Who is Tunde Hassan-Odukale? Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Wife and Net worth

  Tunde Hassan Odukale is the Chief managing director of a big insurance outfit in Nigeria, Leadway Assurance Company Limited, he was the largest shareholder of the embattled First bank of Nigeria Plc in 2021. This article will cover his biography, Wikipedia, age, family, education, career, and Net worth.


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Who is the biggest shareholder at first bank Nigeria

He is a seasoned banker and financial expert having spent almost 28 years as executive director of Leadway Assurance and 2 years and 6 months as Managing director.

Tunde Hassan-Odukale Biography

He is also a board member of Stanbic Bank Nigeria Ltd, Union Assurance Ltd, Thomas Wyatt Nigeria PLC, and First Bank Nigeria Ltd. He is among the top 10 Nigerians in the insurance sector.

Having been in the business and at the helm of affairs for over 30 years at Leadway shows how good Mr. Hassan has been all these while no wonder recently he was disclosed as the biggest fish in the First bank Nigeria shareholders list.

What many try to question about how he was able to make so much for himself and his family can be explained by the different western education he obtained in some of the best schools in the UK that helped establish him in the banking sector.

Wikipedia profile:

Much of what we know about his Wikipedia profile is about how he took over Leadway which was birthed by his Father, Sir Hassan Olushola. Odukale in 1970, some 52 years back and has expanded into one of the top brands for general and life insurance while serving as CEO and Managing director. 

The company assets audits in 2019 came down to a whooping N394 billion and are believed to have risen more than 50% in 2022.

Below we will give you a full glimpse of Tunde’s biography.



Not Known

Date of Birth:

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The Odukale family from Ogun State is well known in the banking and insurance business; both Tunde and Oyekanmi Hassan Odukale are the sons of Sir Olusola Hassan Odukale; he founded Leadway Assurance in 1970.

Olusola served as chairman of Leadway and other global companies from 1993 till in 1999 when he succumbed to the cold hands of death.

Olushola’s death saw Oyekanmi heading the company for three decades until January 2020 when he handed it over to his brother Tunde.

Both brothers have been previously named as chairmen for First Bank of Nigeria and their Uk Subsidiary in the past.

Tunde is a happy father of a child in a monogamous family setting.


His wife's name isn’t known to the media.



Tunde Odukale got his A-level certificate from Hurtwood House College in the UK between 1981-1984.

He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Metamathematics from London University between 1984-1987 and from 1987-1988 he obtained a PGD from City University London in Actuarial Science  

Who is the biggest Share Holder at First Bank Holding PLC?

In 2021 Tunde Hassan-Odukale beat Femi Otedola who has a 5.07% stake as the FBN Holdings PLC largest single shareholder with a 5.36% stake. FBN Holding Pls is the First Bank of Nigeria holding company. Latest reports in March 2022 show that Billionaire Otedola has regained his place as FBN holding Plc single largest shareholder of 2022.

Both Otedola and Hassan hold over 5% in equity of FBN holding in the Nigeria Stock Exchange.



The Leadway boss took over from his brother Oyekanmi Odukale who served in the capacity of Managing director after the demise of their father in 1999.

Tunde Hassan Odukale Net Worth

His skills span from Asset management, IT, Finance, and Life Insurance while serving in various capacities at Leadway and as board members of the different financial groups in Nigeria and the Uk in the last 30 years.

His special strategy for evaluating and developing proposals put him ahead of his peers in the management cadre. He also doubles as Total Health Trust director and that of other subsidiaries of Leadway Assurance.

He was the single individual with the highest shares at First bank, behind him were the likes of billionaire Femi Otedola and others in 2021 but as of 31st march 2022, reports show that Femi Otedola has regained his place as the individual with the single highest number of shares at FBN holding Plc.


Oye Hassan Olukale:

It’s the elder brother of Tude Odukale, which he handed over to him as managing director in 2020. Both brothers have served as chairman and board of various directors of Leadway Assurance, First Bank Nigeria Plc, and other subsidiaries.

Oye Hassan Net worth

Oye Hassan Odukale is happily married; Salewa Odukale is his daughter, in 2018 June she enjoyed a lavish wedding in Barcelona Spain to Nonso Osakwe courtesy of her dad.

He graduated from the prestigious University of Houston where he obtained a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in Business Administration.

While his net worth isn’t out there in the media Oyekanmi Hassan Odukale is one of the secret billionaires we have in Nigeria with an estimated value of over N130 billion.


Tunde Hassan Net Worth:

The insurance mogul is believed to be worth over  $60 million in value and is one of the billionaires in the country. The calculation is an estimated value from his share assets at First Bank and some of his known assets. It is very likely that Tunde Odukale is worth more than this currently as all his assets are not known to the public.


The Odukale family is a big name who has found tremendous success in the insurance business having inherited Leadway assurance from their late father Chief, Sir Olusola Odukale, and managed for 3 decades by the eldest son, Oye Hassan, and currently under the watch of Tunde as Chief executive officer and managing director.

The wealth of experience of these three men from the Odukale family has built Leadway Assurance Company into one of the best to be reckoned with across the country. Tunde Hassan-Odukale Biography and net worth is one that should inspire generations to come.




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