14 Health Benefits Of Eating Cucumber That Doctors Will Never Tell You.

The benefits of cucumber are numerous and will keep you loving this fruit for eternity. 

benefits of cucumberThis fruit has a lot to offer to our body, loads of nutrients, antioxidants, and plant chemicals that aid many body functions. 

Eating Cucumber has been linked with resolving some medical ailments which will be discussed in this article on cucumber benefits.

 Nutritional Value of Cucumber Fruit:

This can't be over-emphasized, 15-16 calories are contained in a cup of cucumber. It has in large quantities Vitamin C, Potassium, and Fiber. It also contains Vitamin A and K, Magnesium, and Manganese in minute quantities. It also has lots of water in it. 

Other important contents of Cucumber are:

  1. Lignans

  2. Cucurbitacin

  3. Antioxidants 

  4. Anti-inflammatory Agents

Benefits of cucumber

What are the well-known cucumber benefits? is an important question we will try to answer.

1. Helps Fight Cancer

This wonderful fruit is able to help prevent oncogenic processes that lead to the development of cancer. 

It is able to alter the oxidative processes and free radical generations that culminate into cancer.

It is able to fight off cancer by containing Cucurbitacin, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory mediators. If you detest cucumber in the past I encourage you to rethink and introduce it into your diet.

Preventive measures for cancers are few and cucumber has been talked about in many scientific journals to have this property. 

2. Helps in wound healing 

Cucumber helps in hemostasis. After an injury, these mechanisms work together to control the amount of blood loss and seal off the injury site.

The fruit performs this role by containing Vitamin K and C. Vitamin K helps the vitamin K-dependent clotting factors by activating them to function and vitamin C plays a role in the formation of collagen and neovascularization. 

3. Enhance Hydration

A large portion of cucumber is water. They help add water to our body and form part of the 20% water requirement from the diet. Eating cucumber can give you better hydration during hot periods like summer.

Scientists believe 95% of this fruit is water. Maintaining body water can help prevent aging, and wrinkling and remove toxic wastes from the body. It also helps prevent kidney stones, and constipation and promotes gastrointestinal tract health. 

4. Enhance Bone Health

Cucumber has about 20 mg of calcium and contributes to the daily body requirement of 1-1.2Kg. Additionally, it has Vitamin K which helps the body's absorption of calcium. Calcium and Vitamin K are needed for forming bones and also to mineralize them. 

People with fractures and osteoporosis will benefit from cucumber. The premenopausal and menopausal woman at risk of osteoporosis can prophylactically increase their intake of cucumber to help them have healthier and stronger bones. 

5. Helps in cardiovascular disease

In the body of knowledge overseeing heart-related illnesses in the USA, American Heart Association recommended high fiber diets for managing cardiovascular illnesses and problems related to cholesterol.

One such food is cucumber, made largely of fiber and water. Also, it has large amounts of potassium and less magnesium both of which are known to be cardioprotective.

The interchange of sodium for potassium in diets will help control blood pressure in individuals with hypertension. Atherosclerotic plaques can be prevented by the cucurbitacin contained in cucumber. 

6. Cucumber helps in blood sugar control

Cucumber helps in sugar control in different ways: cucurbitacins can help up-regulate the release of insulin and cause depletion of glycogen stores.

 Another school of thought used a cucumber peel to feed mice and found out that it gave some hypoglycemic effect, this effect is most likely due to the antioxidant action of cucumber. 

Also, fiber meals make you more full and less hungry. Cucumbers have a low glycaemic index, so consuming them will not cause marked elevations in blood sugar.

These theories are some of the reasons cucumber is a common finding on the tables of diabetics and it pays off. 

7. Cucumber can help manage inflammatory processes in autoimmune disorders

It has factors that work to stop inflammatory processes.

They are naturally occurring anti-inflammatory foods and when consumed with diseases that center on inflammation like autoimmune diseases it helps resolve or make symptoms milder. 

