Tami Roman Weight Loss: Her Health Condition and Real Facts About Her Weight Loss

 Tami Roman’s weight loss story is still one that sparks great concern among fans and well-wishers. Her extreme weight loss leaves many questions begging for answers. Tami posted about losing 30 pounds with pictures of her new look but this didn’t go down well with her fans.

A lot of people wonder if it's normal to lose that amount of weight or if she suffers an ailment that may have caused her to shed so many pounds. Others who are desirous are waiting to get the real diet plans so they can try them out.

All doesn’t seem perfect for the Basket Wives reality star as recent findings suggest her weight loss is likely related to type 2 diabetes and another condition which she suffers.

This article will intimate you with all there is to know about Tami Roman, her health condition, and her recent weight loss journey. We always live up to our promise of bringing you verifiable facts and information.

Who is Tami Roman?

52 year old Tamisha Akbar (Real names) popularly known by her professional name Tami Roman. Born in New York (Mount Vernon) on 17th April 1970.

She is an American actress, businesswoman, TV anchor, and former NBA Basketball player’s (Kenny Anderson) wife.  Her current husband is Reggie Youngblood and both got together in 2018.

Tami’s role on Basketball Wives Reality TV Show brought her huge fame and fortune, aside from her weight loss which is one of the reasons people remember her for.

  She has 3.5 million Instagram followers and an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars.

Her Weight loss story:

The news of her weight loss never dies down in the media, a lot of weight loss therapies work but to make someone lose 30 pounds in a such short time, it’s a miracle.

A lot of fans are of the opinion that all may not be fine with Tammy’s health but don’t know exactly what she suffers.

Could this be the result of the same drug she took in the 2012 NV clinical, a supplement that helped her shed some weight? Over the years if you followed her story you’d know she is someone who has fought relentlessly to lose weight right from her early days. This was to help her achieve her goal of becoming a celebrated supermodel.

This supplement was said to have helped her lose 7 pounds in 7 days but this isn’t all; some time ago she had liposuction done to help her stay in shape.

All these may have been the result of a condition Body Dysmorphic Disorder which she suffers from right from when she was 13.

She approached a modeling agency to enroll her as one of their models for a 13-year-old who thought she had all the requirements to meet her dreams.

The organizer saw her inadequacies and never cared for her mental health of this teenager. He walked her to a mirror where he made her identify her flaws by herself and from that day she started suffering from this mental disorder, an obsessive disorder which made her put all her attention on her flaws (weight).

This greatly affected her eating habits, food choices, and her life growing up as it gave her an eating disorder. This made her gain weight in excess of 186 pounds. In 2021 she got diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes.

These new findings made her take steps to cut down her excess weight including starvation, laxatives, and intentional vomiting. There were times when she even locked her jaws. She was trying to correct the flaws she saw in the mirror.

In a recent post, while reacting to widespread concerns about her before and after photos which she released on Instagram, she said she is hoping to drop even further as body dysmorphia and diabetes are no child’s play.

 Which health condition does she suffer?

Tami Roman has been battling Body Dysmorphia since she was 13 years old. This condition gave her a worrisome eating disorder. Just recently in 2021, she got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and her life has never been the same.


Diabetes& Weight loss:

Does diabetes make one lose weight?

Unexplained weight loss may be noticed in people with type 2 diabetes since the body doesn’t use insulin because of insensitivity and the body is deprived of glucose.

The body which senses this as starvation burns down fat to create energy which can cause weight loss in people with type 2 diabetes.

Do not forget that obesity is the main reason the person came down with type 2 diabetes in the first place.

This type of weight loss is however commoner in Type 1 diabetes where there is an insufficiency of insulin.

Tami Roman Before and After Pictures of Tami Roman.


Tami Roman Weight loss

Is Tami really sick?

Reacting to critics she clarified what people considered to be the effect of her illness. She said her weight loss was a way for her to shed some pounds of fat and beat type 2 diabetes.

Tami Roman weight loss diet plan

She said she cut down on calories and adopted healthier eating. The exact weight loss diet plan isn’t made public at the time of writing this article.


While Tami Roman is succeeding with her weight loss game, we her fans are praying fervently that she wins the war against Body dysmorphia and type 2 diabetes.

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