Agriculture Business Ideas that can make you Rich

Agriculture Business Ideas          Agriculture Business Ideas can be all you need in your finances to turn things around, there are many opportunities here. 

I'll be providing ways just anyone can earn money from agriculture. 

I will welcome questions as I go over the topic. 
Agriculture Business Ideas
  1. : Poultry Farming: 
Depending on your target you can either farm layers for egg or broilers for meat, both are equally profitable.

 Broilers mature very quick. This type of Poultry business is best started early February targeting  Easter sales or started in October in preparation for December sales. 

Chicks of a day old costs around  N125 and N250 for that of a week old.  It is advisable to go for  at least a  week old chick which are more likely to survive.

 Huge amount of your expenses will go for chick feeds for at least 3 months.

 A matured chicken can be sold between N4,000 and N5,500. Lets say only 35 of your chicks survived till maturity, you can make N140,000 in profit. This is a glimpse of how lucrative this poultry business is. 

another beauty of it is that It does not require specialized skills before you can start. 

 Breeding Layers Involves breeding  chickens with the  aim of egg production. Egg is in high demand almost always used for making noodles, stew or just even boiling and eating it for its protein content. It however requires more money and time for  maturity compared to breeding broilers..

 The advantage of breeding layers is that you have two major sources of income. You can sell the eggs, which is in high demand at all times, and you can sell the layers for meat when they become weak.

Poultry feed production
This type of agric business is very lucrative. You make poultry feeds and supply to all the poultry farms around you which is a major money spinner  in this Poultry related line of business.  Chickens must eat for them to grow and that's where your chicken feed comes in. 
 You need great knowledge of poultry feeds constituents and the birds itself. You can acquire this knowledge  from people who are currently in these line of business and usually it can come with a fee. 

 Poultry Hatcheries
These people's job is to hatch a day old chicks for sales to poultry farmers. There is high demand for poultry farmers breed more chickens leading to hatcheries being almost always booked. This  vacuum created by difference between demand and supply can be filled by individuals like you who decide to start up hatcheries and it is very profitable.  This aspect of poultry farming requires high specialization.

Poultry equipment manufacturing business
Skilled artisans who construct equipment required for the poultry farm. They includes welders, electricians, carpenters,  etc. If you have expertise in various specifications  for making poultry equipment then you are in business and your bank officer will be very happy with you.

Chicken and Egg Distribution Business
This business line acts like a middleman between poultry farmers and  consumer market.

 It is madly lucrative and start up capital is surprisingly low. 

You can deal on  eggs, chicken or both. You buy from poultry farmers and resell in the market to wholesalers and retailers. No special skills needed, just your marketing skills and a  vehicle is what is needed.

 Fresh Vegetable Farming Business
A small-scale business you can begin with little or no capital. No maintenance cost to run this business. The fresh leafy vegetables demand is high, examples are Waterleaf, Ugu leaf,  Scent Leaf. 

You need a small space in your compound to start or nearby farm for cultivation of the vegetables.  Cultivation requires planting of the stems of these vegetables. It usually takes around six weeks or even less for these vegetables to be harvested.  The leaves are cut and sold to  marketers and consumers. this  idea is great, isn't it?

 Cucumber Farming Business
In the world Cucumber is the 14th most planted vegetable. It is very juicy and nutritious, can be consumed by many people and has many health benefits.

 Cucumber farming business is very lucrative business.  Entrepreneurs currently in this line of  business will testify. The right time to start cucumber farming is yesterday. 
 Cat Fish Farming
Catfish is a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids that helps in managing cholesterol levels in humans. These health benefits of this fish species makes its demand high for health conscious  food eaters especially those above the age 40.

  The market is huge and includes  fast food joints, restaurants, food courts, hotels, shopping malls like market square, local pepper soup joints,  secondary and tertiary institution of learning and offices, market women etc. Profiting in catfish farming depends on how much you are willing to invest as an entrepreneur.
Besides catfish farming, you can also deal on feeds for the fish. You can learn from many articles available online for catfish farming or learn from someone already in this line of business.

 Fish Hatching Business
Hiring a consultant in fish hatching is cheaper than buying fingerlings for starting Fishing business. So building a business around hatching fishing is very lucrative. This farmers will pay you for your services and everybody will be happy. Both the farmer and your bank officer will be smiling.

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