made headlines when she began dating Ellen DeGeneres. The couple split after three years but remained close friends. 

In 2001, Heche starred opposite Harrison Ford in the action-adventure film Six Days Seven Nights.

Anne Celeste Heche's husband is named Coleman Laffoon. They have been married since 2001 and have one child together.

Heche met Laffoon when she was working on the film "VOLCANO" in Los Angeles. They married soon after, on September 1st, 2001. The couple has one child together, a son named Atlas Heche Laffoon, born in 2002.

Laffoon is a former television cameraman who currently works as a Los Angeles real estate agent. The couple currently resides in California with their son.

Details of Anne Heche Accident:

The event took place on Friday 5 August 2022 and came to public notice when members of the Los

Angeles fire department help rescue a dying Anne Hecks from her Vehicle which was set ablaze after 

it crashed into a neighboring apartment.

She is currently in Coma and will likely need a series of surgical interventions having suffered various 

degrees of burns and inhalational injuries. A report by ABC News says she will be needing 

mechanical ventilation.

An earlier report by TMZ says she crashed into a nearby apartment garage and speed off before 

hitting the other home raising suspicions that she could be drinking and driving but this may not be 

true. According to the residents, they tried convincing her to get out of the vehicle but she refused.

In a recent episode of the podcast “Better together” she uploaded the same day that the event 

occurred Anne was seen joking about how she  consumed “Vodka with wine chasers”  but this 

was on a podcast set that was recorded Tues 2 August 2002.

She is however been tested by the Los Angeles Police Department to determine if there was a Drug 

and Alcohol use before the accident occurred. 

How she was rescued?

She was pulled out of the burning vehicle by a team of 59 firefighters from the Los Angeles fire Department and remains in critical condition. 

Who owns the house Anne ran into:

Anne heche now

The house involved in the accident belongs to Mrs. Lynne Mishele, she spoke through her Attorney recounting her ordeal and how she escaped the whiskers of death for her and her pets just by a stroke of luck. 

She also lamented the loss of properties and other things of value that were lost in the inferno. 

Neighbors of Lynne who were touched by her situation already set up a GOfundme page for her and have so far raised $104K+.

For their kind gesture, Lynne Michele and her family are forever grateful not just for the hand of assistance rendered by neighbors but also for the infinite mercy of God that spared them from physical harm. 

The efforts of 59 firefighters could not put out the fire until 65 minutes after when all her belongings has been consumed by fire. This could have been a more disastrous and involved loss of lives but for the mighty hands of God that preserved them. 

Investigations into Anne’s ordeal:

There were claims of driving under the influence of drugs which the police department is currently testing Anne for and the results of this inquest are yet to be made public as of the time of writing this post but reports say the toxicology report could prove Anne Heche's accident was likely due to driving under influence.

What we can do for Anne:

Fans around the world are urged to commit Anne Hecks in prayers even as she fights for her life. 

We are optimistic that she will make it out of the coma and the series of surgeries that will be required to keep her alive.


What happened to Anne Heche is still a mystery that left many fans in shock. We do pray for her quick recovery even as she battles for her life.

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