How To Get Backlinks For Your Websites or Blogs

We will consider how to get backlinks for your blogs or websites in a few steps.

Bloggers and website owners are particularly interested in getting loads of visitors to their page and it's achievable with link building and backlinks.
 A greatly constructed blog post and websites without visitors defeat the aim of starting up this line of business. 
Search engine optimization becomes very important if website owners are looking to milk from the huge number of visitors that search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo offers. A very essential component of search engine optimization is about building backlinks for your site, these backlinks are like people referring or recommending your sites to search engines for information related to a keyword. For this purpose, I’ll be writing exhaustively on, how to do link building for your websites or blog.
How to get backlinks to your blog for free

Backlinks can be explained in simple terms say you own a rentable apartment, and you inform your neighbor or family friend. This family friend goes ahead to connect to agents who already have people interested in renting your apartment and then refer them to you. The neighbor or family friend is like the backlink and the agent that connected you to those that need your service is the search engine in this case I will choose Google.

The more other sites refer to your site for a certain keyword, product or topic of interest the more these search engines consider your sites as valuable and will rank your site high when queries are made on their platform for keywords related to what you have on your website.

Not all link building are considered valuable. If the link is coming from a high authority site then Google and other search engines will give you better scores but if on the contrary you get links from spammy sites then search engines will penalize you and drop your rankings if more. For example, you got a recommendation for a top position for a vacancy opening, and you get another recommendation from someone of lower cadre who previously mismanaged the resources at their disposal who do you think stands a better chance of getting employed? The former I guess.

Imagine you are going for a job interview and somebody of high molecular weight already referred you for that position meaning you are halfway employed even before concluding the interview.

The number of backlinks is important but not at the expense of quality. So for your SEO needs your aim should be gathering quality backlinks and not just a bunch of spammy backlinks.

Getting backlinks can be challenging but if we follow certain rules we can succeed at it with ease.

You can get backlinks in the following ways.

1. Write quality content:

Content is chief if you must rank for those significant keywords that the big names in the blogging industry are already ranking for. 

To replace the sites on the first page you have to show the search engines that you have something original and of high quality than your competitors. If your articles and posts answer the pertinent questions of web visitors and are not just a reinvention of what is already in existence. For example, Google wants to show those searching for skincare tips for babies the best website content related to this niche. These search engines are looking for expert opinions that are plagiarism-free. If your contents are of high quality that it answers the particular questions a web visitor is asking other websites and high authority sites can easily link back to your content and naturally your link building gains backlinks without you having to beg for links in their inbox or spam their comment section with your links. Using the various backlinks checking tools you can access your progress from time to time.

Personally, I have applied these methods and can confirm to you that it works. When your contents are unique, original, well researched, and answer pertinent questions the search engines will be in a hurry to index you, and other website owners can make references to your articles by linking back to you.

2. Join an online community

Various communities and online forums are available, if you have contents that make you stand out in your niche and offer solutions to topics of interest in these communities, you’ll get rewarded with backlinks and more eyes will be looking out for your content. This is the easiest form of link building.

 For instance, you belong to the same blogging community as Neil Patel, and he drops another Solomon blogging tip, what do you think will happen naturally. People looking for solutions related to his contents and niche will naturally flow in his direction and give him link juice if they are to refer to his contents while writing on similar tops. 

Various communities are available online. Google community, yahoo, Quora, warrior forum, and Freelancers are all examples of communities you can join, to become active and perfect link building for your site. 

The first time I joined Quora and made an article on a trending issue, I got rewarded with over 20k website traffic in 24 hours and 50 backlinks. Imagine If you do this repeatedly how fast your website will grow. Some communities especially bloggers are particularly interested in link exchange, joining them will sure boost your backlinks.


3. Start a blog on popular forums

Having a blog on popular forums can give you natural backlinks where you link back to your content and others who find your content interesting can do likewise. I have tried this method on medium and Quora, and they work perfectly. Other sites like Reddit, HubSpot, steemit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, etc. offer this kind of platform and opportunity to grab some link juice.

4. Comment on other blogs

Writing useful comments on other blogs especially related to your niche is one of the easy traditional ways of gathering backlinks. You must try your best to do this in a non-spammy way to achieve a better score on search engines and to avoid the likelihood of these website owners deleting your content making your link-building strategies wasteful. Usually what I do is write my comment and where there is an option to include my website link I will add my URL. Some websites allow you to even use the HTML ahref link tag to link back to your content. Finding these blogs is not hard to do. You can search popular search engines for sites related to your keyword or niche.

5. Market yourself on forums

Big forums have lots of subscribers and can offer you links that you can milk traffic from. Make sure you include your links and keywords to your signature and make sure the forum niche is related to your website niche. Become an authority in your niche on the forum and people will naturally be on the lookout for you. Where you are required to write about yourself, don’t forget to include your link. This link-building strategy works. 

6. Guest post on authority sites

Contributes useful articles on other websites related to your niche in exchange for backlinks. Website owners will love to give you backlinks if you offer to publish useful and educative content on their site. Personally, I accept backlinks related to my niche. Let's do this link-building game together.

7. Pay For backlinks

I won’t go through how to get backlinks without mentioning this. It is very possible to buy backlinks. The big players in the industry can sell space on their home page and put your links. They usually offer this for a fee, If you have the resources, you can give this a try. I am certain this will pay off. These website owners can be contacted via their contact page and a deal brokered if you want to buy backlinks.

8. Offer to fix broken links on other sites

Take your link-building strategy to the next level by studying the links of these big sites in your niche. Each broken link you find is an opportunity for you to grab some backlinks. You will be required to reproduce that content on your site and write the website owners requesting to fix the broken links and replace them with yours. Many of these owners will be glad you helped them solve the issue of this broken link and will gladly offer you backlinks.

9. Submit your site to link factories

Directories are available for any niche you can think of, you can submit your links to these directories and be sure to acquire some SEO backlinks.

10. Competitor Backlinks analysis:

If you master competitor backlinks analysis, finding quality backlinks will be very easy. You can see our article on how to find competitor backlinks

I have been able to briefly talk about how to get backlinks and do perfect link building for your blogs and websites and hope it meets you well and helps you improve your game. 

Future articles will go deeper into different backlinks available and how you can utilize them to get more website backlinks and traffic. Hope your link building improves and gives you huge success. 

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