How to Overcome Storms Of Life

      Are you at that stage of your life where it looks like you’re carrying the problems of the whole world on your head? Or simply put you’re at the stormy phase of life? here is how to overcome storms of life.

   Today I’ll be sharing interesting tips on getting through the storms of life.

    Maybe you’re just hanging in there contemplating suicide. Maybe your problems are coming in numbers. And probably they have outnumbered you. Worry no more just read along. How to overcome storms of life

      A few weeks back I was just like you, I got in contact with these tips which helped walk me through.

      Maybe your story could fall into one of this or even weightier than this:

·         I have cancer
·         I lost my job
·         I have lots of good things but I can’t enjoy them
·         I have been betrayed in relationships
·         I lost the one I love most to the cold hands of death.
·         My life savings have been lost to greedy fraudsters
·         I had an accident that took my limb.
·         I lost all my businesses and properties to a fire incident.

    When the storm hit hard with the rains I like to turn to a popular bible story of Noah. This man was faced with a storm that wiped out everything around him. The only choice he had left was to trust God for his survival. Beyond human comprehension, he survived. 

    This story is enough motivation for us; no matter where you are right now you’re not a forgotten case. You can get up from where you have fallen and wear that gorgeous smile again.

    Noah’s greatest weapon was his undeterred faith; his faith wasn’t something metaphysical. He even had to build a physical ark. This typifies how much he obeys God and this was what saved him.

Noah used everyday tools to build the ark, so also there are spiritual tools available to help anyone who needs help overcome the storm.

 The following steps will help you overcome the storm.

1. Never Loss Hope no Matter how Hopeless your Situation seems

No matter how hopeless it is, don’t give up on fate. Find hope in your hopelessness. The simple truth remains that no matter how long and dark the night may seem it won’t stop the break of dawn. When it’s time for morning to spring up, it will surely do. Remember the bold statement that turned out into a best seller book “Tough times never last but tough people do”. The reason you’re facing some of these difficulties is that you’re a strong man or woman. If you were feeble or some sort of vegetable; this problem would have eliminated you long ago.

     So my dear encourage yourself and catch your vibe once again. I have seen hopeless health conditions get cured and doctors can’t explain how the illness which they termed incurable ameliorated.

2.       Be strong and courageous

     Don’t quiver, have unshakable faith, life is tough, the storm is blowing hard; only the strong will survive. The strength here is not talking about how many kilogram dumbbells you can carry.  This strength is resident in your mental sphere. Everything begins here. Doctors are familiar with what is called a placebo, it's nothing too much to decipher. Placebo is just a sugar pill that does nothing at all. It’s like a patient complaining of a severe migraine headache and your doctor hands you over ascorbic acid (vitamin C) tablet. The doctor knows quite well this wouldn’t take your headache away but surprisingly you come back to his office thanking him for the great relief you had after consuming the pill. Yes, things like this are possible; the doctor just used the power of your mind to bring you healing i.e placebo effect. Most faith healers like pastors and motivational preachers use this placebo effect. Don’t get me wrong I believe in miracles but some of these miracles require your mind to take effect. That’s why pastors urge you to believe first (have faith).

3.       Write down your problems

     While growing up we were told sharing problems helps us heal faster. This old-time wisdom is true. The only problem here is the issue of trust, your best friend whom you repose confidence and trust, may have their own bestie with whom they’ll spill your secrets.

       So for some a problem shared becomes an open secret. There is a lifehack that can help you apply this method and you won’t bother much about trust issues. Just get yourself a pen and paper and write down your problems.

       Put them in a list, if you’re able to itemize them, you will come to the realization that these problems are not exactly how they seem. If they were insurmountable you won’t be able to have a full grasp of them.

The following steps may help you to put them down,

1.       Take aside 15 minutes from other tasks or daily engagements.
2.       Don’t bother about grammar, it’s just for your personal archive.
3.       Relax and keep writing. Arrange them in a hierarchical order.
4.       List  as many solutions as you can think of
5.       Sieve out your proffered solutions.

4.       Tackle your problems
     Now go all out and tackle your problems.  Give it a hard knock, just like you defeated that tiny mosquito that came to mess with you last night.

      Don’t dive into self-pity or waste your energy blaming someone else for your storm. Even if someone contributed to it; you can recover fully if you choose to. 

      The next step is implementing the solutions written down already. It may not work at first but don’t get discouraged, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

5.       Shift your thinking
     If you must overcome the storm, then you have to change your thinking methodology. Instead of thinking about problems, think solutions. Instead of thinking impossibilities, think possibilities. Instead of thinking fatigue, tell your body you can do this very task no matter the level of tiredness. That’s the very spirit that will smoothen your mountains.

How to Shift your Thinking:

Define how real your worries are

Put off worries for a particular time of the day. Let’s say you are working and worry trickles in, tell worry to wait till worry time.
Focus on the good things that happened in your life in time past.
See the storm as an opportunity to learn. Life is just like a school, the more days we live, the more learning we acquire.

6.       Get Support

     Whether professional or not, look for someone who sees things differently, they can help straighten your bends and fine-tune your problem-solving skills. This person may be a psychologist, psychiatrist, a family member, friend, pastor, or even an acquaintance. 
  You should never walk alone, don’t walk in isolation. Nobody knows it all, you may just need a shoulder to lean on or someone to watch you cry and vent. These things help you recover faster.


    In summary, I have itemized how to overcome storms of life. This may not be exhaustive and I’m open to answering your questions. Just use the comment box.

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