How can I avoid billing in Nigeria? 20 best ways

With the dwindling state of the economy, billing is almost unavoidable, sapa has held so many persons to Ransome and they result in just billing anybody on sight. How can I avoid billing in Nigeria?

How can I avoid billing in Nigeria

How to reduce your expenses with the rising cost of living in the country and the beehives of friends who come begging for arms? How to avoid the urgent 2k and 5k friends requests without turning them into enemies.

Nigeria of today is one of the worst societies to live in, once you are out there you have bills to offset, from healthcare to transportation, to cable tv, to foodstuff, other miscellaneous expenses, and friends begging for help. These days billing even come from strangers. Walk into a supermarket or eatery and you will hear words like “senior man anything for your boy?”

With the economic recession, it is inevitable to employ a survival strategy which includes how to avoid billing in Nigeria.

What are bills and billing?

Bills are statements either written or printed that is being owed for goods and services. Billing will therefore mean the process of issuing or enforcing a bill. In simple terms, it means what you owe.

Can bills be avoided?

Well for some you can while for others you can’t. The government bills carry penalties for defaulters and we should try to pay them as law-abiding citizens.

Other aspects of bills can be avoided if we know what to do and I will be teaching you how to avoid unnecessary billing. Below are some of the ways you can successfully avoid billing:

1. Curb your appetite for the internet

Data bills are one of the common bills we are faced with and if not controlled can be the snake that swallows all our incomes. I know you love Instagram but if you want to have some savings you might consider some time off. Rather than burn all your money on data, take a decision to cut down on how much data you use daily.

2. Downgrade your cable tv

Downgrading your cable tv plan is another good way to cut your expenses. Even when you do the max plan, you end up watching a few of the channels so why not step it down? This might be a difficult decision to take but if you do you’ll be thankful to your future self.

3.       Ditch fancy malls for local stores:

Buy your groceries from local open markets and you will have some savings left for yourself. Most times when you patronize big malls you pay for the environment, the ambient air conditioner, the staffs, and their electricity bills which are all factored into the cost of the item. It is only on a few occasions where malls like market square have prices that are similar to that of the open market.

4.       Cut down electricity bills

Replace your bulbs and gadgets with energy-saving ones. Use your water heaters and electric hot plates and boil kettles less often. I am assuming that you use a prepaid meter. If you do so you will save some bucks from your electricity expenses.

5.       Do your expenses using a scale of preference list

Don’t just spend on impulse, make a list of what to spend on and let the most important come first and the least important should come last.

6.       Buy second-hand goods

No one will know except you tell them. Second-hand goods are a great way to save money. The country is in recession and people are selling off their old items to get money to feed themselves. Why spend bogus amounts to get the same item you would have gotten for less if you buy it fairly used?

7.       Avoid some august calls

Some calls come with billing, it will be in your best interest to avoid such calls for the moment. A few months ago I met an old school friend and we exchanged contacts and in the next 2 hours his mom was already sick and he needs help urgently. I couldn’t verify the information yet he achieved some currency from me.

These days people call randomly asking for arms, this is commoner among the ladies who believe if they video call you then you should pay for their internet subscription.

That old friend who just called to check up on you might be calling next to ask for money just be wise and know when to take some kind of call.

8.       Have a garden at home:

Everything is now costly, you can save some money by having your own garden and even sell the excess to make money.

This also provides you with vegetables and fruits that you can snack on rather than patronizing the usual eateries that cost a fortune.

9.       Confirm your invoices for accuracy

Mistakes do happen and if you find them might save you some money. You can never tell when they overcharge you but if you make it a habit to go through your invoices you will fish out the errors.

10.   Have ATM with only one account

Having too many ATMs is not a smart idea, you are only enriching the banks that will continue to maintain your atm for you even when it's uncalled for. Have a particular account linked to an atm card for transactions and have the rest deactivated.

11.   Don’t take loans you don’t need

Loans come with interest and once you sign on to a loan, you already owe bills. If you must take a loan make sure it is unavoidable and you truly need it.

12.   Use public transport

We know it's risky but it can save you some money compared to when you use uber or bolt or drive your own car.

 13. Ghost your needy friends

Those friends that want to take all that you have will eventually turn you into a ghost when you are bankrupt so why not ghost them? There are some people you will avoid and it will amount to avoiding bills.

14.                     Tell them we’re all in Nigerian

Don’t fail to remind them that we are all in Nigeria facing the same problems, tell them their problems aren’t more than your problems because being in Nigeria is a problem already and everyone suffers it. Tell them about the current rate of the dollar at ₦670 and how Buhari has crippled the economy.

Tell the person wanting to bill you that you have your own beast chasing you. 

15.                     Two steps ahead

Be one step ahead and give it to them. If they tell you their mum is in the hospital, tell them your uncle needs a kidney transplant done. What if they try to verify? Is there anyone immune to misfortunes? 

16.                     Bill them before they bill you

Be a smart investor, my brother, put the Bills on them before they bring it on you. If they start narrating their problems which might culminate in billing be fast enough to bill them first. That way they won’t have the courage to ask you.

17.                     Wear deeper life clothes

Why won’t they bill you when you wear new clothes every day, you and I know that only rich people can buy new clothes on a regular.

Going the old-fashioned deeper life dressing style might save you from unnecessary bills. It will be strange billing someone who isn’t as flamboyantly dressed as you.

18.                     Enough of fake life on Instagram 

People take your fake Instagram life seriously, once they see you they plot how to put billings on you. To beat them to these games you need to disable the Instagram account. Show them that you are smarter than them. 

19.                     Tell them you’re a mummy’s boy or girl

Tell them you are a mummy’s girl or boy and that she is your bank. Tell them to approach your mum to disburse to them if they desperately need to collect the funds, most won’t even dare. This is another smart move. 

20.                     Hide inside a hole 

People bill who they see, so if you’re inside a hole, how will they put bills on you? Incognito mode will definitely save you. When you are not reachable people forget that you are a billing option.


For those asking “how can I avoid billing in Nigeria?” We have provided 20 effective ways to avoid unnecessary billings in this present-day Nigeria. We highly recommend this to all affected by Sapa lite. 

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