How to Make Money Online from Home: 13 Best ways

Making some extra cash online as a side hustle isn't that hard if you know how to make money online and practice it consistently.

As someone who has been involved in different internet based businesses, I can comfortably tell you it's possible but requires some work and consistency.

How to make money online

However, if you play by the rules, there are several clear paths forward that pay well. 

The take home you should bear in mind is this; what matters most is what your goals are and how much you desire to grow your income. 

Is an extra $200 income online possible per month? Absolutely.

What of an extra $1000 earnings per month? How much difference will that add to your life?

To most people, even $100 per month can make a monumental difference in their life.

But what if we tell you that making thousands more every month or even more is possible by following some of the ideas we will share in this article.

How would that change the bearing of your life? 

Frankly speaking, making money on the internet is easy and simple.

A beginner who is serious can mine gold from this street by deciding how much of their time it's worth investing.

We all have some time to spare, the rest that is required is your passion for making money which we all have. 

You  need to consciously make the sacrifice required to make some extra dough for yourself.

We're not raising your hopes that you'll make millions upon millions from the start but rather doing it bits by bit can generate some extra fast cash. 

And depending on the skills you have, you may already know how to make money online but you're not harnessing it.

Chances are that you could easily make a few hundred dollars per month if you use what you have well.

13 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

1. Virtual assistant.

This is one of the easiest ways to make money from home, you get paid for helping people complete various tasks working as a virtual assistant. 

You just need to organize yourself and learn how to manage your time to excel in this field. 

If you do your homework well, working as a virtual assistant can open doors for you to earn while providing digital services. 

 And the beauty of this is that you can work remotely from any part of the world. 

Hiring opportunities are easy to find on platforms like Upwork,, Fiverr and

You only need to place bids on already created jobs to get hired. 

All what will be required is communication skills which must be effective, fluent English and popular business applications that we use everyday on the web. 

2. Own a store on Craigslist or eBay.

You are not aware that a lot of persons are earning a living selling on popular online stores like eBay and Craigslist.

You either sell your own items or help others sell their products and make commissions.

eBay selling is more of the tough nut to crack,  you are only able to make good sales after gathering some quality good reviews unlike Craigslist.

eBay tries to demystify the selling process by providing resources to help sellers get used to selling on the platform.

Those who are well grounded in online marketing  will find this model of online business easy to break even. 

Newbies might find it hard at first but with time it gets simpler and pays off very well. 

3. Trade crypto and make profit.

Crypto is gradually taking over transactions all over the world and slowly it is taking over as the world's most traded and preferred currency. 

The current dip in the cryptocurrency trend shouldn't deter you,  the truth is you can make slot of money by trading on the price fluctuations of cryptocurrency. 

With the way things are going even the US dollars is now being traded as a digital asset called usdt alongside other crypt assets like Bitcoin and Ether.

You can start your trading journey on popular exchange sites like Binance, Kraken, etoro etc. 

Look around most of the people who are into crypto trading around you already live large from the profits they make. 

Stop using frauds as excuses, we understand some people go about it the wrong way but the truth is that there is money to be made trading cryptocurrency.

Why not start today? A lot of resources are available out there on how to trade cryptos even for free. 

4. Become an online tutor:

Lots of websites are available today to get started as online tutor,  you don't need to be a sophisticated software engineer to start one, rather you leverage on what has been  built already. 

The likes of Udemy, Skooli, and

 Tutor Me are available resources for starting an online tutoring business. 

All that is required is the skills which someone can pay to learn and you are good to go. 

There are also opportunities to tutor online and get paid on freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer.

A variety of  things are available to sell to your future students as a tutor online.

Take for instance,  you can tutor one of the science subjects or even maths.

You can also start a school to teach others language, you never can tell there are people who might be interested in learning a new language.

Most people employed in a foreign country are required to have language training.

You can also start an online school to tutor musical instruments like piano or guitar.

Think well and you will find that there are a variety of things that are taught in exchange for making money online. 

5. Become a freelancer  on Fiverr

Fiverr is a big marketplace where you can sell as many services as possible provided you have the expertise.

I have seen gigs where people sell article or something as small as an advice. 

If you use Fiverr and other freelance sites well you can make money sitting at home playing around with your phones and laptop. 

So many options are available that can be sold on Fiverr say internet marketing,  social media management, writing, translation, animation, video editing, programming,  music,  app development etc. 

There is a long list of what you can do so you don't have excuses. 

6. Create sales funnels.

Ask most successful business owners about how they broke even, and you will be surprised they used an automated sales funnel even without knowing. 

