How to reveal any hidden caller identity/Private Number

 Is your Ex or someone else calling you with a private number? Here is how to reveal any hidden caller identity number.

I know you want to uncover the culprit and that’s exactly what we want to help you achieve with ease.

Can you find a hidden caller ID?

Providers are mandated by law not to divulge the names of an unknown caller as part of user privacy law. So calling your provider is never an option when it comes to knowing who is behind that unknown caller that just tried to reach you.

Can hidden numbers be traced?

Yes, restricted, blocked or private numbers can be traced using the right techniques provided they are within coverage areas.

Ways to identify hidden caller identity?

1.       Using a shortcode:

You can do this in simple steps:

1.       Allow the phone to finish ringing without picking.

2.       Wait for up to 15 minutes

3.       Dial a USSD short code *#30#

4.       The hidden number will be displayed on your screen.

Note: It can take up to 24-48 hours for your network to get enough data to retrieve the number sometimes. In other circumstances, you will get the number immediately.

2.       Using the Truecaller app / does Truecaller reveal private numbers? 

This is a free app available on the Google play store for android, it also has a premium plan available. Internet is required to use this method.


Make sure your internet is on and you have a good network, am assuming you have the app installed on your phone already.

When the unknown call comes in, the Truecaller will generate the name of the caller from its database based on what most people saved the number with on their phones with the true caller in it or what the owner of the number used to register his profile on the true caller.

The true caller can also be used to identify spammers and scammers and can even be used to restrict spam calls and hidden numbers from calling you in the future.

3.       Use the police

You heard me right, they have the technology to uncover the hidden number if especially you feel your life is at risk from the unidentified caller.

4.       Assign a ringtone to the person you suspect is calling you with an unidentified number

If you recently had issues with your special somebody or have someone stalking you then you can employ this tactic to be sure he or she is not the one using a hidden number to call you. If it is when the phone call comes in you will be able to tell because the ringing tone will be the one you assigned to that caller which is different for other persons. This technique requires meticulous search and some elements of smartness.

5.       Using voice recognition:

This method requires that you take the call and observe the voice carefully to uncover the person. Chances are people don’t pretend or change their voice for long except it's an app that is helping manipulate the voice.

Keep your cool and have a lengthy conversation with the person gradually the real voice will surface and if it's someone close to whom you have spoken to before on the phone you will know. This method just like the one above requires smartness and some elements of detective instinct.


Whether you are successful at catching the person with a private number or not you can prevent a reoccurrence by preventing such numbers from calling you in the future by blocking them. I will describe how to do it below.

How to block a hidden or private number?

The option is available on most phones.  Navigate to settings and under call options put private numbers on the auto rejection list and they will never be able to call you again.

Does truecaller reveal private numbers?

Yes, with the app you can reveal the identity of any private number that calls you. Make sure you have internet on your phone and the app installed.


In summary, we have discussed 5 ways how to reveal any hidden caller identity, we hope it solves your problems and helps you uncover the monster hiding numbers to call you.

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