10 Nigerian University Courses You Should not Study, Avoid Them Like A Plague

Hello friends of If your aim of going to school is to be gainfully employed after the rigorous study then avoid these courses  like a plague.  This are lists of 10 Nigerian university courses you shouldn’t study.
The list includes courses that offer little or no job guarantee. What is education if it doesn’t put food on your table?  Okay you’re studying for passion, right? I just pray hunger doesn’t take out that passion in you. Don’t even study a course because your aged parents or relatives did it in time past and succeeded at it. Always look at the present day economy.
The best choice of one’s career is that which guarantees your tomorrow. You can always work around passion. Education should be a place of empowerment for yourself, family and the community at large. Don’t study for the sake of getting just a degree. Rather the education should empower you as a start-up entrepreneur.  Then you will be in a position to sow back into the lives of those who worked so hard to give you a decent university education. 
Here is a list of 10 courses I believe may not offer you the best job security in this present day Nigerian economy and most countries in sub-Saharan Africa. I’m not trying to play discriminatory role, that’s never my intention. The idea of this blog is to empower people with knowledge to have a better future. Below is a list of courses you shouldn’t consider with reasons.

Religious studies
Given the way pastors and religious leaders spring up everyday and their lavish and posh lifestyle; one would think securing a religious related degree will offer financial security. Truth be told how many pastors have a degree in theology? A very small number. Having a religious studies certificate doesn’t automatically place you at the right hand of God to be used as a spiritual leader or offer you established working position. You’re just left with the position of teaching religious studies in  schools and the opportunities are few. The other alternative is to join the Nigerian police or secure a banking job. All these are nothing related to what you studied.
Political science
A political science degree doesn’t put you among those I no go gree die hard politicians sharing the Nigerian loot. Political science degree have very little relevance in Nigeria. Bro this is Nigeria, be truthful to yourself; You don’t need a degree in politics to become a politician. Distinguished senator Bukola Saraki is medical doctor, Former President Goodluck Jonathan, is a zoologist, Rotimi Chibuikem Amaechi studied linguistics and communication, president Buhari has questionable WASSCE. All names mentioned are successful politicians today. Rather than going through the route of majoring in politics to gain relevance in the politics of politics, save yourself the stress join a political party, serve your godfather well and gain his blessings.
Fine Arts
Brother look at you now, after going to university to learn how to draw will they take jobs from the talented uneducated artists currently serving in your immediate community and hand it over to you simply because you went to school. Fine Arts in Nigeria is about talent not university degrees. So many softwares are even taking the place of fine artists. If your intention is to make money after schooling via your degree then my advice is leave fine arts alone.
In my 100 level at the university, the famous philosophy lecturer defined this course as “what I don’t know what”. The proponents of this course don’t even know why the course is in place. Truth be told no office in Nigeria will pay you monthly to come and become the next  Aristotle or Socrates.
Companies look at the productivity alongside your thinking cap. The only job opportunity you have as a philosopher in Nigeria is to position yourself and lead others along this confused path by also teaching them to become philosophers. Don’t get me wrong, your philosophy degree will make you more informed than the rest of us but it won’t give you job advantage.
 Surprisingly Former, President Goodluck  Jonathan studied zoology and became the president of Nigeria. So because he did it and became president you want to do it too and become president. Your village witches  are staging meetings for you.  Zoology isn’t relevant in Nigeria of today. How many times have you gone to the zoo in the past one month? Brothers and sisters, Jamb will gladly give you admission in this department but the sad part is no job to fall back to except you create one yourself.
You want to become the next Davido with 30 billion in your bank account abi? My dear brother Davido didn’t get there with a music degree. If you’re talented or interested in this area go to a music school instead, serve an established musician, learn his act. Pray to God for good songs. Drop your singles, promote as much as possible and society will reward you with money.
Library and Information
Beloved, Nigerians don’t read, few opportunities are available for you to work with this degree except you opt for anything that comes. Now you have the opportunity to make a choice,  make your choice like a wise man.
So your aim of going to school is to study Ibo, Hausa and Yoruba and get gainfully employed afterwards. My dear brothers and sisters pray hard because I sense the hand of your village people in this. Nigeria is not into selling any export commodity abroad so linguists like yourself  won’t be needed to break the language barrier. Google telecommunication giant has even launched softwares that will help do the translation jobs so you’re left with nothing.
Social studies
Just like the others you only have teaching  jobs to fall back to or jobs that offer you less than N50000 salary. I know that’s not what you want. You want a better wage, and then I suggest you go for something better. Social studies is not sure bet to financial security.
In Nigeria, making it in sports comes with some element of good fortune, luck and man know man. A sports degree won’t  make you the next Sunday oliseh or kelechi Iheanacho. The opportunities are few; chances are very slim, its like passing a camel through the eye of a needle. That’s not what you want. You don’t want to end up regretting the efforts you put in, to go to school. 

Finally we have gone through a list of 10 Nigerian University Courses you Shouldn’t study. For the stated reasons above.  If you still have reasons why they are best for you, be a man and face your responsibility. Remember there is always a God factor just that your chances of breaking even here is very low. Give me your thoughts on these 10 Nigerian University Courses you Shouldn’t Study.

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