How to convert PDF to JPG in simple steps

This article covers how to convert PDF to JPG in simple steps {2022}

Do you have documents in PDF format and you’re looking for how to convert them to JPG without breaking a tear then here is it, we are providing you with step-by-step methods on how to convert PDF to JPG using different methods that work.

Irrespective of device type be it apple, android, windows, or mac you can achieve this in minutes in a few minutes. Below are some ways to get it done now.

1.       Using Acrobat

On acrobat, you open the pdf file.

In the right pane navigate to the “Export PDF” making sure to select your export format as “Image” in JPEG format.

End by clicking export and select where on your device you love to save your PDF which is now converted to JPG and ready to be used in whatever format you.

2.       Using

This website can help you convert your pdf file into a nice JPG image in minutes.

Launch the Smallpdf app on your desktop or visit and proceed with the conversion steps.

On the left select “convert” from the tools list.

A drop area appears where you can upload or drag your pdf files to it.

Choose the image format and the folder you want it saved then click “convert” and your work is done.


3.       How to convert pdf to jpg on Windows

Different proven methods are available to achieve this while using windows. You can do this by doing one of the following:

1.       Screenshot

This is the simplest way to get your pdf to JPG format without breaking a tear or sweating. Just manually take screenshots of the pages and save as JPG file. This method is easy if you’re working on a few PDF pages. If on the contrary you have a 1000 pages of PDF files then you have to employ other methods.

Screenshots on Windows 10 are called screen capture, you do this by tapping the windows key and printing the screen key.  This captures the screen which can be seen by opening the pictures folder on your windows machine.

2.       Using the Adobe site

A section on the Adobe website called “Convert PDF to JPG ” gives you the power to undertake this task with ease. By clicking the menus and choosing to convert to JPG you will successfully convert your files. The site prompts you with “Your file is ready ” when it's done working on the files and lets you download the files zipped and saved on any folder on your device. These zipped files can be unzipped to reveal the new JPG files.

3.       Using EaseUS PDF Editor

1.       This app allows you to convert your pdf to JPG format files easily. It also does other things to your PDF files like to Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and from these formats back to PDF. JPG, TIF, and GIF can also be converted to PDF and back.

This option allows you to do it without having to install the software. It is simple and the user interface isn’t cumbersome to understand.


To do this you have to launch the EaseUS PDF Editor on your device, am assuming you have installed it already. Then import your PDF file and click the convert menu to convert to JPG or JPEG then pick the exact pages you want to convert and select “OK”.

4.       Using Adobe Acrobat DC

Being able to view PDF files on your system means Acrobat DC is on your PC already. I guess you don’t also know that this app can let you play with your PDF files and allow you to convert to JPG.

This a paid app but has a trial period which you can use for a limited time duration. Below are the steps involved.

1.       Open the PDF file on your Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

2.       Navigate to view the tools and then export PDF which is available in the menu bar at the top. An Image dialog box opens, choose it and click on convert to JPEG or JPG and define your desired image quality.

3.       After selecting the conversion options export as JPG and your conversion process begin. As soon as it ends you will be allowed to save the finished file in any location on your system.

4.       Using the file manager you can access the finished files saved on your system.


5.       Adobe  Photoshop

I know you are aware of this popular picture editing program but probably unaware it can let you convert your PDF to JPG. By uploading your PDF file into the program (using import) and exporting finished files in JPG format.

 There is also the option to do some editing before finally exporting it as a JPG file. Converting using Adobe Photoshop involves the following steps:

2. Right-click on the PDF file and open it with Adobe Photoshop.

3.       Save the file, enter your preferred filename and remember to change the file format to JPG.

4.       After selecting the format and ticking other options, end by saving the file.

5.       Access the new JPG file where you saved it.


6.       Icecream PDF File Converter


This PDF converter is rich with many features and can let you convert PDF to JPG. It allows you do wonders with your PDF files. It has a paid version as well as a free version and can be used in the following ways:

1.       Open app and select the PDF file to open or drag and drop the file or use import.

2.       Select “To menu” and pick JPG from the dialog that appears.

3.       Finish by clicking convert and your job is done. Remember to save files in your desired location.

1.       How to convert Pdf to Jpg on Mac Computers

1.       Use Preview App on Mac

This app comes with macOS and allows you to interconvert between PDF and JPG files. Preview can work on lots of other file types but its main use is to edit PDF files and can help you bring different PDF files together making a single file.

To do this task on Preview, launch the app, and a screen pops up where you can choose your desired file. The file becomes available for editing and all sorts of creative manipulations and is finally converted to JPG files.

The quality of the finished product may sometimes not look as beautiful as you’d love it to look, it might turn out blurry and difficult to read especially for documents with plenty of text. If the better image resolution is your concern you might need to reach out to other apps compatible with Mac that can get the job done.

2.       Use Permute

The app makers pride themselves on it being able to convert anything given to something else which is not entirely true. Permute can convert videos, audio, images, etc. It can do video editing and can convert videos to audio.

It has a minimalist interface that enables files to be added and previewed. It allows you to convert in batches or stick them together to make a single JPG file that you can save in a preferred location on your device.

3.       Prizmo

Allows you to edit and convert JPG while using a Mac device. It can crop, resize, saturate, add colors and filter images with it you can turn your PDFs into JPG.

Its batch processing feature can help save time. This paid app is available for free on a 7-day trial on Setapp for Mac and subsequently, cost $9.99.


2.       How to convert  pdf to jpg on Android

When you talk of Android devices lots of apps are available to do the job. If you use android how converting PDF to JPG can be done very easily even on free apps. Some of the apps that can help you do this are discussed below.

1.       PDF2JPG Key App

This app can turn your PDF files into JPG and all that is needed is to just pick the PDF file and click on convert. It completes the task within seconds of initiating.

It supports multiple languages and works on android powered phones and tablets.

The image resolution may however not be the best you can get compared to other image apps.

2.       PDF2JPG

This is a free app with a simple user interface that can convert PDF to JPG, it completes the conversion process in two steps.

Its major drawback is that the images may overlap and become distorted and may not be ideal for big PDF files.

3.       PDF Image converter

Another free app is available on the google play store for converting PDF to JPG. All that is required is to install and choose the document you want to convert and then click on Image conversion.

It takes a few seconds for the PDF files to get converted to JPG images. You can choose to convert the PDF separately making each page a new Image or get it done together.

Converted images can be saved on your device or shared on various social media platforms.

4.       PDF Converter Pro

It converts PDF to JPG and also supports other file formats like DOC, PPT, DOCX, etc It can convert to JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIF. Almost all common formats you know are supported and back up your PDF in case you decide to undo the conversion.

It is an internet enable app, and won’t work in the absence of internet connectivity.

3.       PDF Text And Image Extractor

With this app you can extract images and text from any selected PDF file. It lacks the capability of converting an entire PDF file to images.

It doesn’t need the internet to function and extracted images can be shared on social media or with other users.

4.       How to convert Pdf to JPG on iPhone

If you use an iPhone device, one of these apps can help you convert PDT to JPG on iPhone.

1.       PDF to JPG Converter


3.       Preview

4.       PDF converter

In summary, we have considered the best ways available on how to convert PDF to JPG for different devices. WE hope that irrespective of the device you use, be it Windows, Mac, Android or the Mac Iphone, you can easily convert your PDFs to Images with ease.

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