Dick Gregory Biography: 10 unforgettable records about him

August 19 2017 sun set right in our eyes when Dick Gregory took what we now know as his last breath  at Washington D C. Despite dying a 84 years Dick Gregory biography is one that many needs to ready and the 10 unforgettable records he kept cannot be forgotten in a hurry.  

Before he succumbed to the cold hands of death he was known as a ground breaking civil rights activist and comedian.

 Dick Gregory was among the first black standup comedians who succeeded with white audience during the 1960s.

He had an impoverished childhood but didn't let it deter him. His early days was at St. Louis before he won the prestigious college track scholarship and proceeded to become a celebrated satirist.

He was very vocal on civil rights movements and lent his voice to stop racial divisions.
Full name
Richard Claxton Dick Gregory

 When was Dick Gregory born? 
Gregory was born  on the 12th day of October in 1932. He lived 84 years before his death. 

When did Dick Die? 
He died on 19th August in 2017. He was said to have died from complications of congestive cardiac failure at a hospital in Washington DC after only being admitted for bacterial infection. 

Marriage and Family:

While on earth he was married to spouse,  Lilian Smith Gregory and the union was blessed with 11 wonderful children.
Mother was Luccile (housemaid) 
Dad was Presley Gregory. 
Early education was at Summer High school and later moved to Southern Illinois University after he won scholarship. He was exceptional among the rest of his peers and set records here as a milner and half milner. 

While in school he was a member of alpha phi alpha confraternity. 
 His education in 1954 met a gridlock after he was drafted into the US army.

It was at the Army that his commander discovered his penchant for cracking jokes and this was where his comedy started. 

He was a civil rights advocate, stand up  and vegan advocate. He published lots of best selling books. 

He ran for the Mayor of Chicago in 1967 against Richard J. Daley and lost. 
In 1968 ran to become the president of USA under Freedom and Peace Party which was formerly Peace and Freedom party, Dick Gregory however failed. 

He later published a book titled "write me in" narrating his experiences during the campaigns. One of the remarkable events was the use a campaign bill that resembles a 1 dollar bill which was later seized by the federal government.

He narrowly escaped being charged for counterfeiting the US currency after he dispersed rumors of it resembling the original  currency saying " everyone knows it will be almost impossible for a black man to be the face of the US currency. 

11 Published works of Dick  Gregory 
1. The essential Dick Gregory
2. DG Natural diets for folks who eat
3. DG political Primer
4. Nigger
5. Defining moments in black history 
6. The hood health hand book
7. Callus on my soul
8. Nigger 1990 edition
9. Bible tales
10. No more lies
11. Up from nigger 

Net worth
Until death his net worth was around $8 million. This includes royalties from his best selling books. 

10 unforgettable things about  Dick Gregory 

1. He made  82 position on 100 greatest comedians of all time list compiled by Comedy central.

2. He was the famous Mr. Sun on "Wonder show" TV show.

3. He was very vocal during black power movement that took place in 2013.

4. Played activist role against the economic reform, Vietnam War, and anti-drug issues.

5. In 1967 he contested for mayor of Chicago and failed. 

6. Contested for office of president United States under Freedom and peace party and failed. 

7. He published a book titled  “write me in”. This gave account of his failed presidential campaign and lessons that follow. 

8.Dick Gregory is also known for being an outspoken feminist.

9. Us Embassy 1980 Hostage Crisis that took place  in Iran saw Dick Gregory as one of the eloquent activist. 

10. In 1990 he got diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.

In summary Dick Gregory biography and all he achieved during his 84 years on earth is a definition of a life that was well spent. He lived his whole life fighting for the rights of people around him. 

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