Simplified Go Daddy Domain Transfer Steps and Fees 2022 [Updated]

Domain transfer is the process whereby a user moves a domain from one registrar to another say for example you registered domain A at Apple Hosting/ Domain company and you are transferring it to Mango Host. It can be for many reasons but the commonest is that the new domain registrar is cheaper, more reliable, or has additional features like free email forwarding, etc. In this article, we are considering Go Daddy Domain Transfers and how to get through the process with ease.

We will be considering the topic based on the following outlines.

·       Introduction

·       Why transfer your domains to GoDaddy

·       Godaddy Domain Transfer fees

·       How Godaddy domain transfer works?

·       ICAN Rules for domain transfers

·       How  to monitor the progress of your domain transfers

·       Godaddy domain transfer additional features

·       Further Charges after transfer

 Why transfer your domains to GoDaddy.

People choose GoDaddy domains for different reasons and over the years they have built a reputation for themselves. They pride themselves on being the leader in the domain name business has registered over 84 million domain names on their platform.

Compared to others they have fair pricing, customer service, and domain security.

Maybe you are considering a change or looking to have your web assets all in one place then it’s time to look in the direction of Godaddy. Transferring domains to GoDaddy is quite easy and anyone can get it done in minutes.

There are some other reasons which might give you more reasons to try the world’s no. 1 domain leader and see if they live up to the hype.

The transfer process is automatic and doesn’t require tech skills.

Go daddy domain transfer process is fast, automated and free from risk. The entire process can be completed in a jiffy and your website can be up and running very quickly. The entire process of domain transfer occurs mostly in the background, allowing you ample time to work and consolidate on your next big thing.

Can centralize domains.

Having one house for your numerous domains will make life simpler for you. The hassle-free process of transferring domains that GoDaddy offers can be all that you need to make your website marketing business a lot easier.

Provides easy Management.

Subdomains and domain forwarding are available with GoDaddy domain transfer and lots of other tools available for managing your domains and these tools are easy to use regardless of your expertise.

Godaddy makes sure your site and domains are readily available.

Your sites are closely monitored on regular bases to ensure availability and functionality.

Support is global and very responsive

Godaddy boasts of a hyperactive support system that is always ready to listen and solve any issues that may arise from your use of the platform. Phone lines are available where you cal speak with agents by calling 040 67607600 or contact them via live chat or email.

Pocket-friendly fees

They offer fees that are irresistible and are quite low compared to others.

Massive discounts.

Go Daddy can give you up to 31% off for domain transfers or for registering new domains and the options of domain extensions you can choose from are endless. Domain names are available in different extensions and languages to choose from.

Multiple domains transfers are possible

You can choose to transfer up to six or more .com extension domains all at once.

Godaddy Domain Transfer Fees

GoDaddy Domain transfers are billed per name transfer at a flat fee. For transfers, you only pay the ICANN registration fee plus the initial cost that applies to the domain.  For transfers of domains yet to expire, GoDaddy lets you keep your time on your previous registrar and gifts you one free year for every domain you transfer to Go daddy.

This can save you some good money depending on the number of domains you are moving to them. For instance, .com can be transferred for $8.49, .in for $11.99, and a bonus of one-year free registration.

How Go Daddy Domains Transfer works

It takes about 5-7 days for the domain transfer process to get completed and the processes involved are simple.

1.    You need to unlock the domain name you’re transferring with your current registrar

2.    Using the transfer tool available on GoDaddy you can search for your domain.

3.    Your current registrar sends you an authorization code also called a transfer key or EPP code. This code can also be emailed to you on request from your current registrar. Country code domains may not require this code.

4.   Contact information verification

 5.  Up to 500 bulk domain transfers can be undertaken at once at GoDaddy using a tool called bulk domain transfer. Domain extensions not listed can’t be transferred to Go Daddy. Country code domains transferred to Go Daddy may require additional instructions.

ICANN Rules for domain transfers

 The domain can’t be transferred within 60 days of purchase or transfer. The only exception to this rule is .au domains.

Aside from this, domains are transferrable at any time.

 How to monitor the progress of your domain transfers

The process to track the progress of your domain transfers is simple and includes:

1.    Visit  GoDaddy Domain Transfers Page.

2.    choose Transfers In for domains moving to your account or Transfers Out for domains leaving your account.

3.    Details of the domain can be seen by selecting the different tabs or by searching the domain in the search bar.

4.    Some domain statuses may require you to take action which is shown next to the domain.
5.    Finally you see confirmation showing that changes you made have been accepted and this entire process can take up to 5-7 days.

Godaddy domain transfers additional features

 Email Transfer

Go daddy experts can get it done for you, emails and contacts, attachments, and folders can be transferred for you. This is done in the background at your convenience, this prevents disruption or downtime of your email account.

Website Transfer.

In one click your website contents can be migrated to GoDaddy. A temporary domain is provided where you can move the contents or you can choose to move them to your domain name. After review, the contents can be published.

Further Charges after transfer?

 As your domain expires, you will be charged yearly to keep the domain. The price this time is the current annual retail price which applies to the domain.

In Summary, Go Daddy domain transfers can be done with ease and the charges are pocket friendly. Why not give it a try and move your domain to Godaddy.

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