How to Get Him to Chase You

Every lady desire to be chased and not the other way round. So perfecting your game on how to get him to chase you can be a dream come true.


Getting him to chase you like flies can be achieved without breaking a tear, people will think you went diabolical when in actual sense you just obeyed some basic rules and they worked out quite well for you.


How to get him to chase you

Why Do You Want Him To Chase You?

You want that gratification that comes with knowing someone somewhere can’t stop thinking of you.  For some persons, this is the best thing that can happen to them as this can lift their self-esteem and give them a new start in life.


Getting him to chase after you maybe be important because you enjoy the attention that comes with it. Women are attention-seeking beings and they can fall sick if they ain’t getting enough of it. If you learn how to make him chase you regularly, you can be sure of attention on an hourly basis.


Another reason is that you want all the cares, gifts, comfort, and security that come with being chased and not you begging to be in their lives. Nobody wants to be the one chasing, it is sweeter to be chased than to be the one chasing.


You want to be certain he loves, if a man is endlessly chasing after you,  you can be sure he is really into you and not just a time-waster.


But let us tell ourselves the truth, you want men to chase you because you love the calls, text messages, and pampering that comes with it. Isn’t that too much? The answer is no. You deserve all that and it is possible to get it with some basic rules.


Below are how to get him to chase you like bees chase honey…


1. Be the prize

Gold is precious because you can’t pick it on the streets, everything of value is fought for like a prize. Be available only when it's necessary. Being all over him all the time will make you appear clingy. That’s not what you want, you want him to keep pushing to have you like his favorite drug.


2. Give him a variety

This they say is the spice of life, if you’re too boring, bringing the same thing to the table all the time you will bore him out emotionally. There will be nothing new to make him long for you. So adding more color to your life can be the easiest way to solve the riddle of getting him to chase you.


3. Don’t share too many details

Imagine if all the might of life were plain simple, imagine if there were no mysteries? Life would have been so boring.  So also if you let him know every detail of your life without him having to ask questions or discover some things himself is the easiest way to make him lose interest in you and abandon the chase. You don’t attract a man by sharing every detail about you. Always keep some ambiance of secrecy while still retaining his trust and you will have him at your beckon.


4. Ignore him, don’t pick up his calls like you were anticipating him to call. Let it ring till it's almost dying out or allow it to ring a second time. Show him how much you want him but don’t get needy. Even Robert Green in his best-selling book ‘laws of power’ urges us to use absence to increase our worth. It works like magic. Ignore him for a day and you discover that man who is always in a hurry to drop your calls will be the one calling you over and over.


5. Get yourself a new look

Become the object of beauty in his head, make yourself in a totally new way, have another hairdo, try some new outfits and you will be amazed. You can get to know about his female celebrity crush and try to mimic them. Trust me your man isn’t going to deny you attention ever again.


6. Don’t smother him

Don’t show more affection than he shows for you and doesn’t go asking him to up his game in showing affection for you. These things come naturally and when you start demanding them they take the other way out.


7. Appreciate the little efforts

A thankful person will have what they want with ease. Show how much you value the little attention and care you get from him and he will naturally do more. Men love to be appreciated, they love to know that they are satisfying their partners. If he does well in the other room call him a lion and the next you will have a superman trying to outdo his former lion status.


8. Don’t show him you’re trying to manipulate him to chase after you, pass in your message a subtle way by applying the decoy strategy. Don’t even give him the impression to suspect you’re trying to manipulate him. Men are smart and if they think you are tricky it will make them lose interest in you and all your efforts on getting his attention will be dragged to the mud.

9. Don’t demand too much

Show him you want him but don’t need him. A lot of guys like the miss independent kind of woman. A woman that ropes all her needs around her partner will chase him away. You can pull up surprise stunts for your man. Rather than wanting to collect from him all the time, appreciate him with the little you can, and if you guys share the roof already make sure you conquer his tummy. Any man you win their appetite will keep chasing you with ease.


You can see that how to get him to chase you is not a  huge task. It is something achievable, you can win at it by being yourself and doing the things that matter most. Some of these things are what have been discussed above. I do hope you’d all the solutions you so desire in love and relationships.

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