How to Get Your Ex Back: Get him to chase after you like a fly

If you desire how to get your ex back quickly then this article is for you. 

Have you left your relationship thinking the other person wasn’t the one for you, only to realize leaving was a huge mistake and now you want to turn the hands of time?

Or was it your ex who left you and you want him or her back at all cost because you believe you will live happily after them. 

How to get your ex back

We may not be certain your ex is on the same table and wants you back as much as you crave for them. Whatever the situation, here is what to do to get your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back in your arms.

Maybe you have done everything you deem necessary to get your ex back but you've been hitting a brick wall and you're at that point where you're about to give up, wait a minute, what if you tried doing it the wrong way; just like most people, when you get desperate and too emotional, you tend to make wrong decisions.

Aside from the reasons for separation, some rules for getting love back if well applied may get your ex back to you.

It may take a while but requires persistence and trying not to be obsessive or needy. If you observe this and take the right steps then you have solved the riddle of how to get your ex back to chase you like a fly. 

How To Get Your Ex Back with a Few steps:

1. Allow Them Some Space

Surprised? You want him or her back and my first advice are to push them away from you some more. 

Won't distance worsen the already bad situation and jeopardize your chances? 

The answer is no, if you must win them back then you must put some distance between you and, this is to allow for soul searching. Remember Robert Greene's law of power that urges us to use absence to increase self-worth. 

Persistent calls, incessant begging for them to return, shedding tears to attract pity from them or other things your mind might be suggesting you do to get their attention and love back won't get them to come back to you. Since you have been chasing money, is money also chasing you? Remember when you chase after something it runs away from you. 

If your ex was the one that left, these things will turn him off the more and worsen your problems. If they don't want you anymore, preserve your self-dignity and respect by giving them some space.

Giving your ex some distance will allow you to reflect and make a final decision on the relationship. It also makes your ex miss you as against when you bug them with calls and text messages. 

This also can create a vacuum in their heart and make them miss you and they will start reminiscing on the positive things you guys shared in the good old days. 

This time may also make you realize you're better off without your ex. Where this is the case, you end the relationship right away and take steps to do away with memories of your ex no matter how serious the relationship was in the past.

If despite the space you still have the conviction to fight to win them back then use all that you've got to get him or them back. 

2. Stop Contacting Your Ex

Though difficult, especially for those who have been together for a long and shared a lot. 

It’s hard ignoring someone you've been with for months or years. For some the may even be your source of emotional support and taking your mind off seems hard. The good news is cutting off contact with your ex might be the only solution you need to get them back. 

This goes a step beyond the first step where I urged you to allow your ex some space to reflect.

Giving them space may not mean you don't communicate with them occasionally, but here not contacting them means you should forget they exist.

This helps you get used to living with them allowing time to rebuild and prevent similar mistakes in the future. It also allows them to miss you. 

Not contacting him may make you nervous, empty,  uneasy, and feel as though a greater part of you died. It can be hard to chew but this is what you need to get your ex back. 

You don't need to delete their contact, just talk yourself out of that thing that makes you want to contact them at all costs. 

Even on social media hide their accounts, and keep them as just friends.