Black Chully Biography: Who she is, Net worth, Age, Real Name, Wikipedia and Why she is trending on socialmedia

Until now only her fans and followers know her but with what is adjudged to be a stroke of misfortune she has gone viral in the last few hours and the whole world is talking about her, we deemed it necessary to bring you Black Chully biography.

Black Chully Viral

This Tiktok uprising star is in the middle of a viral scandal where her videos were released to the internet community. A lot of people are asking questions about her, people are eager to know her full biography, age, parents, educational profile, net worth, Wikipedia profile, and why she has suddenly gone viral overnight.

We will try our best to tell you all there is to know about Black Chully. I advise you to take a glass of your favorite juice before you continue reading,

Who is Black Chully and What’s her real name?

Despite her 73K following on TikTok a lot isn’t known about her. Her real name are not known. We only know her by her nickname Black Chully Scorpion or BlackChully for short which she also uses as her stage name. Some also know her by her Tiktok handle name “Blackchully3”

Black chully biography


How old is BlackChullyScorpion: Date and Place of birth?

Her real age isn’t known but we believe she is in her early twenties, she looks more like she was born around the 1990s.

As we speak the internet community doesn’t know her date of birth. But we do know she was born in Owerri the Imo state capital.

Height: 160CM 1.6M

Physique: Masculine (Tomboy)

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Darkish Brown

Where is Blak Chully from?

She is from Imo state, the Southern part of Nigeria. We however do not know the exact community of village she hails from.

Which tribe:

Chully is Igbo so you can rightly call her “Ada Owerri”


She is a Nigerian, you’d be disappointed if we don’t know this particular fact about her.


A lot isn’t known about her and we don’t have such details about her parents (father, and mother) and siblings. The media is yet to get all this information as she is still in self-isolation after being the center of a messy social media scandal.

Does she have a boyfriend?

We don’t know about BlackChully’s boyfriend when this article was written.

S3xual Orientation? Straight or Bi?

Well as Africans we consider a great percentage to be straight and she has not come out to say otherwise although pictures circulating in the media may suggest otherwise.


Blackchully attended her primary and secondary school in Lagos where she resides. We don’t know if she has successfully been enrolled in the university. As soon as we get more details we will bring you the full gist.


Black Chully is a Nigerian actress,  comedian, and Tiktok celebrity. She became the most talked-about figure on the internet space after her videos got into the internet space.

This actress and content creator has some good works, appeared in many comedy skits, and was featured in a movie scene alongside Odira Nwobu.

Net Worth

I read somewhere that she is worth $100-$150K but truth be told this is an overzealous estimation as we don’t know her true net worth. While we agree she is hustling and trying to get more money to break the bank, Black Chully hasn’t yet hit the jackpot.

When we are able to estimate her true celebrity value we will bring you the update here.

Black chully trending video

BlackChully Latest Leak

In the last 24 hours, she has been the most talked-about figure because of her stuff that got into the hands of the public. If not for these we won’t even be writing a biography about her at least not yet. More about this scandal can be seen here

Wikipedia profile:

Not known


We have successfully gone through Black Chully Biography and how she has been in the middle of a social media scandal. We hope her ordeal isn't another celebrity staunt to grab attention and put face on different screens. What we saw really questions her home training.

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