Michael Knighton Net worth: How Rich is He?

 Michael Knighton an Ex-Manchester United Director, has recently been linked with a take over of the Man United from the Glaziers who are the current owners. Who is Michael Knighton and what is his net worth? We will cover this in this article.

Who is Michael Knighton?

Michael Knighton Net Worth

Knighton is an English businessman who is popular for his links with Carlisle United and Manchester united. In the past, Knighton made a £20 million bid to buy Manchester United in 1989 which he later abandoned accepting a seat on the United board instead.

Michael is in the news again for the same reason he became popular some 30 years ago. He is proposing to buy Man United from the Glazer family who are the current owners of the club, recall that fans have repeatedly complained over the Glazer’s family handling of the club affairs, especially in the transfer market.

Even Michael thinks the club’s current woes are tied to what he referred to as inept and useless owners who barely know the game of football.

Michael was a member of the United board between 1989 -1992. Is this takeover request the good fortune that Manchester United fans crave?  We will find out as things unfold


Born on 4th October  1951 in Derbyshire United Kingdom, he is aged 70 years as at the time of writing this post.

He is an accomplished businessman. Knighton is married to Rosemary Knighton  and marriage is blessed with three lovely kids named Mark, Chevonne, Rory, and Albert.

Education and Career.

He is an alumnus of Durham University where he studied Politics, Philosophy, and Mandarin Chinese.

He worked as a PE teacher at Huddersfield Grammar School and even rose to the rank of a headmaster in 1980 and later in 1983 he bought the school from the owners.

A year later he resigned from teaching to pursue property interests. In 1992 he bought Carlisle United a few years after his bid to buy Manchester United failed and landed him a position as a board member of the club.

Knighton had aimed to take Carlisle United who was at the bottom of the football league division to top flight Premier league which never materialized. He was forced out of the club in2002 following protests by fans who criticized him for his poor control and handling of the club’s affairs.

How he became popular

His failed previous bid of £20 million to buy United in 1989 earned him a seat on the club’s board and made him popular. Also, his takeover of Carlisle United in 1992 is one of the highlights of his career.

Is Michael Knighton really buying Manchester United?

From what we know the Glazer family is currently not searching for buyers but Michael Knighton is hoping his bid might give them a second thought and consider handing it over to him since his offer makes some business sense.

How rich is Michael Knighton?

Michael is estimated to be worth around £7 million as of July this year and falls far below the net worth of the Glazer family with an estimated net worth of $3.9 billion.

His net worth is also a far outcry from the estimated Man united club worth of $4.6billion meaning his plan to buy the club may just be one of the biggest jokes of the century.

He is believed to have acquired a large portion of his wealth from a business that he started after resigning as a teacher from the school he started his life as a P.E and geography teacher.  He was promoted as headmaster and even took over ownership of the school from the owners.


We don’t have a full grasp of his assets but this includes his real estate acquisitions and they are estimated to be worth around $7 million.


Michael’s liabilities are not made public.

Social media following:

His website is, and his Twitter handle is @realMknighton with 15.3K followers

Michael Knighton’s previous positions and roles

He worked as a P.E and geography teacher, a headmaster, and later a school head. He was a Manchester united board member between 1989-1992. He bought Carlisle United football club in 1992 and was forced out in 2002.

He had a short-lived football career before moving into the real estate business which is where he made most of his money.



Michael Knighton has an impressive net worth, he is among the success millionaire businessmen in the United Kingdom.  His purported plans to buy Manchester United will likely need more time to materialize as he will be needing more than his current net worth to lure the Glazer family into selling.

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