How to approach a girl in public and win her

Knowing how to approach a girl, is a skill you should have as a man to win that beautiful girl you saw on the street that you can't take your eyes off. Enough of your excuses, take out the what-ifs in your head. What if you win?

Earlier in life, I had these challenges but thanks to some of the ideas I'll share here I was able to deal with and I believe you too can. When you master it kindly remain faithful to one partner. Resist every temptation to flirt around with women because you know how to win them.

How to approach a girl when she is in public

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A lot of manuals, books, and how-to-do steps are available on this topic but this will be the very one that actually works and puts you on the pedals of love. 

Winning women especially in public; is not that hard but the women themselves try to play hard and can make you develop cold feet if you're not too strong.

You don't need much to convince her to date you, obeying some social cues and having some elements of self-confidence will take you to that paradise where everything is possible. 

Let's get started with the steps or approaching beautiful women below. We promise to up your flirting game and help you win love easily. 

1. Stay Calm

Stopping a random stranger in public just to talk them into being yours takes a lot of guts but then the fear that you're gonna strike out shouldn't keep you from playing the game. 

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If you stay calm, calculative, and keep your cool you will win. To talk to a total stranger you need to make sure they are as comfortable as possible and that will mean you stay calm as well. 

A way to beat the nervousness that might make you want to fumble and throw everything into the mud is to consider her an old friend and talk like you'd ordinarily converse with someone already close. 

Also, go with an open mind, chances are that she will reject your advances,  tell yourself if that happens then it's one of those things and you might get a second opportunity to sell yourself to her next time. 

While communicating with her try to be very friendly, make the conversation as lovely as possible and you'd be amazed at how fast you can win her. Make the topics center on both of you,  your likes and interests should form the basis of discussion. 

2. You don't need Pickup Lines

How to approach a girl in publicYour nervousness might make you want to fall back to some pickup lines that try to corn her into falling for your sweet words but take my advice resist every urge for this kind of gimmick. 

Don't try to market yourself in that way,  you're not a product that requires door-to-door evangelism to market. 

Rather than trying to lure her with some lies, take it slowly and get to know her that way she knows you're interested in her, and not in her cake. 

If women are able to sense genuine interest from men they lose their defenses. These kinds of women are the easiest to approach, be it in public or private. 

By not making it look like a physical attraction but more of a burning desire to connect intimately you have won her heart already. 

3. Study the environment 

Don't go flirting at the wrong time,  find out exactly what she is doing and decide if she is in the right frame of mind to preach some love sermons to. 

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If she is in the middle of something important or busy with her friends you need to respect that. 

You also need to study the environment well to determine how safe the environment is before approaching her.  You might walk up to her not knowing her man is within and things might escalate. 


Learn the art of good timing; if she is hurrying off to someone or furious over something then abort your mission and do it next time. 


If she is relaxed,  enjoying a leisure activity then don't hesitate,  these kinds of women are almost always available and will offer a listening ear to your advances. 

4. Master Her Body Language, It will tell if she is in the mood

If she has made a series of gazes at you in a romantic way, your eyes met repeated times or she smiles at you when your eyes caught each other then your odds are good. 

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Here you have someone who is already thinking in your direction so you can be a man,  walk up to her and connect. 

If while talking she shares a smile, leans to your side, and makes good eye contact then her body language already shows she has a thing for you already. 

Feel free to create an atmosphere for both of you to get to know each other even better. 

5. Keep Your Body Language Under Check

How do you get a girl's attention in public?

Make sure you study your own body language and ensure you're sending the right message, don't appear too proud or cocky 

How you act matters a lot,  even when you make eye contact with her,  don't go about it in an aggressive way. 

Keep your body language as simple as possible, pay attention to how you act, and make your hands very visible.  Approach her from an angle or side don't even try to intimidate her. You are like a politician trying to win an election to be on your best behavior. 

6. Take it slowly 

How can I attract a girl without talking to her?

Let me guess you just saw the most beautiful woman in the world and your hormones are already firing trying to get everything done very fast. 

Take it slowly fell, women don't like men that move too quickly. If you get too fast you lose out. 

Avoid trying to get everything done on the spot, coming too fast will make her feel you're faking it. 

Resist the urge to move too soon, remember even if you don't get lucky the first time, try not to push things too fast, there will be definitely another day to preach the good message.

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