How to find true love

 In my country three things are very difficult to find; true love. Original phone charger and  ear piece. If love is important to you and you’re desperate about finding your truest love then you must make it a priority. Enough of Christmas, valentine and holidays without having someone you cherish to spend it with. Now is time to find your true love. Let’s now get started on how to find true love.

How to find love

The ideas in this article on how to find true love is applicable to both males and females and anyone interested in finding long lasting, meaningful love.

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Before I get the ball rolling, let me ask you a question; what are you doing about not having someone to love? If you ran out of cash and lost your job what would be the best possible way to palliate your problems? I guess your answer would be to get yourself a new job. If I were you, I would say the same thing.

In the same vein, you need to put effort into winning love into your life. In this quest you may meet some hitches which is normal. If however you intensify your effort, you will get lucky after all.

 I want you to approach getting love from now onward this way like one looking for a long lost Son. Make it an absolute priority to win love. Iif you stay on course, you will have the relationship you want. Ditch your excuses, stop giving up after a few odd dates.

Don’t even dare to go about it by saying: if it is meant to be, it will just come true. Do you actually think things just happen on it’s own without someone propelling it?

Can you approach other goals in your life with this kind of mindset?

If I were you I won’t just leave such a weighty matter on chance, such luck happens only when preparation meets opportunity.

Below are ways to find true love:

1. Love yourself

This is where the whole journey begins, how come someone else find you attractive to love when you don’t even love yourself,  If you’re constantly plagued by negative thoughts about your weight, face, habits, personality etc it can put you off from that conviction that you deserve love. This ill feelings can make you feel unworthy which is not what is required of you if you must find love. Start the journey by boosting your self confidence and finding something good to love about yourself.

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This doesn’t mean you should undermine areas that require some improvement; every human no matter how colourful has one or two loose ends to tighten up.

Learn to give yourself positive affirmations such as “I am loving, gentle and kind person” or “I am beautiful left, right and center”. Repeatedly say this words while staring at the mirror. Overtime you will come to believe them and your self confidence fully boosted.


2. Look beyond relationship difficulties

Maybe you’ve tried severally and constantly hitting brick wall, not able to find true love. Not to worry, take it easy, don’t be took hard on yourself. One day you will effortlessly walk into love. You need to learn to but away difficulties you face in finding love but observe carefully so you can possibly break the pattern. You will learn what went wrong with the past and chart a new course.

Be vigilant and deal with any old pattern that creeps into your new relationship.


3. Forgive:

Forgive that your Ex that hurt you so much, let go of what hurts you so you can be free to explore other options. Forgiving releases your baggage and makes you ready emotionally for a new relationship Depending on the prevailing circumstances, you can write a letter to your ex that you won’t send. Learn to forgive yourself and your Ex. Forgiving doesn’t mean opening up to more pain , it’s possible to forgive someone without rekindling relationship with them.


4. Know you deal breakers:

Everyone wants an ideal partner when it comes to relationships. For the men it could be that girl that has beauty, physique and charm. For the ladies it could be that tall, rich and handsome guy out there. People have different image of what makes up an ideal partner. This concept of an ideal partner could be a major deal breaker for you. The truth is, nobody has all the qualities you want and waiting to get it all will keep you single all your life. Stop searching for someone that has everything you need because you can’t have it all.


5. Say yes to opportunities:

When opportunities come to meet new people, embrace it, it could be that moment you’ve been waiting for all your life. Next time the church next door is organizing singles meetup, go all out to meet that your special someone. As a lady learn the beautiful act of green lightening and as a male go out for the kill.


6. Take a break If you’re sick of dating

Take a break for some while and unravel new ways to create happiness in your life. Inner peace will take over and instil wonderful miracles that would bring you whatsoever you require to towards the right action to create true love in your life. Just don’t turn this break into another year long excuse.

7. Keep people that help you become better close

This is one of the biggest secret of attracting true love to your life. This group of people that help you become the best person you can be, have a special way of shaping and modelling you so you can attract that your prince or princess charming. Remember the adage that you become the product of who you spend most of your time with. Absolutely, true.  Make friends with people who are your best cheerleaders.  The person you’re trying to attract will access you based on the kind of friends you keep. Remember what they say about showing them your friends and they will tell you who you are.


8.Find a love mentor:

This days mentors exist in every facet of life and getting one for your love concerns will make a whole lot of sense. This mentor should be someone enjoying a rosy relationship not a sadist. For example while looking for a business mentor, you definitely want to go for one with track record of success, not some theory based guys without palpable evidences of time tested success. A love mentor who has successfully a positive relationship in his or her life can be all that you need to find true love.

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When love becomes a priority and you go about it the best way, chances are that you’ll win and create that relationship of your dream. So many persons in similar situations will benefit from the itemized lists above. It is my hope that you will find true love. Hope this steps on how to find true love is helpful to you.

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