Bitter Kola Benefit to Man: How it affects male fertility

The amazing wonders of Bitter Kola make it a must-have for every health-conscious individual, male and female alike. Let’s take some minutes to consider Bitter Kola benefit in men, effect of bitter kola on sperm and how best to use it to enhance sperm cells, libido, stamina, and overall health.

Bitter kola benefits to man

We’ll answer your questions on this subject so you can comfortably resolve to snack on it daily or abstain as we’ll also consider some of its disadvantages.

In the body of men and women, it has been proven to do quite a number of functions and that’s what makes them very popular amongst different households and cultures.

I grew up watching my grandfather eat his favorite bitter kola daily and share it with most of his numerous visitors then. Growing up then most men of his age ate these nuts a lot and I didn’t know why until I kept digging to unwrap the whole truth.

What does bitter kola do in a man's body?

You cannot over-emphasize the functions of bitter kola in a man’s body. From fighting diseases to fortifying the body’s defenses to combat infections.

A study that took place in 2018 revealed that bitter kola in both men and women was efficacious in combating respiratory infection symptoms like cough, and viral and bacterial infections.

Whether you are a man or woman you’ll certainly gain a lot from eating Garcinia Kola.

African men till date still use Bitter Kola to handle arthritis, joint disease, and various inflammatory conditions. It is able to do this because of the high level of potassium, and we know how good potassium can be to men.

Banana as we know is another food that has high potassium and has been proven to help perform better. 

Wow, I guess as a man you must have wondered why you had the extra energy, after you binged on a banana.

Also, it has some endocrine functions that are helpful to men, Kolaviron in Kola confers protection against hypoglycemia in people with type 2 diabetes.

It can also fight opportunistic infections in persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Eating Kola can also help you burn excess fat so you have lots of reasons to eat this nut every day. 

Is it good to take bitter kola every day?

Yes, eating bitter kola every day is good especially if you are not going beyond the limits. It helps add new energy to your day’s activities and gives you a more quality life.

It is one of the natural ways to get your body functioning optimally as a man. Those who adopted this lifestyle over time had fewer reasons to visit hospitals and went on to recommend it to others.

Eating one Bitter Kola a day improves your health and it's devoid of side effects. Individuals who experienced some unwanted effects were those who went beyond 2 bitter kolas per day.


How many bitter kolas can one eat in a day?

Just like we stated above, to have the best benefit of bitter kola for your health you should eat 1-2 kola per day. Exceeding 2 daily may expose you to side effects which we will discuss later.

Some Benefits of Bitter Kola for Men

 1.   Is bitter kola good for the prostate?

Although the scientific study is still at its infancy stage, some early researchers suggest Bitter Kola and Pineapple consumption help decrease the risk of developing prostate cancers in men.

 According to these studies, some chemical substances found in them mitigate against prostate cancer development.

A study conducted in Jebu Ode Nigeria found that individuals who were placed on bitter Kola therapy after they were diagnosed to have benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlargement noticed relief of the obstructive symptoms after a few weeks of eating garcinia kola regularly.

The exact mechanism with which Bitter Kola helps patients with BPH is currently not well understood.

2. Bitter kola benefit for male fertility (impotence):

Eating bitter Kola is a natural way to resolve and handle impotence in men. It can help you achieve and maintain your desires in the other room.

 3.   Can bitter kola help boost male performance 

It does this in different ways, by increasing drive and overall performance . Many men I interviewed said it is a good manpower pill for correcting ED and it's better than the conventional orthodox medicine that does the same thing with more side effects.

4. Does bitter kola increase sperm? Effect of Bitter Kola on Spermatozoa:

 Before now what we know about bitter kola in men is that it increases sperm count but this is not exactly true. While it is proven that it increases drive,  stamina and performance in men, it can be counterproductive,  decrease sperm count and lead to male factor infertility.

Experiment on the effects of Bitter Kola on Sperm.

Researchgate conducted a study on Wristar rats and discovered that the male rats became infertile after several months of feeding them too many bitter kolas.

Also, KC Chilaka, LA Iroegbulam, and IN Nweke in 2009 did research work on the anti-fertility effect of Garcinia Kola Seeds on male – Guineapigs and found out that the seed of Bitter Kola seed produced decreased levels of testosterone in the blood, lower semen counts, reduced motility of semen. These effects were dependent on the duration of use and reversible.

In yet another study by N Ralebona, CR Sewani-Rusike and NKeh-Chungag on the Time and dose-dependent effects of Bitter Kola seed extract on reproductive parameters and male s3xual behavior in Wristar rat and found that at at all doses there was increased testicular weights,  sperm count with unaltered motility, elevated

serum testosterone levels and no remarkable change in gonadotropins. Also, the treatment didn't affect the gross histology of the testis with the conclusion that garcinia is a great aphrodisiac and causes raised testosterone and sperm count in albino rats.

In a more recent experiment, scientists  found that Bitter Kola may have some positive effects on the sperm. The study involved giving a group of men Bitter Kola to to see how well it affects the quality of their sperm. The research inferred that men who had Bitter Kola also had significantly elevated sperm motility and count when compared to the control group.

4. This suggests that Bitter Kola may be an effective natural treatment for infertility.

5. More research is needed to confirm these findings, but the results are promising.

With what we have said here, our advice to men is to not overuse bitter kola for strength  as it can ruin their chances of procreation.

 What use is being a lion and not having any results from the moments of hard work ?

 5. How to use bitter kola in men

Chewing bitter kola a few minutes before the final match can help you wow the fans in the stadium. 

If previously you performed abysmally, then try just after eating bitter kola.

It causes vasodilation which ultimately gives you more playing time to conquer your battles. 

It also enhances your drive as a man.

Eating Bitter Kola can help you prevent ED from wrecking your marriage and relationship but when it comes to having children it may be your undoing.

Those with erectile dysfunction can try garcinia.

 It has a vasoactive substance that causes the veins in to dilate and admit more blood flow giving you longer stay.


Disadvantages of Bitter Kola/ Side Effects of Bitter Kola in a man

1.       Mouth cancer: Eating too many Bitter Kola can predispose you to cancers of the mouth.

2.       Gastrointestinal cancer: Also bitter kola has been linked with the risk of developing stomach and other gastrointestinal cancers.

3.       Male factor infertility: Just like said above overeating bitter kolas can lower your sperm count and render you infertile as a man.

4.       Caffeine toxicity: Much of bitter kola is caffeine, eating too much can lead to problems with caffeine, especially in individuals with cardiopulmonary problems.

5.       Glaucoma: Eating too much can be bad for your eyes, and can lead to the development of glaucoma.

6.       Poor sugar control in diabetes: Caffeine in Kola can make your sugar control difficult if you suffer from Diabetes.


Bitter kola benefits to man are so many and confer many health benefits if it is taken daily. Amongst the advantages discussed, we made it clear that bitter kola does not increase sperm count in men. Also, it is not devoid of side effects which we discussed above.

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