Can Dogs Eat Apples? How safe are apples for Dogs, find out what dogs can't eat

 There are a lot of doubts by dog owners and keepers if dogs can eat apples. We will try our best to answer the question "can dogs eat apples" in this article.

As a pet owner,  you are always eager to give your pet the very best diet that will help them develop well and stay healthy.  

Can dogs eat apples

You are also careful of what you feed them to avoid causing harm to them. Do apples make dogs sick? Let's find out.

Some popular dog diet advice and beliefs say apples can be a problem for dogs, have you heard of apple toxicity in dogs? 

That's what this school of thought says. It happens when they are not fed properly with poor water intake. 

Others say apples are healthy and can be added to a dog's diet for optimal health. 

Who is right? don't feed groups of people or others that encourage apples for dogs? 

The evidence we have today suggests a number of dogs enjoy eating apples just like humans, and show no obvious signs of adverse effects on apple diet.

 It is now up to you the owner to decide if your dog should have apples as meals. 

As carnivores, they digest vegetables  and fruits and use the nutrients in them for body functions.

 A few others say there is no evidence supporting apple feeding for dogs,  they say apple's high sugar content can cause stomach upset in  dogs. 

Also, the high fibrous content is hard to digest in the gut of dogs. This isn't entirely true. 

These problems arise if you feed dogs too many apples. If you keep to a limit, dogs can get the best from apples. 

Can dogs eat raw apples?

Yes, Dogs can eat raw apples. You only need to prepare and get it ready for mastication by your pet. 

Don't be in a hurry to give your dog that slice of apple, do it the proper way. 

First, peel the apple skin and slice into small pieces that can be easily chewed by your dog.

Also, don't forget to remove the core and seeds, as these can be harmful if ingested. 

Finally, pay close attention when your dog is eating, be it apples or other food, to avoid them choking.

Can dogs eat the skin of an apple?

No, apple skin isn't good for dogs, it is too tough and digesting them can be a herculean task.

 Also there are concerns of apple skin containing some chemicals that are harmful to dogs. These chemicals can make your pet dog fall sick. 

So, my advice is to have the skin removed before letting your dog try them. 

Dogs are loyal animals and will usually eat what you offer them, just make sure you're giving them the best. 

How much apple can a dog eat?

Now that we have given a yes answer to the question of if dogs can eat apples, let us now consider how much of the apple is adequate for their daily diet. 

Feed them apples but not too much as they are high-sugar fruit that should form a small portion of daily caloric intake for dogs. 

Dogs only need around 1.5 and 2 cups of fresh produce feed per day. 

Apples are nice and make a healthy snack but shouldn't make up the large chunk of the dog's diet.

What fruit can't dogs eat?

Your Dogs can't eat certain fruits because they have harmful toxins which are poisonous to dogs. 

Examples are Grapes that have toxins which can cause kidney failure for dogs.

 Other fruits to avoid for dogs are raisins, figs and currants.

 They cause dogs to have gastroenteritis symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. 

Also apple seeds, apricots, and cherry pits should not be fed to dogs.

 They have cyanides which are poisonous to dogs.

Do note that Apples are not one of such that you should avoid for your dog. 

You only need to make it ready and feed in the right proportion. 

Benefits of apples in dogs

It is a great source of fiber that helps digestion and bowel movement. It also helps prevent obesity in dogs. 

They are very rich in antioxidants which curbs inflammatory conditions and prevent development of cancers by removing free radicals . 

Apple is very rich in Vitamin C which helps in wound healing. 

 They are rich in flavonoids and phytonutrients that have health benefits for dogs. This helps build their immune system. 

Feeding apples to dogs can improve digestion.

It reduces inflammation.

Also apple feeds reduce risk of cancer. 

Apples are healthy snacks for dogs that can be fed fresh or dried.

Why do dogs like apples so much?

Just like humans Dogs have a sweet tooth  and love to indulge in fruit treats like apples, so don't deny them.

 The reason  dogs love apples is still a mystery yet to be unravelled, scientists think it has to do with their super active and keen sense of smell. 

From a distance, Dogs can smell apple cider vinegar, and do know ripe apples are a delicious snack to have. 

Dogs are aware that Apples can help them digest foods better because of high fiber contents. 

Side effects of apple for dogs

Humans all over the world enjoy Apple fruit as well as dogs. 

While humans don't have bizzare effects eating them, some side effects might be noticed with dogs. 

  1. Intestinal obstruction maybe the first side effect for dogs. If you notice vomiting and diarrhea with the meal then it's time to stop it. Dogs that have worrisome gastrointestinal issue after eating apples should not have them again.

  1. Can cause excess weight gain. They are high in sugar and can cause weight gain if fed in large quantities. Overweight should avoid apples.

  1. Too much consumption of apples can cause liver problems for dogs. It is best to avoid giving them too much, especially if they don't eat it. 

Do apples give dogs diarrhea?

Yes it can give dogs diarrhea, It is generally recommended that dog owners shouldn't feed too much apple to their pets due to the potential for digestive problems.

The high fructose sugar in apples is not digested in the gut of dogs and can lead to diarrhea.

If your dog has diarrhea with apples, don't panic as most of the gastrointestinal issues usually resolve even without intervention.

 If it however persists, do well to see a vet as diarrhea that isn't controlled can lead to severe dehydration and kidney injury. Sometimes it can result in death. 



To summarize, yes dogs can eat apples and gain quite a number of nutrients. 

There are however some risks associated with feeding them these fruits, the risk of choking or developing diarrhea but for the most part are very safe and healthy. You only need to cut it into small pieces and feed them in bits to avoid problems. Avoid feeding them the core and seeds as they have dangerous cyanide that can kill dogs.

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