How to Get Google Adsense Approval for blog or website

This article will teach you the basics of how to get your Google Adsense account approved for your blog or website. 

First, you'll need a Google account. Then, you'll need a website or blog that has been active for at least 6 months with original content. 

Once you have met those requirements, you can follow these simple steps to apply for Adsense:  Log into your Google account and go to

Factors that affect Google AdSense account approval

There are a number of factors important in getting Google AdSense application approved. 

In order to increase your chances of being accepted, make sure you meet the following requirements: 


google adsense approval

Your website must have original content that is relevant to the topic at hand.

 The pages on your website should be well-optimized for search engines, with good titles, meta descriptions and keywords. 

You must also have a reasonable amount of traffic coming to your website – typically, at least a few hundred unique visitors per day. 

Websites that have a lot of original, quality content are more likely to be approved by Google than those that don't.

So if you're looking to get approved for Google Adsense, make sure you focus on creating great content for your website.

Comply with Google terms and conditions

It’s also important to ensure that your website complies with Google’s terms and conditions. 

This includes not displaying any inappropriate or explicit content, as well as ensuring that all advertisements are appropriate for a general audience. 

Make search engine friendly

If you want to get your website approved for Google Adsense, it's important to make sure your website is search engine friendly.

This means using the correct coding, titles, and descriptions on your pages. In addition, you'll also want to make sure your website is frequently updated with new and relevant content.

Apply with the root domain

Make sure you apply with a root domain. Applying with a subdomain or folder will likely result in your application being rejected.

An excellent design & structure

Have an excellent design and structure. Your website should be easy to navigate and look professional. This will help make a good impression on the AdSense team.

 Avoid copyrighted Images

Finally, avoid copyrighted images. Using images without permission can lead to the rejection of your application.

Must be in a supported language

In order to get Google Adsense approval for your blog or website, you need to make sure that you adhere to the program's language policies.

These policies dictate how many Adsense ads are allowed on a page, and which languages are supported.

If your blog or website is in a language that is not supported by Google Adsense, you can still use the program by translating your content into one of the supported languages.

Must be on a supported niche:

google adsense

Make sure that you do not place AdSense ads on pages that contain prohibited content.
what niches are prohibited from using the program? This includes content that is violent, p*rnographic, or promotes illegal activities.

If you can meet all of these requirements, your application is more likely to be approved by Google.


If you want to get Google Adsense approval for your blog or website, make sure you have high-quality content, and a good user experience, and follow the guidelines for creating an Adsense account. 

Also, be patient and keep trying – it may take a few tries before you’re approved. And finally, don’t give up! With a little hard work, you can start earning money from your blog or website through Google Adsense.

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