How to make money on tiktok: 12 ways to make serious in 2022

 We took our time to get the best answers on how to make money on TikTok and we will try our best to give out all the possible ways you can monetize your Tiktok account and take your own share of the loot.

Have you ever wondered how you can make a living from your hobby; it is very possible if you apply the right techniques.

The idea of making money and how to create wealth has changed, people are now able to make some decent living online without having to walk into one confinement called “office” doing the regular 8-5 jobs.

how to make money on tiktok with 1,000 followers

Just try searching on google for “Tiktok millionaires” and you’d be amazed to find individuals earning millions of dollars from Tiktok for doing the regular thing others do for past time or to gain online affirmation, likes, or followers. The good news is that you can go beyond doing stuff online to gain public recognition and acceptance by way of comments, likes, shares, and mentions, to turning your little device be it android or ios into an ATM that can help make money for you.

For some the money, they make from Tiktok or any other social media app can be the turnaround in their financial life, for others, it can serve as a residual income source.

Many are doubtful of how people make money from Tiktok and are too scared to try. Let me set some things clear before we continue. The platform pays but you’ve got to put in some work. You get paid for the effort you invest and that’s beautiful. Remember a lot of the things that you invested your time, effort, and money into in the past that didn’t yield a penny, and think of how you’d feel if they actually paid off. They failed because you went about making money online the wrong way.

If you apply the principles we will share here you can start getting the fat cheques for enjoying yourself online. You too can join the list of TikTok influencers and millionaires.

Since it started in 2016 and has grown so big, over 3 billion installs for an app not owned by facebook’s metaverse.

The Tiktok community is a large marketplace that you can tap wealth from if you are willing, dedicated, and apply the right strategy.

Enough of the sermons let's get into the meat and potato of the matter.

How TikTok Monetization works

Many ways exist for earning on Tiktok, those who watch your videos can send gifts and tips as a sign of appreciation. These tips require a stripe account to process and can rise as high as 100 USD.

Others can send you diamonds for your videos be it regular or live videos. The diamonds are redeemed at $0.05 per diamond.

The other way to monetize your Tiktok account is to use the platform as a marketplace to trade some other products and services that can help you earn.

Important notes on Tiktok Monetization

1.       How many followers do you need to make money on TikTok:

To benefit from the Tiktok creator’s fund, you should have a minimum of 10,000 followers and be at least 18 years of age. They also require creators to have a minimum of 100K views in the last 30 days. Some monetization strategies can be achieved with less number of views and followers. A single post with a viewership of 100k and above can make the creator $1000 and above.

2.       Do you get paid for likes on TikTok?

Yes, though not a fixed amount but the more likes and followers you add on Tiktok, the higher your earnings

3.       How much money can you make from a million Tiktok views

 Influencers who a million followers or more can make $1000-5000.

Tiktok Millionaires 2022

The list of Tiktok millionaires earning fat checks from Tiktok monthly further proves how lucrative TikTok can be if used correctly and with the necessary skills. Below are some of the big names and how much they make on the platform.

1.  Charli D'Amelio

This 17-year-old currently earns over $17.5  million from TikTok and is one of the biggest stars of TikTok, she is a sister to Dixie Amelio and is recorded as the star with the most following on the app (139 million) at the time of writing this post.

Her viral dance videos have over the months helped her rise to the limelight and acquire huge followings. A gig in Brooklyn saw her helping to open for the Jonas Brothers and is currently signed as the face of Hollister. She worked for Prada on Tiktok during the Milan fashion week.

Her family boasts of a long list of influencers, chances are that these kinds of creativity run in her family genes. Rumour has it that we are expecting a reality TV show from her later in the year.

 2.   Dixie D’amelio

This TikTok influencer is estimated to earn about $5 million from her activities on the app, currently, she has over 57 million followers and 3.2 billion likes. She is currently the second-highest earner on the app. Just like her sister Charli, she is proof that you can make real money on TikTok.

Her relationship with Noah Beck, also a TikTok star foretells some good fortune for her for a long time and we expect to see her on the list of TikTok millionaires way longer than we imagined.

3.   Josh Richards

Josh with his 25million followers and estimated earnings of about $5 million is among the influencers earning millions from the app in 2022. He is popular for lipsynching, dancing, and skits that are considered stupid. He has also been able to invest his earnings in other areas like sports streaming, Podcast for sports called barstool, owns an energy drink company, cofounded Animal capital and Venture capital, and owns huge stakes.

4.   Bella Poarch

Bella has 87million followers and estimated earnings of $5 million from the app. This Filipino-American TikTok influencer rose in the ranks of the app and in 18 months became the third person on earth with the most TikTok following.

She is known for her ambient fashion and tushed makeup, dance and standard lip-synch acts. Her first single surfaced last year and so far she has signed deals with Prada and Pepsi.

