Review of Business, Legit or Scam

 Review of Business, Legit or Scam?

ola city review

Have you heard one can make money by just doing simple tasks like downloading apps, registering on different articles, sharing articles and commercials, doing tasks, and surfing videos? That is what offers. You can also register and promote freelance jobs.

I’ll be going through the platform, and how it operates and I’ll tell you how legit they are. 

Table of contents

1. What Olacity is all about?

2. How do users earn?

3. Major ways to Earn on Ola city

4. Mode of Payment

5. How easy is it to earn on this platform

6. Any eligibility criteria for the program?

7. Any membership fee?

8. How to register on olacity?

9. Do they have a physical address?

10. Are they legit or scam

11. Merits and Demerits of this platform

What Olacity is all about?

They offer participants the opportunity to make some income for themselves by just registering on their website and doing simple tasks like watching ads, recommending products, and services, undertaking surveys and downloading. They also have a product that helps you save money called cashback.

How users earn?

Multiple ways of making money are available on the platform. So many offers are available including registering for various platforms like YouTube channels, social media pages, viewing videos, and downloading apps.

Ola city has partners who pay to have their ads promoted on the platform and each offer usually comes with terms and conditions. Make sure to go through them before registering for any of these packages. You might not be paid if all the terms of the advertising partner are not met in full.

Major ways to Earn on Ola city

1. Olacity Cash Back Feature.

This can be used on various online trading sites and e-commerce sites and offline stores that have partnerships with olacity group. They offer rewards up to 5%.

2. Refer your friends to join the program and earn mouth-watering commissions and bonuses. These bonuses can be as high as 20% of all persons who come through you.

3. Become an olacity partner by participating in different tasks available on the website like watching videos, ads, viewing ads, sharing activities, downloading Apps, and surveys.

Mode of Payment

If you fulfill the conditions for getting paid by either qualifying referrals or doing the available tasks then you qualify for payment. The minimum withdrawal is $5.

Various means for withdrawing funds are available on the platform, they are:

1. Cryptocurrency: This can be by BUSD, USDT, or ola coin owned by olacity themselves.

2. Decide the preferred currency you will like to withdraw as stated above.

3. Input your wallet address and the amount you want to withdraw.

4. Then confirm the withdrawal. An email will be sent to your registered email and upon confirmation, your withdrawal is complete and cannot be reversed. In two working days, you should receive your payout.

How easy is it to earn on this platform?

A lot of work is required to earn here, so bear that in mind before you venture into this business. Personally, it took me up to a week before I could start earning on the platform as I was still studying the App and trying out a lot of things.

Any eligibility criteria for the program?

Please note that this business is available to those who are 18 and above.

Any membership fee?

The company doesn't charge sign-on fees, members can register free by providing the information required.

How to register on olacity?

By logging on to and clicking on the signup and filling out the necessary information provided by site owners. This includes your biodata, age, email, and required password. Please do not use the same password as your email password, this is to provide security for you in case the company gets hacked. Although the company claims to put various security measures in place which will make hacking almost impossible. But to be safe use a different password, something you can remember. 

Once you are able to submit your form, an email will be sent to you to confirm your details and upon confirmation, you will be welcomed to the platform.

Do they have a physical address?


Headquarters is located in Malta, 121G Agius Muscat Street Zabbar ZBR 3400


Support Email: and

Are they legit or scam

I have successfully withdrawn from them and currently do not have any complaints about them regarding fraud. I can’t categorically say if they are fraudulent for now but will revert as soon as possible if anything arises. Do write to me if you notice anything different about this company.

Merits and Demerits of this platform

Let's consider what is for or against this company.


An easy way for earning

Multiple tasks

Fast way of earning

Easy Withdrawal Method


Withdrawal only through their wallets or cryptocurrency

Doesn’t support bank withdrawal for now.

In summary, we have explored the pros and cons of olacity. This article is not a replacement for your own personal research and in-depth financial intelligence scrutiny before investing. We shall not be held liable for any losses incurred while investing with olacity.

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