Best of Pete Davidson Movies: King of Staten Island and other famous movie roles

 Pete Davidson Movies are always sensational and represent the raw talents inherent in this amazing personality in a glaring fashion for even the blind to see. We will try to review all the famous movies where Pete Michael Davidson graced the big screens.

A little background about him

American songwriter, comedian, and actor who was born 28 years ago precisely 16th November 1993 to Scott and Amy Davidson. He’s aged 28 today.

Pete Davidson Movies

His Mom worked as a high school nurse while his Dad was a firefighter. Dad was part of the unfortunate ordeal that took place during the September 11 of 2001 World trade center attack and he lost his life.

He is known for his standup comedy and movie roles. At 16 he discovered his comedic prowess while acting a role in The suicide squad movie with his friends. He went from there to getting gigs at MTV shows and in 2014, he joined Saturday Night Live for its 40th season premiere.

Pete in the last few days has been trending on all social media platforms after he decided to quit the Saturday Night Live show which many fans believe is connected to his affair with Kim Kardashian.

We will take the next few paragraphs to talk about Pete Davidson’s movies so you can have a first-hand appraisal of this wonderful personality and also get to see any of his movies you may have skipped seeing.

List of Best Movies of Pete Davidson

1.       Saturday Night Live

2.       Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses

3.       The Real Bros of Simi Valley

4.       The Rookie

5.       The Guest Book

6.       Brooklyn Nine-Nine

7.       Good Morning

8.       I Want you Back

9.       The Suicide Squad

10.   Trainwreck

11.   School Dance

12.   The King of Staten Island

13.   The Dirt

14.   Big Time Adolescence

15.   Set it Up

16.   What Men Want

17.   Pete Davidson: SMD

18.   The Jesus Rolls  

In conclusion, Pete Davidson is an accomplished actor, comedian, and writer, his movie roles speak volumes about his talent. Others would have used the unfortunate incident that led to the demise of his Dad when he was aged just 7 but he went b

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