How To Get a Guy To Like You,

A guide for all girls and ladies on how to get a guy to like you even when he likes someone else. Everyone desires the love of the other gender, women in most cultures are not supposed to go out there professing their love to the male gender rather they just show the green light hoping the guy sees the light and comes for them.
How to get a guy to like you
What if he is too blind to notice or he is in a serious relationship, does it mean you will never get the opportunity to profess your undying love for him?  This is where how to attract a man and make him want you to become very important. With this,  you can send the right messages and be sure he will come for you. 
 Getting a guy to like you is very simple. It doesn’t cost a fortune. Just doing the things that make a better social animal can get people to start having affection for you. So to get a guy to like you to do the following.

 1. Be open-minded

Be open to new things, socialize, learn and live life to the fullest. Engage in sports, go to the cinema and see your favorite movie, go to the gym and have some exercise sessions. Be open to trying out new things, new wine, new dishes, and what have you. Men will discover your strengths and start loving you for the flimsiest reasons. If the guy in question is a sports enthusiast why not develop some affection for the game of sports.

 2. Don’t overdo things

Be normal, don’t overdo things so you can gain the love and trust of people. No matter how much you love the guy don’t lose yourself trying to find another person. Do what is right and morally just, don’t act in a certain way to get rewarded with a guy’s attention. It may not happen this way and when situations like this happen it can make you lose your sense of self. You don’t need to be someone else before he can like you rather you need to be yourself and somebody that fancies your personality will come calling.

3. Allow time its natural course

Don’t push too much or try to force things to happen too soon. Time changes things, in a short while everything will become clearer and what was meant to be will come to fulfillment.

One thing we can be certain of is that time changes things, with time he’d discover something different about you and run head over heels for you.

 4. Like yourself first

This should be the first step on how to attract a man and make him want you. Who will like you if you don’t first like yourself? The answer is nobody. Even if the world fails to see your beautify will you also, be blinded with hate for yourself? Offer yourself the best treat, be the person you desire and you will be amazed at what will happen. 

You won’t be surfing the net all night on how to get a guy to like you without talking. You need to recreate the best version of yourself. Remember every mirror reflects light for the world to see. If you can see the beauty and charm in your mirror then it will be even visible to the blind.

 5. Always wear a beautiful smile

If you take a survey around your community asking guys what they find most attractive in women. I am sure the answers you get will most likely refer to a woman with a gorgeous smile. This is the best way to flirt with a guy.

 That beautiful smile can break men’s defenses and leave them helplessly wanting you. It doesn’t cost anything to wear a smile so give it out always. Also, note that for your smile to be beautiful your dentition shouldn’t be colorful, sparkling white teeth always does the magic. I remember my first shot at love was because she had beautiful teeth and then I nicknamed her sweet tooth.

 6. Don’t force love

Love flows naturally like water flows down an inclined plane. Sometimes you get loved when you are busy with other stuff. You don’t have to be forceful about it. Love isn’t gotten by violence. In fact, the more you get violent the more it runs away from you.

 7. Stop searching for love

You have toiled so much trying to find love, why not abandon that search and let love find you. If you win this game of getting a guy to like you then you need to adhere to this. The best things in this life come to you. Rather than invest your time and resources in finding love, invest in yourself to become a better person and you’ll be amazed love will knock on your door with wide-open arms.

 8. Spice up your life

Become an interesting person who people will naturally come to like. Just imagine you are someone else and you are given the option to like someone like you, will you find attributes that will attract you to the person with your personality. 

If you have those qualities you’d admire in someone else then thank god for you. Then you don’t really need to bother your head over how to get people to like you, the first test has been passed already. If on the contrary, you’d find it hard loving someone like you then it's time to re-brand.

 9. Build friendship first

Don’t be in a hurry to get the ball rolling and start dating right away. Make yourself a friend and get to be friends with this guy that catches your eyes. If a guy can sense safety in your friendship then you have won him to yourself. Make sure you connect on different pedals, religion, communication, hobbies, etc.

 Finally, just know no one has a definite answer on how to get a guy to like you. No matter what you do you can’t be so sure he will fall for your charms. Nevertheless, doing these things increases your chances of getting a guy to like you.

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