29 Health Benefits Of Tiger Nut: A Superfood You Should Include In Your Diet.

The benefits of tiger nuts are many and you find them below. It bears cyperus esculentus as its scientific name and can also be called chufa, earth almond, atadwe or yellow nutsedge depending on culture and people.

It belongs to the sedge family and is seen in many countries. Many prepare it as a sumptuous beverage and others serve it as a food snack.


benefits of tiger nut

The many benefits make them one of the many wonders of the world and lots of people love to snack on them. I actually had a glass of tiger nut drink before writing this article. This simply shows how important cyperus esculentus can be in my life and that of many others who love it for different reasons.


Nutritional Value of tiger nuts

Nutritional values of tiger nuts

Tiger nuts’ nutritional value is very promising, a 100g of tiger nut contains 420 calories. This consists of carbohydrates (66g), fats (25g), protein (7g), Fiber (35g), and Sugar (35g). In addition to this, it has nutrients like Magnesium, Potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, copper, and zinc. Vitamins A and C.


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Important benefits that are worth noting:

1. It is a rich source of protein:

tiger nuts drinks are popular in many countries like Spain, Mali, and Nigeria and these drinks are particularly important for their high protein contents.

 We already know the importance of proteins in our diet. It is a major body-building food that helps tissue growth and maintenance of overall well-being. It is important in repairing worn-out tissue and propels body metabolism, aiding enzymatic actions. 

Benefits of tiger nuts to man

It also helps in mounting immune response that helps the body wade off infection. We are all aware that a stronger immunity means a healthier life. If you are battling various illnesses you can snack on tiger nuts to better prepare your body's defenses to fight off infections.

2. Tiger nut is an aphrodisiac.

 Helping men achieve their optimum reproductive life. Stressors and tiredness can knock off your vibes and keep your dopamine drive low, this lowers your mood and make you prone to underperforming in the other room. 

This is preventable if you snack on tiger nuts regularly. For men who have problems achieving erections, eating tiger nuts or their juice can do wonders, it is a natural alternative to the regular stimulants for enhancing your stamina in the other room. It has little to no side effects compared to alternative prescribed medicines in this regard and can give your home the peace it deserves once again. 

With tiger nuts, you won’t be worried about satisfying your partner. tiger nut can do this by containing Omega 3 and Arginine in high amounts, they act by causing the vessels of the heart and male organ to dilate and allow better blood flow which is what makes men achieve a better erection. 

This is similar to the drug effect of sildenafil which causes the vessels to vasodilate. tiger nut is one important meal you should feed your man and you’ll be glad you did.


Benefit of tiger nuts to women

3. Tiger nut has a digestive function

 It does this in so many ways. Being very high in fiber helps to increase bulk in feces and helps in bowel motility. With tiger nuts, you are certain of saying goodbye to constipation which can save you from unnecessary worries about abdominal pains, hernias, and hemorrhoids which are all complications of constipation.

It also has resistant starch which helps gut flora to digest our meals. People who have indigestion will find the health benefit of tiger nuts very useful.

Tiger nuts are rich sources of enzymes that catalyze digestion. Examples are Amylases, Lipases, and Catalases. They aid digestion and help resolve diarrhea and excess gas in the digestive tract.

 4. Cardiovascular Health:

Tiger nuts are very good food choices for cardiovascular disease. They are low in LDL cholesterol which reduces the risk of hypercholesterolemia. The potassium in tiger nuts is known to protect the heart. They also contain Vitamin E which combines with oleic acid to prevent many cardiovascular illnesses. Some researchers believe tiger nuts can help sufferers achieve better blood pressure control. Many research works have considered how good tiger nuts is to the cardiovascular system and all came to the conclusion stated above.

5. Better diabetic control:

 Studies in animal show great prospects achieved with tiger nuts in controlling elevations in blood sugar. They attribute it to its fiber content which causes slower uptake of sugars in the gastrointestinal tract. 

