How to find my perfect man: Expert tips on how to find the ideal man for marriage

We all want how to find the perfect person and recently I got a mail from one of our fans “how to find my perfect man?”. As funny as it sounds, I realized lots of people require the same answers and decided to write an article addressing it.
How to find my perfect man

The perfect man means different things to different people, to some it may mean always having extra cash to spend on us or being able to understand our emotional needs and treat us very well or love us to a fault and faultless in all areas we consider for a life partner. 

Is there a perfect man or woman?

You need to get this very clear that no such thing exists as 'Perfect’, be it a boy or a girl. Ask yourself you want how to find the perfect man are you perfect? Chances are that you can meet a  good guy that is your type and compatible in different ramifications and being able to vibe similar interests and activities, this resembles the idea of perfect right?  The truth is this doesn’t make him the 'Perfect Guy. He will still have lots of imperfections that you need to deal with.
There is no perfect individual but two persons involved in a relationship accepting their imperfections and dealing with them is what makes a relationship 'Perfect’
The first of life’s lesson is to come to this realization that no one is perfect regardless of looks, how nice and adoring they appear, how well they lack those little habits that irk you doesn’t make them perfect
In short, anybody you decide to love wholeheartedly not minding their flaws, shortfalls, insecurities, excesses, and imperfections become perfect for you. It’s hard trying to find the perfect one for you, the one with which you will share common terms as we described above can be very hard but sometimes they are already in your life and you just need to recognize the presence of that perfectly imperfect person hanging in there.

Then, How to find my perfect man?

You need to stop searching for perfection and consider someone who shares similar basic values that you’ve got.
Look for someone honest and full of integrity. 
Look for someone smart and funny  to be with
Decide for someone that desperately wants to stay with you.
Opt for someone that enjoys the silly that you enjoy as well. He must not do all, remember once in a while your man or friends can do some things you detest and vice versa. This is natural.
While you are still single commit to a date, enjoy it, and learn. If it pulls through, get married and leave happily ever after but if it doesn’t take it in good faith because definitely, you’ll meet someone that sticks like butter on a knife and ignites you enough to start a perfect relationship with.
Accept their flaws for they are perfect for the heart that is created to love them.

 Things to consider before dating to find a perfect man

Figure out these things before dating anyone.
1. Define who you are
Discover who you are? Your morals, likes, and ideologies. Knowing whom you give you a clear understanding of what to look out for in a guy and also makes you realize what you don’t want in a guy. 
2. Define what you don’t want in a guy
It can be simple and sometimes complex and very hard. The issues you detest might be big or small. 
3. Figure out what you have
Know what you to have so as to work towards getting what you want. Know your strengths and shortcomings so you can find who will be comfortable with them.
4. Know where to compromise
If you have considered the option 1-3 above you’d already know what you want in a partner. The next phase is to know the areas you can compromise on because in any working relationship you find chances are that both persons involved compromise in certain areas. Religion is one of the areas you may have a conflict with or at least one person will need to compromise. If you need someone who shares the same religious view then you have to stick your neck and find someone of the same faith or even the same church or mosque for example; but if on the contrary, you don’t mind the religious differences, you’ll also know where to compromise. Even in the same religion, you’ll also need to decide if it must be the same denomination or choose to stay with someone of another denomination. The caveat in this is that nobody will meet all the criteria.
5. What is your view regarding abortion? Do you want a partner with the same view, similar or doesn’t matter?
6. What do you think about Politics? A democrat or a republican or a progressive? Do you want someone of the same political group or you’re just fine regardless of political affiliation?

7. What is your view about care for your aging parents and theirs? Do you want a partner that will accept your parents or theirs to move in with you or you don’t fancy that? Can you live in the family house with him and his parents?
8. How generous do you want your partner to be? You know too much or too little can be bad. Do you want a man that gives too little or too much? Decide on your preference.
9. How do you want them to display affection? Which Love Languages do they speak? Are you able to relate to their languages of love and can they relate to yours?
10. Do you want a partner that feels the same about the number of children and how they are raised?
11. Which level of education is perfect for you? Are you okay with a school certificate holder or do you want a degree holder? Which level is your minimum for a partner?
12. How clean do you want your partner? Can you cope with an untidy partner?
13. How well can they share beliefs different from theirs? If he opposes your beliefs vehemently can you handle it?
14. How do you want the handling of finances? Personal or joint account? Do you want it strictly salary or side business is part of your plan?
15. Do they share similar views regarding marriage?
16. Does he share a similar view about weddings? Do you want a flamboyant wedding or a low-key one?
17. What in this world do they care most about? Does their care align with your person?
18. What is he passionate about? Does their 
19. View of S*x? Do you want a pro, a beginner, or a novice?
20. What kind of hobbies do you want in a partner? For example are you okay with a man that spends time watching football matches?

Other small things to consider on how to find the perfect man

Consider how they put their toilet paper; if they leave the roll laying on the floor? If they remember to cover the toilet seats? What do they think about vegans? How about wearing shoes inside the house? How well do they wash and maintain their cars? So much value do they have in property and investing? Do they walk around in their underpants?
Once you’re able to decipher what you want and don’t want in a person, you’re sure making a decision to be with them is perfect. If they fail to meet what you want, learn to move on fast, don’t sit on the fence, and don’t take advantage of other people’s feelings the same way you don’t want to be taken advantage of.
To conclude
Don’t make it obvious what you are looking out for or see what you feel about their person.  This is to avoid them pretending to be someone they are not, pretence is usually short-lived, hang in a little longer you’d find out if they are truly what they say they are.

Finding the perfect man sometimes comes via trial and error method, when you’re seriously searching it may not happen but sometimes good things just happen. Sometimes the perfect man may be far from your expectation; someone you never dreamed would be the one.
Keep doing the usual routines that make you go around your places of interest to meet like minds. For instance, if you love drunkards go to bars if you want doctors to go to hospitals and health seminars, if you love church doings then keep going to church to meet your kind of men. If you want men that play a particular sport join the fan base of a local team and you’ll get to meet their players.

Remember what we said about no guy is perfect. Every guy that comes you will need to invest some energy (money, time, willingness, patience, etc) to work things out. Some require lots of work and others less. You decide how much work you are able to do to see the relationship become a success. No magic in it, luck may apply some of the times. You just have to look for someone who will bring happiness to you even as old age draws nearer.
Then practice and perfect skills and wisdom for keeping relationships. Nobody gets it bumpy from the very beginning but like Bob Marley said if he can cause you to laugh for at least once, make you think twice, and admits to being human and fallible then keep him with all the energy you’ve got.

We hope you’ve learned a lot from this article on how to find my perfect man.

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