How to Flash an Android Phone for Free in 2022

This is a complete guild on how to flash any android phone for free. We will try to make it as easy as possible so everyone can get it done without breaking a sweat.


If your phone is locked or enters boot loop mode; it remains fixed on the boot screen, you’ll need the right skills to either unlock it or flash it.

Things needed for unlocking or flashing your phone

1.        A personal computer

2.        Internet to download

3.        The firmware file

4.        A memory device to back up your files as you are likely to lose some of your files after flashing.


Steps for flashing android phones

1.        The first step is to download the SP flash tool

2.        Download the newest firmware file or stock chrome.

3.        Select your phone model in the firmware file. This firmware contains the flash tool and will require a zip extractor like WINRAR to access.

4.        Extract files, you will find two Software:  SP flash tool and SN dry pool.

5.        Open the folder where the flash tool is saved and click on the flash tool .exe file to run and get your flashing process started for your phone.

6.        Browse and choose MTK all in one Da dot bin in the download agent. This step may not be necessary as the Sp pool file will already be selected for your phone flashing. You only need to load a file here called scatter-loading file then followed by browsing the firmware file already downloaded on your desktop and saving.

7.        On your system you will see a folder called Firmware, this contains a scatter.txt file that you can use to flash or unlock your phone. You only need to click on it to start the process.

8.        Have your phone connected to your PC, ensure you have a minimum of 15% battery charged status to ensure speedy completion of the process.

9.        To start flashing your phone, remove the phone battery, plug into the system, click download, and the flashing process commences till it's 100% done.

10.  Note, that this process is similar for all android phones and smartphones. AS soon as the process is done. Unplug it from the system.

11.  Now put the battery back on the phone and turn it on using the power button.

12.  Allow loading which can take up to 10 minutes.

13.  As the phone comes on after booting, complete the setup wizard by accepting everything.

14.  Congratulations you have successfully flashed your phone. If you didn’t do a backup of your data, videos, images, contacts, and apps you will most likely not find them again after flashing.


In summary, provided above is the various easy steps on how to flash any android phone and how to avoid losing saved data and contacts after flashing.

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