How to check balance in Vodafone 2022

If you are in any of the 30 countries and more that use Vodafone this is how to check your balance in Vodafone in 2022.

Vodafone which is among the big players in the telecommunication industry makes the balance checks very easy. Subscribers can easily find information about main balance, internet balance, prepaid balance, balance expiry date, etc with great ease by using SMS, app, USSD, or online. How to do this is simple and can be done by just anyone.

The ease with which anyone can use Vodafone and its products and packages is one of the reasons Vodafone is well known across the globe and lots of people recommend its services.

Vodafone gives its subscribers many options for checking your balance and as expected this article on how to check your account balance in Vodafone will cover all grounds and make you familiar with all there is to know.

Why choose Vodafone?

1.       Vodafone mobile speed is super fast

2.       Communication is seamless

3.       Connectivity is superb

4.       You can stream and download movies in secs

5.       Enjoy gaming without lagging.

6.       In the UK Vodafone has the best 5G network, in 2020 Vodafone earned the name as the best industry deployment operator.

How to check the balance in Vodafone's different Methods

Vodafone makers made balance checks possible using various methods namely;

1.       Sms

By text or Sms, you can check various balances on the Vodafone network and get replied via SMS. For example, to check your Data balance you only need to send “Data Bal” to the number “144” and you will get a response.

2.       App

How to check the balance in the Vodafone app is also made possible by the telecommunication giant. You only need to download the Vodafone app (Vi app). This app lets you view on your home screen your balance.

3.       Online

Balances can be accessed online on the Vodafone website or by using the Vi app as described above. This app is available for download on the Google play store and other app stores.

4.       USSD

Also by dialing USSD codes the subscribers can check various account balances on the Vodafone network. For example, you can dial *141# or *111# to view your prepaid balance.

Different Balances You can check on Vodaphone

Vodaphone telecommunication giants can let you check the following balances:

1.       Main Balance

2.       Data Balance

3.       Sms Balance

4.       Prepaid balance

5.       Broad Band Balance

6.       Net balance

7.       Bill balance

8.       Pay as you go balance

How to check the Main balance in Vodafone

After downloading the app (Vi app) you can check your main balance to be sure of what you have left by viewing your home screen.

You need to log into the app by confirming your mobile number and confirming the OTP that will be sent to your mobile number.

Once OTP is confirmed your balance will be on display for your viewing pleasure.


Dial the following USSD codes to check Vodafone's main balance, *199*2*# This code checks the main balance for Vodafone Idea and can provide details on all your outstanding balances and period of validity.


The main balance can also be checked using *121#


How to check data balance in Vodafone

1.    Using USSD

This is very simple to do, dial *199*2*2# to check your data balance.

2.    Using Vi App

On your smartphone you can check Vodafone's data balance by using the vi app; click on the main balance banner on your home screen. This will update you will the leftover data and call balance.


This is the simplest way to track your data balance if you have a phone that supports the app.



How to check SMS balance in Vodafone

1.    Using the Vodafone app

You can access your SMS balance and prepaid validity balance. You will know precisely how much SMS you have left.

2.    By USSD

There is no dedicated USSD code for checking your SMS balance.

3.    Using SMS


You just need to send a flash call and Vi will reply to you with an SMS reminding you of your main balance and the leftover pack. Sending an SMS to someone will return your SMS balance as a text message. 

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