‘My Wife Is Always Busy Praying, We Hardly Even Have S*x This Days’ – Angry Husband Cries Out Publicly!!

A Zimbabwe man became so vexed with some unbearable actions from his dear wife and he is taking measures to correct the woman's  behavior.

According to him her addiction to endless prayers and fasting has denied him of not getting enough of her juice.

Should a wife deny a man sex because of prayers and fasting
The pictures are that of models not real persons in this situation.  

The Zimbabwean man Mr Brighton Moyo told the civil court that his wife Rufaro Madzivanzira lacks time for s*x and for the children but frequents prayer programs and crusades which makes her  return home late always. 

He applied for custody of the children as he didn't see a future in the union anymore. 

He said she fails to take care of the kids and himself in the other room. According to him,  the children starves,  because she leaves very early and returns late. 

He said with the incessant starvation he can't put up with her anymore. 

Madzivanzira didn't deny the allegation that she spends most of her time in church but however denied starving her own children.
She said her reasons for denying him conjugal rights can't be made public as the reasons are personal. 

“As a mother and I can't be heartless to my children, before I leave for church I keep enough food to sustain them till my return .

“As for s*x issues which my husband raised  I have my reasons which I can't say  before your honorable court,  every house has its peculiar challenges ,” She said keeping an innocent face. 

She also said Moyo can't take care of their female children so she can't let Moyo take care of them. 

The Magistrate Muridzo gave a short hearing date urging them to provide the kids to decide who they want to stay with.

Should Married Women Deny Their Husbands Conjugal Rights 

Depriving your partner of s3xual intimacy in marriage is a big sin even if you hide under the cover of prayer and fasting. 

This is very true in many religions and as Christians there is no way around it. 

Don't be in a hurry to leave with just that, stay with me and continue reading even if your hackles rose and blood rushed into your cephalic veins on seeing the previous two paragraphs. 

 It is definitely not the only point I’m going to talk about this subject, the story above you saw how lack of intimacy was a reason for seeking dissolution in court .

No matter how much of a mummy G.O you want to be that makes you want to avoid meeting with your husband remember the day you took your conjugal blessings you entered a one flesh fraternity with your spouse and God frowns at anything that goes contrary. 

God in making  marriage added s3xual intimacy as an obligation  you owe your partner and you should feel free to do it regularly with your partner. 

Some popular  scriptures will explain  what I mean by saying you're obliged to give it to your partner regularly:

In Matthew 19:4-6 Jesus explained this topic citing Genesis 2: 24.

He asked if you haven't read,  how in the beginning the creator formed male and female.  He even affirmed that it was a reason why a man departs from his parents and joins his wife to become one flesh. He concluded by saving what he has joined together no one has the power to separate. 

So if the Bible urges you to have perpetual bond as one flesh so why deny your partner s3x because of prayer and fasting? 

As a husband owes his wife marital duties so also the wife should do same. The wife doesn't have power or authority over her own body but should surrender to the husband when need arises in the other room and vice versa. 

There is no excuse for starving each other except it is by mutual consent. 

If you deprive your partner Satan can tempt them, just like it was described in Corinthians 7:3-5

Remember when Jacob completed his 7 years which he needed to fulfill to have his love,  Rachael, he asked the father to give him his wife having met the demands so he can have conjugal rights with her in Genesis 29 :18-20

This shows he understood all what is involved in marriage as he asked specifically to make love to her as his time is complete. 

You should have adequate  s3x in marriage regardless of your spiritual frequency. It won't make you less spiritual and won't make you miss heaven. It doesn't also mean it should be forced on your partner. 


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