Lots of businesses are still unaware of the power an effective funnel has.

They don't know that sales funnels can help them automate the sales process to boost sales. 

Funnels help foster relationships with your audience and create an inseparable  bond with the consumers thereby increasing sales. 

Plenty tools are out there that you can use to create an awesome sales funnel but it is better to have a custom coded sales funnel most of the time; at least that's what most successful businesses do.  

Usually expert sales funnels start with a lead magnet which is a free offer that is parked with value. 

People tend to trust you when you deliver value at no cost. 

This is then followed by a tripwire offer that you will find hard to resist.  These deals can range from $5 to $45.

A lifetime offer can be added as a bonus to make the entire package a cart full of value. 

If you master sales funnels and how to create an effective one,  it can help your internet marketing journey and make it easy for you to convert and make more money on a daily basis. 

7. Put your home up for rent

This is a lucrative way to make money utilizing online and offline tools.

That your home can serve as a serviced apartment and that can make you lots of money especially in developing cities and countries. 

AirBnB has made a fortune in this industry by providing vacation rentals while it was still at infancy. 

Since AirBnB's came into the scene, the business of vacation rentals has grown by a huge pace that in 2017 they even purchased Luxury Retreats, a renowned luxury vacation provider.  

Other big money deals have been transacted in this booming market and many are venturing in this field with good return on investment. 

The market is still full of prospects and if you ask me now is the right time to get into it, it doesn't have to be so big, just start with what you have.

8. Start your own ecommerce site.

You can't deny the fact that commerce is a booming business with many opportunities. 

We Amazon is the big boy of the industry, but can't lie to ourselves that consumers buy in droves if the offers are hard to resist. 

A good sales funnel implemented on your e-commerce site can make you a fortune big marketers like Frank Kern, Neil Patel, Dean Graziosi, John Reese, David Sharpe etc use this method. 

Successful e-commerce sites may take a few months to build but require rigorous work to market and make it break even.

When it does finally, your bank account manager will smile at you. 

9. Start your own blog.

The reason you have so many blogs out there is because you can earn some good money blogging. 

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn a passive income online from your home, or while touring the world. 

If you put in the work required for starting a blog it will surely pay off. 

You need to get the seeds in the ground now, you are always certain of a bountiful harvest in the nearest future. 

The earlier stage of a blog is more tasking but as days go buy and you start gathering traction, the income will start rolling in and even people will offer to write for you in exchange for links to their site 

If you are dedicated about blogging, you will keep getting rewarded for your efforts in many years to come. 

If residual income is what you desire then you should start a blog now.  

Starting one doesn't cost much; you only need to pick a niche, buy a custom domain and host your blog on WordPress or blogger. 

10. Become a marketer.

This is the easiest way to make money with the internet in your hands. 

This can easily be started at home and the products mustn't be yours to get the business started. 

You can work as an affiliate marketing other people's products in exchange for commission.

I have a lot of friends who make some good fortune selling Amazon products. 

You can become an affiliate marketer by joining, Clickbank, Rakuten, LinkShare and Amazon. 

11. Sell via webinars

This is my recent  obsession after I discovered the prospects of selling with webinars.

Ability to make automated webinars can make you millions.

Jason Fladlien a well known entrepreneur has sold over $100 million via webinars and the most interesting part is that he sells other people's products.

Webinars have a custom template and format that can be followed

You need to master how to get around the space to utilize it. You only need to sell value and your rewards will come natural. 

12. Become a Social media manager

Social media management can make you a lot of money working from home. 

Lots of customers are out there on social media and businesses are wondering how best to convert social media fans into customers. 

Some others are unaware of how to create brand awareness on social media.

That's where you come in,  design the template and take the role as their social media. 

Use social media to drive mad sales and you will have different brands chasing you. 

Social media management business takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it in the end. 

Different brands can pay you monthly to work as a social media manager, and you can take up jobs as much as your time can permit and that is what we call multiple streams of income.

Liz Benny, who founded Jinga Social, a social media management company has made a fortune in this industry and also earned over 7 figures on webinars that teach people how to replicate the success story.

13. Sell online courses.

One of my favorite ways to make an extra income from home.

You will get paid for creating online courses. 

This business requires time and afterwards you get paid when people buy your courses. 

This model of passive income makes sense when you start making sales in large numbers over time.

Whatever skill you have gathered over time, build a course around it and launch

on sites like Teachable and Udemy or their likes. 


How to make money online is easy with the skills you already have which a good number of people are unaware of. The 13 ways described above if well utilized can help you achieve financial freedom with steady flow of passive income. 

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