Top guest posting sites in 2022 and how to submit your site to freebasic

Facebook in collaboration with Mobile Operators offers Freebasics program that cuts across 40 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.
The Program is targeted at  people who  do not have active data subscription. This a gold mine for  Bloggers or site owners which will take your Website/blog to a greater audience globally.

Free Basics powered by Facebook offers people access to Internet services without having to pay expensive data bills. These includes health, education, news employment and local information. 

All that is needed to connect to the internet is a SIM card from any partner telecommunications  operator in your country.

Imagine taking your Blog traffic from 10 to 200,000 in a month, and this is absolutely free. 
If you are a website/Blog owner you can enrol for the Free Basics Platform by adding your website, app or service to Free Basics which is an open platform. But you must adhere to their rules and regulations.  Your site should be able to load on older phones and slow networks in remote villages meaning your site should rely on CSS and not javascripts, Your site must be mobile optimized. 
When done with Submitting,  Facebook will review  entry, and approved then your content will be on Free Basics.

Top sites to submit guest posts and where to make money. 

Below are number of good sites that accepts guest posts, they are reputable and can help you reach wider audience. 

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