5.  Kris Collins

Another influencer with estimated earnings of $4.8 million and 42 million followers. Formerly a hairdresser but later joined sketch comedy after COVID 19 rendered him jobless. He is regarded as one of the overnight successes on TikTok as she got popular very quickly. The success she also replicated on Youtube. She has a lot of sponsorship deals to her name and is reckoned as the breakout star from social media of last year.

6.  Avani Gregg

Avani was part of Hype House, which in 2019 shot her members to the limelight on TikTok. She is mentioned among the likes of TikTok celebrities like the D’Amelio sisters.

Her earnings are estimated at around 4.8 million dollars with 39 million TikTok followers and celebrated as one of the OG makeup stars on the app.

 7.  Addison Rae

She is worth $9 million currently and at present one of the TikTok millionaires with over 86 million followers currently.

 She rose to stardom by posting competitive dance videos where she drew in the background, as a founder of LA’s Hype House, and a content encyclopedia for other big-name Tiktok stars.

She is rated as the biggest multimedia star to come from the TikTok app after she released a single and starred in Netflix’s “He’s All that” rom-com reboot.

Fastest ways to make money on TikTok (10 ways)

1.       As a Tiktok Influencer

If you know how social media works, I guess you already know being an influencer on any platform comes with lots of earning opportunities. Probably you’ve had some successes with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram but have yet to explore Twitter for earning. I welcome you to a new level of opportunity to earn while on TikTok.

As an influencer, you can serve as a marketer for big brands, make videos to promote their products and services and get rewarded with money or the company’s product. That sounds nice, right?

One of the Tiktok millionaires, Charlie D’Amelio who we already talked about promotes for P&G and gets rewarded handsomely.

 You don’t necessarily need to acquire a large chunk of followers to achieve this feat. Some brands are ready to start with influencers who are still growing, the advantage of this is that they are still growing and charge less to promote for them. You can get started working for brands with as small as 5K followers or even less depending on the company.

How to become an influencer on Tiktok?

Earning on Tiktok as an influencer can be achieved easily,; you need to pick a niche and create a unique profile for it. Create compelling videos and content for your audience. Be consistent and don’t forget to pay close attention to what your competitors are doing in a similar niche to succeed and try to implement as much as possible.

Be consistent and keep a daily routine of posting videos at a particular time so your audience can be on the lookout for what is next from you and make sure your contents are so rich that people can easily engage with it.

After creating content and uploading it on TikTok, don’t forget to publicize them. If you have a few bucks you can use paid social media ads or google ads to promote your brand and get more people to notice you.

Once you acquire up to 10000-100000 followers on TikTok, you become eligible for the creator's fund and you can earn between $200-2000 for sharing sponsored videos of big brands to your Tiktok community.

How to get brands to work with as an influencer?

Top brands can find influencers to work with by using the TikTok marketplace. This service is available to brands upon request and gives them access to an infinite number of influencers and creators to choose from, a catalog of Tiltok creators is available on the platform.

Usually to become a brand influencer most will require you to have between 15K-30k followers. The reason is that they are interested in working with those who have a current following that can help market their brand.

Influencers' earnings are in different categories, Nano influencers earn around $5-25, micro-influencer $25-125, mid-tier $125-1250, macro-influencers $1250-2500 and mega influencers can earn as much as $2500 or more.

Some examples of influencer marketing brands on Tiktok are Mucinex, Red bull, Too faced, Guess, Chipotle, Gymshark, Kroger, Sony Music, Calvin Klein and Run around.

2.       Selling Tiktok accounts

Imagine if one of the D’Amelios were to put their account on sale and how much it will be sold for. Some Tiktok influencers earn by simply growing accounts that are later sold for profits. This is very simple if you have what it takes to grow Tiktok accounts and attract followers. A lot of people who want to start off with some decent following will patronize your services.

You can trade your TikTok accounts at places offering social media trading services like Fameswap, Accountwarehouse, Playerup, 123aces, ACC Farm, Social Tradia, ACCS Market, Famebolt, Woorke, Swap social, EazyViral, Audience Gain, App Sally, and FameSeller.

The number of followers on the account determines the pricing. Make sure to check if the account you intend to buy has real engagements and followers.

Also important to buy accounts with real human comments and not spam. The reliable middle man for TikTok account trading like Fameswap can provide some of this information.

 To avoid getting scammed make sure you employ the services of a reliable middleman company for TikTok account trading like the ones listed above.

Don’t forget to ensure you’re buying accounts in your chosen niche and make sure you have access to the password and email which you can change to your desired password while paying use “goods and services for PayPal” so you can ask for a refund if the account sellers decide to act funny.

3.       Tiktok for affiliate marketing

A lot of people ask if they can use Tiktok for Affiliate Marketing and the simple answer is yes. Two methods are available on the platform: paid TikTok advertisement and the free organic content method. For the latter, you upload videos to drive traffic to your affiliate links and websites and ultimately get affiliate sales. With this method, you can monetize your audience.

Tiktok for affiliate marketing is similar to using other social media apps for affiliate marketing but the uniqueness of this platform is that it's still new and less saturated. Chances are people will buy from you without knowing it is a common strategy most people on the app are employing to increase affiliate sales.