It is very beneficial in type 2 diabetes and answers the question of concern regarding if diabetics can eat tiger nuts. Despite how sweet it tastes, it has a low glycemic index, and it's not one of such foods that will cause your blood sugar to spike to alarming values.

6. Tiger nuts can boost the immune system:

They help fortify our immune system, making them stronger defenses for our body against infections. They boost immunity and keep the gut flora in check and healthy. Most body immune responses are dependent on how healthy our gut is; tiger nut is essentially important in maintaining a healthy gut. 

It also has antioxidant functions, helping in the removal of free radicals produced by infective processes. Researchers have been able to identify the immune-enhancing property of the tiger nut as well as its antibacterial action.  

Spring plus conducted research in 2013 that identified the antibiotic role of tiger nuts when they come in contact with infective agents. The immune-boosting function of tiger nuts studies is still in the infancy stage and more studies are being conducted in this regard.

 7. It is helpful in alopecia and general hair growth,

It causes cells of dermal papillae to regenerate causing hair to grow more and can reverse the early stages of alopecia. By getting rid of free radicals in the body they help prevent damage to skin and hair. 

Microbial overgrowth can harm your hair, the antimicrobial action of tiger nut can help prevent this hair loss and help the hair grow better. The magnesium in the tiger nuts prevents hair loss. Women who are looking for ways to grow their hair naturally will find it useful.

8. It is helpful in dysmenorrhea:

They contain vitamin E which reduces breast swelling and tenderness during menses, soothes the pains of dysmenorrhea, and helps replenish iron lost in menstrual bleeding.

9. Makes skin flawless:

 it contains magnesium that helps rid the skin of fungal infections and various dermatitis. It softens, nourishes, and makes the skin better hydrated giving it a more radiant and elastic feel, those who have dry skin will benefit from eating tiger nuts. It has been used in sensitive skin, eczema, and psoriasis. tiger nut is one meal you shouldn’t miss if you want a more cosmetic appeal. Skincare is definitely one of the health benefits.

10. It helps in weight loss:

High fiber helps in bowel movements, and slower uptake of sugars into the digestive tract thereby reducing excess weight gain. Despite being high on calories this high fiber diet can help you

11. A better option than cow milk:

 it is a good alternative to cow milk, it is content with cow milk in many aspects and can be taken by lactose-intolerant individuals without the usual lactose sensitivity problems. This tiger nut milk is high in calories, oleic acid, calcium, fat, phosphorus, and proteins.

12. Helpful in wound healing:

It contains vitamin C that helps in wound healing and prevents scurvy.

 13. It enhances enzyme action, it acts as fuel aiding enzymatic actions. In the gut, these enzymes catalyze reactions that lead to better digestion and generation of energy.

14. Better blood pressure control:

 Known hypertensives who added tiger nuts to their regular hypertensive medications had better blood pressure controls with lesser doses of antihypertensives in different studies. This highlights the dietary aspect of the management of hypertension. They attributed the blood pressure reducing ability to their content of Vitamins C and E, Phosphorus, Potassium, and magnesium.

 15.  Tiger nut oil is as good as olive oil:

From a nutritionist's view, the oil from tiger nut is richer in phytosterols when compared to olive oil. This tiger nut oil is gluten-free and has fewer worries with celiac disease. You can follow this link to see Celiac disease diets and the Benefits of gluten-free diets. It is vegan, organic, and very high in vitamin E and antioxidants. Using tiger nut oil can leave a nourishing impact on your skin and leave you ageless.

 16. Useful in pregnancy:

 The benefits of tiger nut in pregnancy have been studied and proven over the years, it adds essential amino acids, prepares the breast for lactation, and helps produce milk, it also improves constipation in pregnancy and helps with blood pressure and sugar controls.

17. It increases testosterone in men:

 A study in rats showed remarkably increased testosterone and libido after consuming tiger nut for 30 days. This is a known benefit of tiger nut to man.

18. It is useful in people with kidney disease.

By reducing inflammation tiger nuts protect the kidneys and other organs like the liver.

