How to create a lasting relationship

If you’re like most of us, you probably have so many things on your desk to achieve. While accomplishing these things, try not to miss out on the best things of life. How to create a lasting relationship is important because no matter what we do we need people and relationships. 

Building relationships should be your topmost priority. Today I’m sharing some secrets on how to build long-lasting relationships.
From my little experience in life, I think relationships should come first on our priority list for many reasons.
 Relationships take care of our most important needs. Your most important need isn’t money, achievements, or recognition. It is simply love. No wonder a songwriter said love is the greatest. Everyone needs these love people to rant about all over social media. Loving someone and getting loved back is actually the most beautiful thing on earth.
 In relationships we find the greatest joy; this joy is expressed in giving. What you can give has no limit. It can be your time, money, smile, or even attention. You miss out on this joy by being self-centered and withholding what you would have given out to others in love.

Relationships leave an impact on your life that lasts for ages. A friend’s advice can be the only trigger you need to succeed in life. Do you want to change a man? Be his friend and your words will sink deep into his marrows.
Friendship or relationship is your biggest support when trouble looms. When it seems like the world is closing up on you, comfort lies in the beautiful arms of a friend.
Later in life, you’ll discover relationship is all that really matters, not wealth, awards, or achievements. A man on death bed doesn’t remember how many awards he earned throughout his lifetime; rather he will look out for that friend that sticks closer than a brother who has been there even during the cold nights.
From the diverse importance of relationships stated above, you’d agree with me that relationships need a lot more effort to make it work since it’s something so important. The following steps will help you build long lasting successful relationships.
Relationships here don’t end in the form of involving two lovers. It includes all forms of human relationships.

Who is a True Friend?

A true friend will push you to become a better person.
Am talking about the kind of friendship that lifts us up when we're down. Close, supportive and encouraging people in our lives make us feel better.

A real friend will naturally boost your self-esteem.  Being a good friend and helping people boost their self-esteem will make you feel better as well. You know that feeling that you get when you’re able to help someone in need. I personally feel that way each time I get a comment on my blog or someone reaches out to me via social media saying my articles and blog posts helped them solve a particular problem in their life.

A true friend won’t lie just to make us feel good. They call us out when we’re wrong.
We all have flaws at some point. Only a true friend will look into our eyes and tell us the truth.  Real friends will identify your flaws in a manner that is not spiteful but mindful for the sake of accountability. They will point out some of the negative things you're doing in addition to the positive. This kind of friend will support you on both sides. I call this gentle honesty. It’s hard to find such people who are open and straightforward. When you find such one, know that you have gotten gold in human form.

A true friend is always present no matter the situation.
Full attention and awareness is the greatest gift anyone can offer. True friends are always available and they pay attention to all your needs. A true friend will forget their phone when they’re with you.

That friend that always offers a listening ear is a great asset in friendship.
If your conversations end one-sided then that person is not your friend.

Having open, two-way dialogue with someone improves the chances that the relationship is going to be stronger. Good listeners validate other people’s senses.

They offer unshakable support even in times of adversity. Being there to celebrate successes only doesn’t make the friendship genuine. A true friend will be there during our peaks and our valleys.

These are the type of friends people say they stick closer than a brother.
A true friend will help you make better decisions. They won’t let you walk into the fire without stopping you even if you’d threaten to stop being their friends.

They will celebrate our every accomplishment and also remind us of our roots. This helps instill humility in us.
Honesty isn’t always an easy thing; only a true friend will tell you the truth not minding what it will cost him or her.

 Genuine guys make friendship a priority.  They don't let life interrupt the relationship. No matter your busy schedules you will make out time for anything you love. Bankers are so busy but when you call them to partake in a deal that will involve sharing some good loot, your extremely busy banker will make out time to come.

how to create a lasting relationship True friends are always forgiving. Genuine friendship knows how to weather the storm. Your friend will call you to come over to the bar to have a drink even after an argument had ensued.

How to create a lasting relationship steps:

1.       Avoid unnecessary arguments

Don’t press too hard to pass your opinion, avoid arguments as much as you can. Try not to be the alpha figure that wants to be right all the time. Sometimes you just have to swallow the mud to keep your friendship. You may win the argument and loss your friend. Try not to hurt anyone with your opinion.

2.       Build Mutual Bonds

My biology teacher back then in high school called it symbiosis. Simply means both partner benefits in the relationship; don’t bargain for your own benefits; do your best, offer your best gift. Remember the golden rule, if you want love, give love first. Make it a point of duty that both parties benefit from the relationship. Two persons in a relationship should complement each other. Make it a win situation for all parties involved.

3.       Be Loyal

A faithful and loyal friend who can find? Always stand on the side of truth, don’t trade your loyalty. Be there for your friends at their worst moments and also their best. Don’t try to game others by taking advantage of them. The truth should be your watchword. Don’t play the cheat in the relationship. People should know you by your words.

If you follow these simple tips, the bonds you share in your relationship will become very strong.

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