Tiktok has huge organic traffic with little to no restriction and is always ready to share with creators judiciously. You can tap from this traffic and make lots of sales. If this works for you then you have tapped one of the easiest steps to making money on TikTok.

4.       Sell your own product

This is similar to the affiliate marketing explained above. If you have a product to market then you can leverage Tiktok organic traffic or paid TikTok ads to convert more sales and increase your income. This strategy to make money on TikTok works well for niche TikTok accounts since the product is tailored to their specific needs and interest. Tiktok recently partnered with Spotify enabling Tiktokers who have Spotify stores to link and promote them using the TikTok app.

5.       Sell traffic on TikTok

You can start selling traffic to other TikTok accounts, websites, and blog owners or to your personally owned websites and accounts. If you have a good following and engaging content you will excel easily in this business. You can sell this service on Fiverr or Upwork. Simply become more creative with your content.

If you are a big influencer, you can sell these services to newbies and be sure of making some dollars from them. You can also employ it to grow Tiktok accounts to be sold later. 

6.       Acquire TikTok coins and donations

Virtual gifts that have money values can be earned on the app, influencers get it via donations from fans and followers and from doing a live stream. These virtual gifts are like NFTs in crypto and can be converted to money.

The app makers allow users to purchase these coins and gifts from their profile and once purchased the money value is credited to the influencer’s account or the person selling. The prices are variable and are seen at the time of purchase.

Those who own coins can also use them to buy gifts which they can use to bless creators that they are interested in gifting. A button called “give gifts” is available for this purpose.

7.       Become a consultant on TikTok

Mastering the platform can be hard for some companies and individuals. These persons and companies will require the services of a Tiktok consultant to better utilize this trending app to market their business and services.

As a consultant, you help your clients make videos that can trend and bring leads. This skill can also be passed down to others for a few of the company pays you to teach one of their dedicated staff to shoulder the role.

To be successful as a tik TikTok consultant you need to show how much you can employ creativity to gather tons of views and followers and show competence in mastering the various features of the app. You are simply the Tiktok specialist that will advise and implement the best strategies for your company.

8.        Make money on TikTok managing accounts for top brands

Just like the role the TikTok consultant plays, you can get paid for managing TikTok accounts for different companies, organizations, and individuals. This way you get paid by different brands on a contract basis.

If you’ve previously worked as a social media manager for any brand, I bet you already have an idea of how the business works. You can also manage Tiktok accounts for big and famous Tiktok creators who are choked with time or who have too many accounts on their shelves to manage.

Influencers who are overwhelmed by the demands of keeping up to date with their followers who are hungry for content can employ your services to leverage your time and remain in business.

You can help these influencers broker deals, create content strategies and implement more ways to make money.

9.        Partner with big brands and sell sponsored content

If you are insanely creative, you can create a very fruitful partnership with big brands and market their products and services using sponsored content and videos. This partnership is symbiotic as the company and yourself benefits.

10.   Work with an influencer

If you haven’t grown very popular in the Tiktok community but you have what it takes to sell an existing influencer brand then you can build a business around this. This is similar to what we talked about above on how you can manage accounts for famous influences. If you have what it takes to pull off the contracts and jobs influencers have on their table then you can negotiate to do the job for them for less. This way you earn from their rich list of client contacts and they also earn from subletting jobs to you while the customers get satisfied when you deliver.

11.   Start an advertisement agency on TikTok

If you have tons of traffic and followers you can start an advertisement agency. You can get paid for advertising goods and services for top brands on TikTok. If your services are reliable and able to convert, you will never run out of jobs. For example, if I get a service that gives me one million daily visitors to my website at a pocket-friendly rate, I won't hesitate to patronize.

12.   Get your share of the creators' fund for Tiktokers

Tiktok shows appreciation to the beehive of exception creative on the platform in the form of creators’ funds. They reward Tiktokers for their creativity (videos). The aim is to reward creators for doing what they are passionate about. This is a kind of token society which is a way of motivating people to create more engaging content and sustain the system.

This fund is available to an infinite number of creators who meet the criteria. To be part of this, you must have a minimum of 10K followers and 100K views within 30 days., be at least 18 years of age and be from either the US, France, UK, Spain, Germany, or Italy. Nigerians and other African countries are not part of the creator's fund program on TikTok at the time of writing this article. Eligible accounts must abide by TikTok community rules.

The funds are calculated bearing in mind the number of views, originality, and engagement. For content to be eligible to earn a creator fund it must be by the Terms and conditions of the Tiktok community.

The amount can vary daily depending on how much content was shared by the community on that day. There is no limit as to how much a creator can make. 

How do you get paid on TikTok?

As you start earning on Tiktok, the money appears in your Creator Fund Dashboard. This can then be withdrawn to a preferred payment platform like PayPal. Other earning strategies on the app can be made to you depending on the terms agreed on in the partnership deal.

In summary, hope our article on how to make money on Tiktok was able to educate and empower you with the right skills to make money online using your phone.

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