Congratulations if you are looking for ways to start a blog and make money from it. You are a step closer to becoming a successful blogger that makes money online. Here is how to create a free blog and make money in 2022.

I’ll urge you to pay close attention and read between the lines, because here lies gold, by gold I mean the ultimate way to make money online using a free Blogspot or blogger platform provided by Google.

 It is advisable to start blogging with a custom domain with or without custom hosting but if you’re limited by finances, it is not a bad start to utilize the platform provided by big Gee. A great number of us started this same way on the blogger platform before we got to where we are. 

Yes, you can begin your how to make money online journey with a free Blogspot that would cost you nothing but your time and effort.

How to Start a Blog Today

Let’s dig into the topic and uncover the very secrets of blogging and earning money online the legitimate way using this medium.

Types of Blogging Platform

Basically, there are two popular blogging platforms i.e and WordPress. Blogger is owned by Google. We are starting this series of how to become a blogger with the blogger platform powered by

 If in the past you have been terrified about the tasks involved in starting a blog and making money online or you have heard so many big talks here and there about blogging then fear no more

 I’m glad to tell you that it’s not as hard as you imagined or you’ve been fed with. Blogging is as simple as anything. When I started blogging I didn’t know much but had recently come in contact with an entrepreneurship newspaper that mentioned the prospects of this business and my hungry mind couldn’t wait to venture. 

Guess what I learned on the job. I didn’t have the luxury of being taught how to blog from the very start. If I can be successful at it then anybody can achieve success in this line of business.

Steps to Start Blogging

Now to begin your make money online career through blogging let’s get the steps started. Three basic things you’ll be needing.

1. A domain name

2. A Web Host

3. A Niche for your blog

1. A domain name. This is the address of your blog. This is the name people are going to search your blog or website with. It usually starts with www. Then the domain name .com in my case my domain name is; Usually you have to pay to have a domain name as the example I just gave. 

Depending on the size of your pocket you can decide the number of years you want to pay. Different registrars exist examples are GoDaddy, Namecheap, whogohost,, google, etc. 

Prices may range from 0.99$ to 13$ for one year depending on the registrar. It is important to know that domains can end with other initials like, .website, .info, .xyz, etc. 

So you might consider spending a few bucks to get yourself a domain name. It is important to get a name early to prevent others from stealing the name of your site and registering it before you simply because you failed to acquire the domain name early enough. 

This kind of person will buy off your domain name and put it for resale at outrageous rates. I know you must have searched for one beautiful domain only for the price to return very hug and you cowardly abandon the chase.

 If the resources to get a domain name is not available you can opt for a free .blospot provided by the Google platform. This cost nothing to get but must be in the format of your blog The disadvantage of this is that people can easily tell is a free subdomain and tend to misjudge the blogger for being unserious.

2. A Host. Think of your website as a house, the name is the address, and web hosts provide a house for your website data and any other information you update on your blog. Depending on how much you are willing to spend the hosting can be metered, higher plans are more costly and have more features.

 It is not a must you must pay for web hosting to start from. You can choose to host your blog on a blogger platform even with a custom domain.

3. Pick a Niche. A  niche is an area you intend to concentrate on, to succeed in this business it is advisable to avoid being a jack of all trades. 

You can choose to write on entertainment, news, Weight loss, technology, Business, blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Yoga. etc. Each of these areas mentioned represents a niche. 

At first, you are tempted to become a jack of all but that is not the ideal thing. This will make it more stressful for you and you’ll be less productive, imagine having to source information from every Tom, Dick, and Harry simply because your blog touches every aspect of life and need extra effort on your part to serve useful information.

If you have taken the above 3 steps into consideration and resolve to work on the blogger platform you can get it started right away.

1. log in to

You will be required to sign in with a Gmail account if you have one or sign up for a new Gmail account if you don’t have one.

2. You will be logged into the blogger dashboard after successful sign-in.

3.  Click on a new blog, this takes you to a new page which is step 4

How to monetize a free blog

4. You’ll be required to enter

a) Title of your choice for your new blog: This will be seen at the top of your blog for example “Welcome to gidisblog blog”

b) Blog Address: This is your blog’s URL. Usually, your preferred name is followed by

c) Choose a template

d) Create your blog, if everything goes right you should see a notification that your blog has been created.

Congratulations you have successfully created your blog now let's go a little further by adding a post to your new blog.

After clicking on create blog you should see a post editor with space for your title. 

How to create a free blog

Choose an appropriate title that suits your post, followed by your post contents, Note you can edit this afterward.

Take note of the following:

a. “Preview” button lets you preview your post and see how it will look on your browser.

b. “Publish” Button lets you publish your posts so it becomes visible online

c. “Save Now” Button saves your work without making it visible online

d.  Post settings on the right-hand side of the page as seen in the picture below






Labels Used to set your posts into categories


Schedule lets you schedule your posts


Leave out locations

On or off comments using Options.


At this point, you have created your very first blog and blog posts and have begun your journey of making money online.

We hope you have learned how to create a free blog and monetize it in 2022.

The next lesson will dive even deeper into the world of blogging. Just remember it's not yet complete until you start earning from the piece of information this blog offers, Congratulations on your make money online journey. 

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