8. Skin

You can't talk about the cucumber benefits without talking about its impact on the skin. Skin irritations can be handled by slicing cucumbers and having them placed over the skin, it provides soothing relief and reduces inflammation.

Person's have sunburn can also use this method. People are able to make their skin glow on cucumber therapy because of its optimal content of silica, a mineral that beautifies the skin.

Cucumber isn't known to lighten the skin, at least no studies have shown it. It can give you an even tone by exfoliation. Replacing old skin with a new one. 

9. Cucumber can solve halitosis 

It has phytochemicals that kill bacteria that cause bad breath in your mouth. It keeps you hydrated, helps wash food debris, and keeps your mouth smelling fresh all the time. If you are battling halitosis this benefit of cucumber will be of immense help to you. 

10. Helpful in kidney disease. 

One cucumber a day will keep the nephrologist far. They remove stones and debris from the bladder and kidneys.

They also help reduce the uric acid in the blood. Patients will hyperuricemia will benefit from the ability of cucumbers to reduce the blood level of uric acid.

It is kidney-friendly and recommended for those with problems with their kidneys or who desire to take preventive measures to preserve their kidneys. 

11. It helps in hemostasis 

It contains vitamin C and K these two help in wound healing and hemostasis. Vitamin K interplays with clotting factors to initiate a cascade event that gets activated after tissue injury in an attempt to control bleeding and repair the damage.

Vitamin K deficiency is seen in many classes of bleeding disorders, increasing the intake of cucumber in such persons is a step in the right direction to finding a cure. 

12. Cucumber is a natural antioxidant

They help scavenge free radicals which when left unchecked in the body have many deleterious effects.

The free radicals are implicated in the development of cancers, pulmonary and cardiovascular disease, and autoimmune diseases. Cucumbers and tiger nuts are very good antioxidants. 

You can have a look at the Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts. 

13. It slows digestion 

It has soluble fiber that gets dissolved into a gel when inside the gastrointestinal tract and helps slow the process of digestion. This makes you feel full all day and eat less and can even help in weight loss. 

14. Cucumbers help in weight loss

It is a high-fiber food that leaves you full all day and eats less. This will culminate into that optimum weight you desire. So one of the health benefits is its usefulness for weight loss. 

For this function, we can add cucumber to the list of healthy foods for weight loss.

Health benefits of cucumber in water

Adding Cucumber to your water is very good and you have a lot to benefit from daily sipping cucumber water.

We have earlier described the antioxidant function of cucumber and other nutritional values that accompany it.

Some of the reasons why you should make this a habit are described below.

1. It can keep you well hydrated all day.
2. It's ideal for weight loss, if you seriously need to cut down on weight then drink cucumber water
3. It has antioxidants that can help get rid of toxic free radicals that can worry your well-being. If you have diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's, or some other chronic illnesses, the antioxidants in cucumber can be very helpful to you.
4. It's a good way to prevent cancer
5. Another health benefit of cucumber in water is bone health, it can help you have stronger and healthier bones.
6. It is helpful in blood pressure control
7. Drinking cucumber water can give you skin that glows and resists abrasion.

Side effects of Cucumber 

Despite the widespread love of cucumber benefits, it can be a bad choice for you.

  1. Cucumbers can make you bloated. It is known to cause the digestive process to become sluggish and its high water content can leave you full and bloated. 

2. Cucumbers can steal your sleep. It is made of 95% water so consuming it late in the night can keep you in steady traffic to the bathroom when you're supposed to be sleeping. 

3. Cucumber is bad for sensitive stomach 

Cucurbitacin in cucumbers isn't a friendly ingredient for people with sensitive stomachs. It can provoke problems with digestion and increase flatulence.

4. Avoid cucumbers with irritable bowel syndrome. Reducing or removing the cucumber from the diets of these people will eliminate the indigestion problems. 


The health benefits of cucumber are well documented in the literature and can help you solve many health problems.


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