Best Way to Start your Day


Most people are always confused on the best way to start their day. Some persons do not know whether their day starts at work or immediately they get off from bed. 

It is very important to know the most appropriate way to commence the activities of the day. How we plan our day determines how it will be and it also determines the other activities we will be engaged in for the day. 

A poorly planned day affects a person physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially too. It also affects the person’s level of productivity. It also affects how one relates with people. It goes on to affect the function of the brain. 

The way you plan your day can either make your day or mare your day. Every day should have a right approach to it and it is very important to be very intentional in planning your day.

 These approaches will guide you on how best to start your day and remain productive in it. 

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1. After waking up, stay a little while in bed:

  After been woken by the alarm or waking up naturally, it is healthy to remain in bed for a while. This helps your mind to relax and also makes you to adjust to the fact that you are awake. While you are still in bed try to snuggle under the covers. 

2. Leave your curtains open

     The rays of the sun entering the room is natural way to wake the body up. Natural light has a way of keeping the body fit and preparing it for the day’s activity. Waking from the darkness of a room to the rays of light from a computer set affects the vision and productivity of the eyes. 

3. Do a little exercise

 Stretching the arms and legs is the most effective way to prepare your body for the day’s activity. Few persons do this and a report from those who practice have been that it helps to warm up the body and make the body flexible. 

4. Meditation

 This helps concentration and makes one to be focused. A lot of persons use this time to plan their day and strategize their plans. Some itemize their goals and rule out how to achieve their goals for the day. Meditation have many many great achievers and excellent leaders. Some use the meditation time to access their lives , point out their errors and retrieve negatives steps. 

5. Drink some glasses of water

Water keeps one hydrated and helps to remove toxics from the body. It regulates body metabolism. Drinking water early in the morning helps to keep the organs active throughout the day. 

6.plan your day

 Take out a sheet of paper, outline what you wish to achieve for the day and also set the time frame you wish to achieve same. This will help you to be more focused. If you have set goals, it will help you to eliminate distractions and help you to be keen to achieve your goals. 

7.have a proper breakfast

   Have a good breakfast is the most effective way to start your day. Eating a good meal in the morning gives one a good quantity of energy and stabilizes short term memory. It helps one to remain focused throughout the day. It stabilizes the blood sugar level and makes one to be more relaxed and ready for the day’s activity. 

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8. Make your bed

 Make it a habit to always dress your bed before leaving the house. This gives a positive feeling all through the day and it helps you to maintain a healthy and organized life. 

9. Wash the dishes and tidy your kitchen

 After having breakfast, wash off the dirty dishes and clean up your kitchen, it relieves you when you come back at the end of the day. You do not come home to a messy kitchen, as meeting a messy kitchen can ignite tiredness. 

10. Play some cool music

 It is healthy to start the day with some cool music, either in the house while dressing up for work or in the car while driving to work. This helps to lighten up the day and reduce the tension that comes from work.

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