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19.  Useful in liver disease (Fatty liver):

 The milk of tiger nuts has been put to test and shows great prospects in preventing liver damage.

 The mechanisms for preventing liver problems are simple, by eliminating reactive oxygen species and other free radicals, and reducing oxidative stress they end up protecting the liver. Some researchers call them natural antioxidants.

Health benefit of tiger nut

 A study in rats showed tiger nuts were able to protect them from CC14-related liver damage.  People with fatty liver will find relief taking tiger nuts.

20. Helpful in combating prostate cancer:

They are believed to reduce PSA values and keep prostate enlargement in check in addition to their other cancer-preventive benefits.

21.  Useful in malnutrition:

 it has many nutrients that can help solve the problems of protein-energy malnutrition, especially in Africa where it is endemic. Countries with a scarcity of animal milk can make do with this plant-based nutritious milk.

22. Prevent cancer:

Tiger nut is natural anticancer food. Foods that contain antioxidants and can remove free radicals from the body system are known to prevent the processes that ultimately lead to cancer. The ability to prevent the generation of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress reduction ability have been identified in much literature that highlights the anti-cancer and anti-aging properties of tiger nuts.

23.  It slows down aging:

They have an antioxidant function that helps keep the skin glowing and young, preventing aging processes occasioned by oxidants and free radicals.

24. Boosts Fertility:

They contain zinc, vitamin E, and quercetin which in women help regularize the menstrual cycle and promote ovulation and conception. Families whose subfertility is from the female factors will find a solution in tiger nuts milk.

25. Tiger nuts are believed to boost sperm production:

Men with problems with sperm production problems and various degrees of male factor subfertility have benefited from taking tiger nuts. Earlier we have mentioned how it improves libido and erectile dysfunction.

26. It helps in the formation of strong bones and teeth:

Calcium and phosphorus are part of the mineral contents of tiger nuts and help in forming strong teeth and bones in the younger age group. Due to the health benefit of tiger nuts, it is important to introduce tiger nuts into their diet early enough.

27. It's devoid of gluten:

This is very good for those who have allergies to gluten and want to go gluten-free with their diets. Being gluten-free tiger nuts can be used as a celiac diet and be certain of getting the numerous health benefits of gluten free diets.

28. Good for lactose-intolerant persons:

People who react to lactose in animal milk can switch to tiger nut milk and be certain of no allergies associated with lactose which is not part of the composition of tiger nut milk.

29. Relieving Constipation is an important health benefit of tiger nuts:

 so many natural ways to treat constipation are available, and eating tiger nuts is one of them. Tiger nuts are high in fiber, it adds bulk to the diet and enhance bowel motility and emptying. If you suffer from constipation, adding tiger nuts to your diet will offer you great relief.

Side effects of tiger nut

1. Allergy:

Some cases of allergy have been reported with the consumption of tiger nut and in such cases, tiger nut in all of its forms should be avoided.

2. Diarrhea:

Reported cases of food poisoning with tiger nuts have been identified and this usually occurs when you consume tiger nuts contaminated with feces, aspergillus, or other contaminants and this leads to severe diarrhea. 

While buying tiger nuts from the roadside or grocery stores make sure sanitary procedures are observed and wash them before eating so as to get all the benefits and prevent getting diarrhea from contaminants.

3. Morning sickness in pregnancy:

So people have had worsening morning sickness with tiger nut, more episodes of nausea and vomiting, and git motility, such persons should avoid tiger nuts during the first trimester.

4. Abdominal Pain:

The high fiber contents can lead to the production of gas which can lead to abdominal pain.

5. Flatulence:

Those who have GERD refuse disease may complain of excess bloating and flatulence with tiger nuts.

 We have taken the time to talk about the health benefits of tiger nuts and some of the unwanted side effects of eating tiger nuts. Despite the few negative effect of tiger nuts, snacking on it isn't a bad idea.   We hope this piece of information meets you well and helps you live a healthier life. You can check out our health benefits of cucumber.

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