Michelle Obama’s Net Worth in 2022: Assets, Investments and How She Makes Money.

The former US first lady, Michelle Obama is among the top flying women in the world and still worth a good fortune at the time of writing this article in 2022.  Celebrity Net worth ranking says she is worth around $110 million.

Who is Michelle Obama?

She is a brilliant American lawyer, writer, podcaster, and most importantly wife of former US President Barrack Obama.  She was the first lady of the United States of America between 2009-2017 supporting her darling husband.


Michelle Obama's net worth

Important facts about her.

She is a global icon who fought for women’s rights and has plummeted in worth even after her spouse left office.

Her famous memoir “Becoming” which sold across different countries of the world is part of the few explanations for her wealth and people are making lots of articles referencing her worth. She earned about $65 million from this book's advance and got two other autobiographies written about her and her spouse.

She is on the Forbes list of top flying women with intimidating assets.

Early life:

Telling her story, she regards herself as the girl from the south side of the country which has found a way to put her voice across. She believes her story can inspire anyone to be their best.

She was born on 17th January 1964 in the southern region of Chicago and until meeting barrack she was known as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. She came out the salutatorian of her graduating set in 1981, got her undergraduate degree from Princeton University and a J.D.  at Havard University.

She wedded barrack in 1992 and was blessed with two wonderful girl kids, Malia and Shasha.

Assets: How does she make her money?

As earlier mentioned she has a total worth that gross around $110 with assets around $65. Investments run into $28 million while her book royalties amount to $15 million. Her loans and liabilities is around $15 million.


She is the author of 9 bestselling books that earns her royalties annually, just last year she made around $15 million as royalties from selling her books, and is projected to double this year. She is believed to have earned a total of $40 million from royalties (lifetime).

  Spotify Earnings:

Another avenue where she makes money is Spotify. She has a 3 year deal with them that run into $15 million. Her podcast on this platform earns an average of $5 million annually.


She invested hugely into real estate, owning about 14 real estate investments.

She also has 15 stocks valued at $20 million some of which are Tesla, Netflix, FedEx, Qualcomm, AT&T, and Intel.


Owns has 3 luxury yachts and 6 cars. Some of her cars include Land rover defender, Jaguar i-Pace, Porshe Panamera, Audi Q8, and Mercedes G-class.

Cash reserve:

She has $22 million of cash reserve.

Liabilities and Loans

She has repaid her student loan of $20000 from selling her books and practicing law. Currently, her liabilities and loans gross around $15 million.


Did she inherit wealth?

No, she earned all that she has today from dedication and relentless hard work.

In summary, we have considered Michelle Obama Net Worth, how she makes her money and various investments and assets that make up this giant voice from southern Chicago.

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