best android apps for recording phone calls 2022

Android call recording apps allow users to record their incoming and outgoing calls. What is the best free call recording app for Android? In this app, you will find out which is the best option when it comes to calling recording. 

Some smartphone manufacturers don't include a default call recording app on their devices so you have to install apps that can give you these add-on features. 

Below are some of the best free call recording apps for Android smartphones. 


1. MP3 in call recorder:

This app is for recording calls on Android phones and devices. 
 It is a high-quality recorder that consumes less memory space. 

It can record phone calls for as long as an hour and the size will be 7MB. 
Users can edit or remove parts of the conversation and have it saved in a new file name.

2. Call recorder

It used to be one of the most downloaded call recorder apps on the Google Play store then. 

This app allows users to save the recording using different formats. 

If ON Key is enabled,  it starts recording as soon as the call comes in. It also syncs with Dropbox and can allow you to save on the cloud. 

3. Automatic call recorder

It lets Android users choose which calls should they want to be recorded and which should be left. 
Its recordings are automatically saved in your inbox, you can listen, and share them later. 
The pro version allows recording automatically from contact with simultaneously saving it.

4. Galaxy call recorder

Those who own the Samsung Galaxy series Android can use this app for saving voice conversations.
 It can capture a two-way recording on Samsung devices like Note 2, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy S III respectively while on other devices, it uses a microphone to get audio captured.

B. Newer best call recorder for Android 

1. Appliqato Automatic Call Recorder 

One of the most popular call recorder apps by Appliqato. It does automatic call recording for every phone call and has some other tools as well. Recordings can be backed up on Dropbox or Google Drive.
 The app can also automatically be made to record only certain phone calls or not based on how you assign it on you'd contact list. 

   2. RSA Automatic Call Recorder
  another good call recorder that records calls and saves to an SD card, and allows you to playback your recordings later.
 It has easy settings. It works best for pre-Android 9.0 phones, we recommend before purchasing you try the demo version first to see if it works well on your device especially if you own newer ones.

3. SMSROBOT Call Recorder

 A call recorder with good UI designs and works well. 
 Calls are automatically recorded with the option of an exclusion list that avoids recording every single call that comes in.
 It also supports SD cards and comes with various settings that can modify recording quality. 
Some factors affect it functionality like the user settings, phone, and the android version. 

4. Google Dailer

Google allows users to perform free call recording by integrating the feature into her dialer app. 
This feature is not available for every phone and differs by region. Unfortunately for me,  it is not available in my region. 

Those in India and other countries where it applies can have additional features like "always recording" to use from google. 
We hope in the nearest future these features will be rolled out to everyone. 

5. Google Voice

Using Google voice native call recording can be done.  It is good for guys who may want to record conversations on their native devices.  

Your regular number can be forwarded there. 

Google voice is a second service that can cost you small money. It is the easiest way to record your phone calls without requiring root access. 


We have listed above the best call recording apps for Android feel free to use them. 

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