Silas Adekunle Biography and Net Worth: How He Became the First Nigerian to Build a Functional Robot

This article is about Reach Robotics CEO, Silas Adekunle biography, his net worth and how he became known for developing the first gaming robots. 

Silas is definitely one of the gifted hands of African extraction, as he was able to achieve this feat that previously seemed herculean.

He has achieved alot for himself as an inventor and robotics tech entrepreneur. 
Who would have thought the first intelligent gaming robot in the world will come from the hard work of a Nigerian child. 

Height: 193cm (6 ft 4in) tall. 
Weight: unknown 
Eye color: Dark brown 
Hair Colour: Black
Race African

Age: He is 30years old at the time of updating this article in May 2022.

Date of Birth: ?/01/ 1990

Place of birth:
He was born in Lagos, Nigeria


Where is he from: He is from Lagos State in Nigeria. 
Tribe: Yoruba

Where he grew up:
His early formative age was in Nigeria until he became 12years of age and moved with his parents to United Kingdom. 

Personal life:
Not much is known about his personal life aside his exploits in the world of Robotics technology, being credited as the first person to invent the first gaming robot.

His early education was in Lagos, Nigeria. 
At a tender age of 12 he and his parents and siblings migrated to the United Kingdom. 

His university education was in the U.K at the University of the West England, Bristol, where he bagged a first class degree in Robotics after spending 4 years.

He is currently working towards  a Ph.d in Robotics technology in same institution. 


Adekunle Silas is the former CEO and co-founder of RR (Reach Robotics). A gaming company built on augmented reality by making robots for STEM education and gaming.

Reach Robotics created a 4 legged robot called MekaMon that has lifelike movements.

They blend this augmented reality with robotics to bring video game characters that has life. 

They are also the developers of another app that controls the MekaMon and serves as a hub for digital content.

 Investors including London Venture partners has supported Adekunle's dreams with a whooping  $12 million enabling massive expansion to 65+ employees on full time basis. 

One of the most colourful phase of his career was in 2018 when he got Apple partnership deal to market his products in Britain and United States. 

The company,  Reach Robotics was however shut down Sept 2 2019 after suffering consumer related challenges in the robotics sector. 

He looks forward to using MekaMon to bring the Robotics education ecosystem to Africa and development of cloud infrastructure for UK industrial automation.

 Adekunle Silas also founded Awarri company, whose goals are to develop and adapt Robotics to advanced AI technology in Africa.[

He is also the CEO and co-founder of (R.I), a company he started in January 2020. 

R.I helps developers  implement the cloud infrastructure quick and secured for remote monitoring, managing and controling their robots, IOT devices and industrial automation.

Marriage and Relationship:
Adekunle Silas is still single,  he is yet to tie the matrimonial knots. 

Net worth 
The total net worth of this Nigerian born genius is not known in figures, all we have are estimations of how much he earns or worth. 

 Reliable sources say Adekunle is the highest paid engineer in robotics field in the world. 

Most journals and writers refer to Silas as the smartest robotics engineer in the world. This milestone was birthed after he signed his deal with Apple Inc. 

The quality of robots, their emotions and subtle calibrated movements created by the Silas Adekunle team got the apple company interested and the tied him to a wonderful deal. 

His “battle-bots” which have four legs got priced at $300 and seen in all most all stores by apple in Britain and United States.
How much he earns in salary:
We don't know exactly how much he earns monthly as salary but as a top robotics engineer, Silas Adeline made about $8M after few weeks of launching his gaming machine. 

Honours and Awards:
In 2018 November , Adekunle Silas got listed among the Financial Times'Top 100 minority technology leaders. 
He also made the 30 man list of Forbes under 30 Tech list in Europe same year. 

How he made history in Robotics technology:
His gaming robots called MekaMonsters, employ augmented reality and multi-functional connected battle bots.

Sharing his success journey with  his alma mater, he said he got the idea to make robots during his days of studying, teaching science and maths in local schools that were part of the university’s partnership scheme. 

He noticed how unpopular technology and science was amongst the students and how they hated engineering, science, technology, and maths (STEM) subjects.


And lots of students avoid careers related to these areas. Silas made a decision  to bring them on and change the culture by teaching robotics.

He knows lots of persons love robots and they share a lot in common with STEM. 


we have covered Silas Adekunle Biography and net worth and how he move from being an unknown street kid in Lagos to becoming the first person in the world to develop robotics gaming. 

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